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Scorpio New Moon – 4 November 2021

Allow yourself to hold the spiritual perspective, even in the face of what can look very dark . . . We are living at a time when the paradox of duality is showing up very clearly, particularly as awake individuals in the oneness of humanity, knowing that all is unfolding perfectly into its next stage […]

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Libra New Moon – 6 October 2021

Allow life to be what it is, and people to be who they are . . .  _________________________________________________________ Venus still in Scorpio for one more day . . . .       On a personal level, the chart for the New Moon shows a good day for re-examining our relationships and getting up to date. We […]

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Virgo New Moon – 6/7 September 2021

Balance your focusing on the bits, with a sense of the whole . . .  _____________________________________________ Virgo balancing harmony and necessity .       Virgo at its best has the capacity to scan an entire situation and fix on the bit that needs changing to allow the rest to take its rightful place. Scanning details without […]

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Leo New Moon – 8 August 2021

Let your joyful heart sing of independence within a loving community.  _________________________________________________________ Leo – the heart’s celebration of life .       In this New Moon chart, the Sun and Moon are lifting our hearts as we discover new ways to express ourselves that fit present circumstances. The heart is expanding with a sense of possibilities […]

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Cancer New Moon – 10 July 2021

Gently, kindly, move along through the days trusting there are no mistakes, and that all is well, at home in the great family of souls.  ________________________________________________________ Astrology! .       It is extraordinary from an earthly point of view that the relationship of planets and Earth could reflect experienced circumstances in our daily lives – until […]

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Gemini New Moon – 10 June 2021

When pondering possibilities, take necessity as well as inclination into account, and allow beauty and joy to arise spontaneously.  _________________________________________________________ Gemini – the world of movement, the changing moment .       Gemini is about movement, physically our body’s activity in the world, and mentally in thought and communication. At least two of anything is necessary […]

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Taurus New Moon – 11 May 2021

Love the earth as yourself, your own body.  Caution! – be aware what you plant .       It seems that we give strength to what we focus on. We direct our energy along our line of attention towards whatever it is, giving that thing a boost of growth. Every little thought will naturally grow larger, […]

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Aries New Moon – 12 April 2021

Past and future have no place here – be awake!  Aries – passionately reactive, delightfully honest – and in your face! .       I am often reminded by my experience that, when I am feeling confused and can’t focus properly, cleaning my glasses makes a huge difference. And perhaps this is a suggestion as to […]

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Pisces New Moon – 13 March 2021

Let the squeeze of the birth canal push you out into a new world – let go and be born.  Pisces – humanity’s womb .       We are all now in the midst of transformation, and we feel that (Sun/Moon/Neptune/Venus all sextiling Pluto). The birth at this point is definitely happening on the […]

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Aquarius New Moon – 11 February 2021

Do not expect Aquarius perfection at the beginning of this Age – focus on not losing centred Self in the Pisces mass.  _________________________________________________________ Expanding into Aquarius .       The lockdowns are whatever they are for you, and they offer spiritual gifts. But, as with all spiritual gifts, we still have to put work […]

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