The Transformation of Scorpio

The Transformation of ScorpioAbout the Zodiac

The full circle of the Zodiac, all twelve Signs added together, describes one whole complete human being, with spirit shining from the centre in all directions. That complete being is the best that any person could possibly be. This person knows how to do things well, is kind and thoughtful, brave and generous, excited about life and yet steady when necessary. Each of the Zodiac Signs describes part of that wonderful human being. They are almost like different characters that we each need when involved in the different things we do in our lives.

Scorpio, for all of us, is about transformation

In this story, these twelve characters in their own Zodiac World are discovering themselves as we do, learning about each other, relating and playing, each in their own way. Although some of them are not exactly the traditional Zodiac creatures expected, they all behave in the traditional way. But in the story they also show us why they behave that way. We all make the mistakes that the creatures make, and we all have their special gifts to share with each other. When we see others doing things differently from us, we often think they are strange, wrong, perhaps just silly, or maybe even better than us. It always feels better, though, when we try to understand why our friends and family do what they do. When we accept people the way they are, we get to see that it is the same wonderful spirit that shines through the eyes of every person we meet – the spirit of love. This is what the Zodiac creatures are discovering through the story.

A children’s adventure story for the child in us all, by Margaret Koolman

Paperback 100pages, illustrated, available from myself £10 including postage and packing, and on

Published by Greenleaves:  ISBN 978-0-9930621-0-0

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