Nodes of the Moon

Basically, Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects are all you need to know for personality description, but I like to include the Nodes of the Moon, two points opposite to each other, as they suggest the most satisfying direction in your life and how to find it. Finding a direction or possible purpose in life that satisfies can integrate all the other factors in the chart, and so help the person to integrate their divergent personality traits. The ‘life story’ created feels ‘right’, and helps the person accept themselves as they truly are, which is essential for growth and enjoyment.

Astronomically, the Nodes of the Moon are the intersection points of two great circles around the Earth: the circle of the Moon’s movement every month, and the apparent circle of the Sun throughout the year. The Moon is like our personality in relationship to the Sun as our spirit. The Moon’s path cuts the Sun’s path on its way South creating the South Node – our point of entry into the Earth experience, as though we stand there with our soul looking across our life to come, towards the North Node opposite. Our soul continues to face that direction as its purpose for our personality this life. There are twelve directions across the Zodiac circle, each one starting in one of the twelve Signs and facing its opposite Sign. Every one of the twelve directions is described briefly in Chapter 5 of my book, ‘Soul Purpose Astrology, and in greater detail in the book ‘Gateways to the Soul‘ co-authored by Kay Snow-Davis and myself.

South Node – The tool kit our spirit brought to this life to help carry out its purpose.

North Node – What the tools are for, the direction in life that satisfies.

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