What is Astrology

Astrology is the interpretation of the positions of planets in the sky.

From our point of view, standing on the Earth, all the planets move round us within the same plane. Astrologers divide this plane into 12 equal parts, which they call the 12 Signs of the Zodiac, starting at 0 degrees Aries the same as sailors do. An astrologer draws a chart of the planetary positions in the Zodiac for the moment of your birth. This chart is called your Birth Chart, and is a like a snapshot of your personality, it mirrors your qualities and how you tend to perceive life. An astrologer interprets this chart in terms of your personality and life experience by looking at the relationships and interaction between planets, and where they are located within the Zodiac.

It is crucial to remember that astrology neither makes us what we are, nor creates life. The Birth Chart describes us, as a map describes a landscape or a mirror reflects a face. Our personality is our spirit’s choice, and what we do in life is up to us.

The elements of Astrology

An astrological birth chart consists of:

  1. The Planets represent life energy flowing through us with different functions,
  2. in Zodiac Signs, showing the style or manner in which each energy is expressed,
  3. in Houses, showing which areas of our life encourage us to use that energy, and which activities get the energy going.
  4. The Aspects between planets show how we get on inside ourselves, which is reflected out into our world.
  5. The Nodes of the Moon show our spiritual direction, or soul purpose, through our life.

How do I work?

When I read your Birth Chart, I am using the science of astrology to help me find and describe the basic bones of your character and how your energy works in the different areas of your life. I have practising for over forty years, and these days, when tuning in to a client, I find that teaching and assistance intuitively come through that specifically address their particular needs at the time.

A Sample Birth Chart

What is the purpose of a Reading?

My Readings benefit people who are interested in making some sense of their lives, people who are wanting to find the direction for their next steps, who wish to have more insight into how their behavior is creating the individual world in which they live, and how to improve it. We talk about what you want to know, what is currently important to you, and I explain where the information comes from as we go along. I am not able to predict specific events and do not try to do so. Instead, when looking at the future, I focus on how each person can make fullest use of the times that lie ahead.

What do you receive from a Chart Reading?

Readings last up to an hour, and are recorded for you, so that you can to listen again at your leisure. I am often told that answers come to light later that were forgotten, or not heard during the Reading itself. You also receive your Birth Chart, which is drawn in colours for easy understanding.

I am happy to work from Charts which have been drawn by others, and I can also focus on specific questions, and update previously interpreted Charts if required. Some people may have brief points which they wish to be clarified and a reduced fee can be arranged for this. Suggestions as to what we can talk about click here.  More about consultations.

What talks do I give?

I enjoy giving talks introducing Astrology and explaining how it works, and I can give demonstrations using birth dates from members of the audience if desired. At other times, I like to focus on the Zodiac as a tool that anyone can use to help others; the Planets as reflected in our Chakra system and how to balance them; how to see our relationships in our Birth Charts; and so on.

Chakra Diagram:

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