What we can talk about in a reading

General Character Analysis:

This includes your underlying motivations, how your unique energy works in different areas of your life. We can see how you get on with yourself.

Removing Blocks to Progress:

Locating difficult situations, inner conflicts or restrictive attitudes, possibly finding past life influences that overlay your vision of this life, and looking for ways to resolve them

Identifying Talents and Choosing a Career:

The abilities you brought into this life and what you wish to use them for, your own way to serve humanity, the work and activities which will satisfy you most. Finding your calling and the overall direction of your life.

The Past and the Future:

Using the timings of planetary movements, I focus on putting past difficulties in a positive learning light through understanding their possible purposes. I also look at what is on the way for you in the next few months or years, with a view to making the most of the special periods of growth which lie ahead, as well as finding supportive measures during challenging times.

Relationship Analysis:

Using your partner’s and your own Birth Charts to comment on the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship, giving insight into possible ways to resolve difficulties. We can look at how to improve, and maximize the benefits of, your interaction with partner, colleagues or family members. I often work with couples, children’s Charts, and family dynamics, to discover the virtues of each relationship and assist acceptance through understanding. So often our expectations pretend to be needs and hide the love we have for each other.

Business Developments:

Using the Chart of the inception of a business, it is possible to see how world influences will enhance or challenge development. Comparing the Charts of those who work in the business, including potential new staff, with the Chart of the business itself, one may see what positions and groupings would best suit each person.

Children’s Charts and Baby Charts:

Knowing something of your child’s Chart can help enormously in understanding your relationship with your child and how best to help them. In the Chart of a new baby, I look briefly at how the qualities this spirit has brought may express themselves in the personality, with a view to increasing understanding of what will bring out the best in them.

The Spiritual Viewpoint:

I look for the meaning in events which may be helpful and, as we talk, I find that spiritual teaching and guidance comes through, that is given especially for you.

Personal Development:

You can choose to focus the Reading on a specific area of your life, on your energy and how to use it most skillfully in particular circumstances, and I can provide from your Chart a great deal of rich detail to give you deeper understanding. Initially, I suggest starting with a general Birth Chart Reading so that you begin to understand the astrological picture of your character and life, and how it can be applied. This can be followed up later with a Reading to focus on what is especially significant to you at the time. However, we can focus specifically in your first reading if you prefer. And any other questions you may have.

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