What is Soul Astrology

Astrology is the practice of reading personality and life experience from the chart of the sky at a birth. It involves the scientific calculation of planetary positions with reference to the daily movement of the apparently revolving sky, together with the calculation of the exact relationship of the sky with the horizon at the place of the birth. It also involves the art of interpreting those positions, once calculated, so that the personality is recognisable, and significant life events are seen to be reflected in the chart.

In Soul Astrology the perspective of the interpreter assumes the spirit of a person to be one with the greater spirit of life. The spirit knows exactly what it is doing in producing a slow vibration body for its earthly experience. The problem that we as spirit face, once the earthly life is begun, is to remember who we really are and what we intended. In Soul Astrology, the interpretation of a birth chart shows the spiritual function of each of the planets, and the purpose of the personality in this life. The word ‘soul’ is used to express our sense of connection with spirit while in an earthly body.

In a nutshell, Soul Astrology addresses the ‘why’ of life. If spirit is the creative oneness of life, then everything is essentially a vibration of spirit. Every aspect of the personality then has creative purpose and the potential to radiate spiritual beauty. Interpreting our charts this way enables us to accept our various characteristics without judgement, and our defensiveness falls away. We naturally learn to act with love, and are better able to appreciate experiences as opportunities for growth and happiness.




To achieve this, we need to look at the difficulties a person may have with their daily experience. We first need to accept that events and other people are generally not the cause of our feelings and reactions, but the trigger. Our reactions, physical and emotional, tend to be based on previous experiences in this life or in other lifetimes, our own or our ancestors. These old responses are triggered by the events we experience now. This shows in a chart through the style and relationship of the various planetary characteristics with which we were born. So, what needs to be examined is how those painful old reactions can be consciously replaced with creative ones, using the same arrangement of planets.

It is as though we have a tool kit of qualities and abilities that has not been explained to us, and we have forgotten why we brought them. We often use the different tools in ways that clash, creating painful inner life. When we see the purpose for which our spirit might have intended them, we can use them (respond) more appropriately, more skilfully, and the inner experience becomes more satisfying and fulfilling.

A Soul Astrology interpretation of a birth chart includes the spiritual, not just as another level but as the purpose for our whole life. Everything happens within a spiritual context and has spiritual purpose, so everything in the chart is read as giving more information about our spiritual life. And, because we are still living an earthly experience, this interpretation translates the spiritual realisations into useful adaptations of our behaviour in relationships and earthly activities.

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