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Cancer New Moon – 2 July 2019

Oneness contains all and every thing. It cannot be found when seeing diversity, but once known, is seen equally through all things. Love it all.  Solar Eclipses .       The moon is in fact very tiny compared with the sun, and very close to the earth, so the shadow created as it gets […]

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Gemini New Moon – 3 June 2019

Fresh air is promised but hasn’t quite arrived – give life time to deliver.  Discover where you are clinging, and let your troubles go with the wind.  Shocks and reverberation – enjoy the ride! .       The last few days run-up to this New Moon has been a bit of a roller-coaster, intense, possibly […]

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Taurus New Moon – 4 May 2019

Trust spirit as the ground you walk on, and love, not fear, guide your actions. Attempts to control results interfere with what is already in process. Take your time.  _________________________________________________________ Taurus – the natural energy of life growing .       Perhaps the best use we can make of having a body is to […]

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Aries New Moon – 5 April 2019

Going forward on the river of life requires casting off from the bank of expectations, assumptions, grievances, entitlement, knowing best, being right . . . . . Look for the gift in every problem.  Go forward – with spiritual support! .       This New Moon may be in the middle of Aries, but we […]

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Scorpio New Moon – 7 November 2018

If you feel at all upset, focus your breathing into your inner space and let your Heart expand – from there, you will realise how to respond.  _________________________________________________________________ In this letter, please go for the gist of what is written, applying it to your life where it seems relevant – the bracketed italics are in case […]

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