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Virgo New Moon – 15 September 2023

Trust your spiritual wings – and fly.  Virgo – task setting, training and healing .       The chart for this New Moon in Virgo is interestingly similar to last month’s in that the outer planets are in much the same positions, but the position of Mercury and Mars in August (linking with that […]

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Leo New Moon – 16 August 2023

True self-love stabilises, and extends as love for others.  _____________________________________________________ Firstly, Venus retrograde – death of our habitual relational identity .       The run-up to this New Moon in Leo has been a death and re-birth of our capacity to love, both ourselves as we really are, and others as they really are. […]

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Cancer New Moon – 17 July 2023

Happiness is assured – only when we can create it inside.  _____________________________________________________ . . . in a nutshell . . . .       The last weeks may have been drawing our attention to just how much the body retains our reactions to past events we were unable to integrate at the time. This […]

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Taurus New Moon – 19 May 2023

Listen with your whole body, and you will hear the Earth.  Taurus – the Earth is mirroring us .       This New Moon favours a shift from focus on business, large companies, the housing market, and so on, to focus on what we can do to help each other in our own communities, […]

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end of Aries New Moon 20 April 2023

Find your inner ground, and stand on it.  Aries – the active search for self shifts inward .       Many will have found the last month a desperate drive for individual identity – finding it, keeping it in the face of others, hoping our personal statement will be accepted, all the while not […]

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Aries New Moon – 21 March 2023

Go forward lovingly, and accept what you find with grace.  _____________________________________________________ Aries – ALL or nothing! – passionate energy for life .       This year, the Aries New Moon is particularly passionate, being in the first degree of Aries, which puts it on the day of the Equinox. This moment is symbolic of […]

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Pisces New Moon – 20 February 2023

Self-care and appreciation precedes and supports spiritual love.  _____________________________________________________ Pisces – ALL and no-thing – mentally ungraspable .       Whatever and whoever has the Pisces quality will be impossible to pin down because, without clearly defined edges, that which inhabits Pisces could be anything – in truth it is nearer to its true […]

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