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Leo New Moon – 2 August 16

Is the fault in the stars, or in ourselves? .       The chart of any New Moon seems to suggest the astrological weather for the month.  We tend to experience this emotionally, but the triggers are just what’s going on during that time.  That is to say, we tend to react to whatever’s […]

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Cancer New Moon – 4 July 16

 It’s the emotional body’s turn .               Water is the emphasised element this month (Sun/Moon and five planets in water signs) – flow rather than logic, emotional connections rather than principles, caring for self and others rather than trying to control outcomes.  Cancer (Sun/Moon, Mercury and Venus) is showing […]

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Gemini New Moon – 4/5 June 16

Gemini – this and/or that – dance with the four elements . .       This New Moon chart has a wonderful mix of light, beautiful movement (Sun/Moon and Venus together) and intense probing energy (Mars retrograding through Scorpio) – just what we might expect from Gemini. One of the reflections of Gemini in […]

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