Zodiac Signs

Soul Purpose Astrology is the use of the basic astrological principles to help us develop ourselves from a spiritual point of view. The following notes are an excerpt from the Zodiac chapter of my book ‘Soul Purpose Astrology’.

We are all a mixture of the whole Zodiac, and need to appreciate and use all the Zodiac Signs. There follows a list of all the Zodiac Signs, and the pieces of your personality they reflect. The (bracketed) words are picture images that express some of the essence of the Sign. The underlined words are a quality of each Sign that helps us to enjoy life and be valuable people. The italic words suggest a focus that assists in developing the underlined quality. Under each Sign there are also listed some activities in which the abilities of the Sign would be useful, although most activities need the abilities of more than one Sign.


. . . a spark of life, tiny but hugely bright, brave, with no thought for the future, catching the eye for a moment, inspiring hope.

Aries: (spark from a bonfire) courageous for new beginnings, fresh, ready to start something new, full of energy, impatient to see results, ready to attack rather than be frustrated or stuck, can be aggressive. Useful when starting something new, and also when being self-motivated.
Learning to use the right amount of energy for each situation.


. . . a field, secure delicious pasture, meadow flowers in the sun, breathing sweet and lazy warmth.

Taurus: (field) grounded, dependable, practical, earthy, helping people to be healthy by sharing earth energy, slow, quiet, concerned about security, can be stubborn and unchanging. Useful in gardening, cooking etc. and when others need steady support.
Learning to make peaceful contact with nature.


. . . gusts of wind whirling flashes of news around and letting go to play with leaves, dancing with us and then gone.

Gemini: (gusts of wind) able to talk with anyone, finding out things and telling people, imagining or working it out, at least two of everything, sometimes charming – sometimes silent, changing between two personalities, two homes, two jobs, can be unreliable. Useful when needing information, putting people at ease, writing.
Learning to use both sides of your brain – balancing intuition and logic.


. . . tide advancing slowly closer and closer, wets our feet saltily; ebbing away before coming closer again.

Cancer: (tides on the beach) emotionally sensitive, up and down moods, family- loving, half childish and half like a loving parent, caring or needing to be cared for, nurturing, can hold on to people too hard. Useful when home-making, empathising with a friend, giving quality time to little children.
Learning to be steady and supportive in emotional situations.


. . . warm in the chilly evening, roasting nuts to share; heat from inside attracts a cosy group, don’t put it out!

Leo: (brazier) open hearted, loving, dramatic, encouraging, enjoy leading or entertaining other people, proud of yourself, sunny, can be too loud and pushy or easily hurt. Useful at parties, when others are feeling down, giving a talk or teaching.
Learning to stay loving and positive no matter what other people think.


. . . crumbling earthy potential growth, clay, potential pots for use; earth’s voice in tiny insect sounds, busy.

Virgo: (soil) making things better, helpful, aiming for perfection, efficient, wanting to be right, can be critical, self-critical or fussy. Useful when putting things in order, being careful making things, sorting out what is important.
Learning to accept things and people as they are, as a basis for improving life.


. . . a questioning breeze blows steadily, bridging with a warm breath the distance between me and you.

Libra: (breeze on a hill) diplomatic, relating pleasantly, balancing your interest in you with your interest in other people, peace-making, supporting the under-dog, listening to all sides in an argument, can be hesitant for fear of spoiling things. Useful in meetings, choosing colours, clothes or decor.
Learning to gather all the information necessary to realise the correct decision.


. . . deep as the mountains are high, dark still surface; where a summit stream flows in, the water clears and overflows to feed the valley.

Scorpio: (mountain lake) emotional understanding, feeling things very deeply, strong, knowing about the difficult side of life, wanting to know what is going on underneath the surface, intense, can be unkind and want revenge. Useful when you need to be determined, for understanding and helping deep hurt in others.
Learning to use painful times to grow and understand people better.


. . . bursting brightly here and there from a darkening celebration fire, illuminating conversation.

Sagittarius: (flames) enthusiastic, optimistic – always seeing the positive possibilities, interested in everything, full of fun, enjoying discussion about life, travelling, teaching, exploring, can be rushing about or not explain what you mean clearly. Useful when enthusiasm is needed.
Learning to share your interests, so that other people can expand their thinking.


. . . firmly broad-based, complex mass accumulating; weathered ancient pathways labouring up to a satisfied rest, rewarded with a distant gaze.

Capricorn: (mountain) working to get what you want, doing your best, careful, results more important than feelings, strong and reliable, sometimes takes too much responsibility, can be too serious or bossy. Useful for organising other people, when working out how to do something practical.
Learning to reach what you decide you want, by using intention rather than heavy labour.


. . . pieces of air caught in permanent relationship, clear, precise, held in awareness together apart.

Aquarius: (bubbles in ice) having an over-view, seeing the best way to organise everybody, knowing the best way to do things, wanting equal opportunities for everyone, feeling free, observing people, can seem cold and unfriendly. Useful when others panic, when on your own.
Learning that everyone has something to give, and that although people are equal in value, they are not all the same.


. . . submerged with no reference point, relationship is fluid – what you feel I feel, what you are is me.

Pisces: (. . . in the sea. . .) putting other people first, knowing that you are really a light spirit in an earthly body, very emotional, feeling everybody’s feelings, wanting to help everybody feel better, sometimes feeling resentful, forgetting to ask for help. Useful when meditating, in counseling.
Learning to be in touch with spirit joy, so that it can be shared with everyone you meet.

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