Gateways To The Soul

Gateways to the Soul‘Gateways to the Soul: Heart of Astrology’  by Kay Snow-Davis and Margaret Koolman  is now available through and or can be ordered through any good bookshop.
ISBN: 9 780977 195121.  Cost shown on the cover UK £12:95, US $15:95, Canada $18:95.

This book gives a spiritual reading of every planet in every Zodiac sign, so that you can put together a reading of your own chart, showing how your personal characteristics allow the expression of your soul. I feel that our soul, for its own purpose on earth, chose our personality traits deliberately, and this book is focused on their value beginning with loving support for each Zodiac sign. The Ascendant/ Descendant, Midheaven/IC, Moon’s Nodes, and Part of Fortune, are also described through the signs, and the Houses are explained, all in spiritual terms.

Comments from readers:

From a non-astrologer –

‘I have started reading ‘Gateways to the Soul’ and i have already found it amazing. the word helpful is a bit of an understatement. i have only just begun it, but there was a sentence that went straight to my heart, describing a difficulty i have always had, and then…a solution! i was really moved. it is an amazing gift (it is my christmas present to myself!), and exactly what i wanted, an astrological book that explains astrology in terms of finding wholeness again. perfect. thank you!! i am actually going to write out for myself the sentences that i have read that i find so helpful. they are like gold dust and i think they will support me in being strong in my essence around other people. thank you again.’ J.E. – UK

From an astrologer –

‘I guess there’s probably little new for an experienced astrologer but having said that, the angle is very different from other astrology publications which, of course, focus on the development of character and personality rather than the wider issues of our purpose here on earth. To that extent anyone interested in astrology at all can gain from this volume. There are valuable nuggets to be found in every section.

‘One thing I particularly liked was its accessibility: the book is comprehensive yet concise and comes in bite-sized, manageable headings (rather like Soul Purpose Astrology).  It would make a very good starting point and companion for someone new to Astrology but also a useful addition to the library of a person with a lot of astrology under their belt.

‘I was very glad to see the Midheaven, the Part of Fortune and the Moon’s Nodes included. Of course as pointers to the direction of the chart they are central but it is unusual to find them in such an easy to read format.

‘I feel very affectionate towards this book. It seems to me that it was written with a lot of love. I’m very attached to my copy but also want to give it to friends who are just getting into Astrology. It will be a revelation to them.’   H.S. – UK

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