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Taurus New Moon – 30 April 2022

 Relax, feel and love. Why take note of the New Moon? .       The planets are moving all the time, relating to each other in changing ways in the natural ebb and flow of all things living. Planetary patterns are forming and separating, and the geometrical relationships will be amazingly pointed sometimes, and […]

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Aries New Moon – 1 April 2022

Burst forth upon the world, from the dark womb into light. Open your eyes, but remember – the earth holds your roots.  Soul Astrology reads the chart from a soul perspective .       Like the last New Moon chart, this one also has intensity in different signs without much to connect them with […]

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Pisces New Moon – 2 March 2022

If you are true to your own Self, you won’t be false to anyone else. (mis-quoting Shakespeare)  .       We are focused this month on several different areas of life, perhaps with a view to sorting out each one first before combining them. So we may feel confused just now, finding it harder […]

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Aquarius New Moon – 1 February 2022

Set your compass beyond the stars, and follow your path day by day. Aquarius is one sign of twelve – not heaven! .       All through 2021, the expansive energy of Jupiter moved through Aquarius, encouraging the development of the finest human archetype, perhaps we could say the Aquarian Human Being. The Age of Aquarius will […]

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Sagittarius New Moon – 4 December 2021

Let Light into your world – and enjoy the ride! Sagittarius – the explorer! .       Worlds beyond world, possibilities beyond possibilities, nothing fixed, nothing held but the exploration itself. Everything appears to be true depending where you stand. But if you keep moving, the movement of truth is expansion. Which means inclusion. The viewing point […]

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Scorpio New Moon – 4 November 2021

Allow yourself to hold the spiritual perspective, even in the face of what can look very dark . . . We are living at a time when the paradox of duality is showing up very clearly, particularly as awake individuals in the oneness of humanity, knowing that all is unfolding perfectly into its next stage […]

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Libra New Moon – 6 October 2021

Allow life to be what it is, and people to be who they are . . .  _________________________________________________________ Venus still in Scorpio for one more day . . . .       On a personal level, the chart for the New Moon shows a good day for re-examining our relationships and getting up to date. We […]

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Virgo New Moon – 6/7 September 2021

Balance your focusing on the bits, with a sense of the whole . . .  _____________________________________________ Virgo balancing harmony and necessity .       Virgo at its best has the capacity to scan an entire situation and fix on the bit that needs changing to allow the rest to take its rightful place. Scanning details without […]

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Leo New Moon – 8 August 2021

Let your joyful heart sing of independence within a loving community.  _________________________________________________________ Leo – the heart’s celebration of life .       In this New Moon chart, the Sun and Moon are lifting our hearts as we discover new ways to express ourselves that fit present circumstances. The heart is expanding with a sense of possibilities […]

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