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Sagittarius New Moon – 12 December 2023

Every morning reassures us that the Light always returns.  _____________________________________________________ Dear friends, .       Like most people I meet, I am under pressure to let go of something out of date, and embrace something I’m not sure about. This is ‘growth’, so putting anxiety to one side, I am going forward – carefully. […]

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Scorpio New Moon – 13 November 2023

Receiving Light into your darkest corners brings Light into the world.  _____________________________________________________ .       This New Moon in Scorpio is calling us to recognise that our own deep experience is part of the wave of cosmic energy that Earth is subject to just now. The boundaries are thin, so we can feel what’s […]

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Leo New Moon – 16 August 2023

True self-love stabilises, and extends as love for others.  _____________________________________________________ Firstly, Venus retrograde – death of our habitual relational identity .       The run-up to this New Moon in Leo has been a death and re-birth of our capacity to love, both ourselves as we really are, and others as they really are. […]

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Cancer New Moon – 17 July 2023

Happiness is assured – only when we can create it inside.  _____________________________________________________ . . . in a nutshell . . . .       The last weeks may have been drawing our attention to just how much the body retains our reactions to past events we were unable to integrate at the time. This […]

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Taurus New Moon – 6 May 16

Taurus – organic growth, inexorable .          This month, the normal earthy force of Taurus is heightened and made more urgent than usual (Sun/Moon and Mercury all trine Pluto). This feels like the pressure to do something as though it were a matter of life or death, which it generally isn’t, but […]

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Aries New Moon – 7 April 2016

Aries – the first breath of new life With this New Moon, there is a pull towards personal freedom, aware that we have our own desires and a unique path (Sun/Moon on Uranus). We generally want freedom only when we feel trapped. When free, we simply are, we just do; only when not able to […]

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