The Sun, Moon and Planets – our energy and its functions

The Sun – radiant energy, the essential self, who our spirit needs us to be.

The Moon – reactive energy, the instinctive, unconscious self.

Mercury – mental energy, conscious thought, communication, our style of learning.

Venus – love energy, how we relate to others, how we recognize love.

Mars – motivating energy, the energy with which we do things.

Jupiter – expansive energy, how we develop and grow, how we give and receive.

Saturn – structuring energy, how we relate to authority, discipline, necessities, fears.

Chiron – catalyst energy, how our experience of pain helps to heal others.

Uranus – electrical energy, freedom, separation, loss, where we tend to feel trapped.

Neptune – dissolving energy, our intuition and our different ways of interpreting it.

Pluto – transformative energy, power for self-change, what feels important, urge to control.

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