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.       Most of my work involves reading the birth charts of individuals in face-to-face, or telephone, consultations. Prior to each consultation, I ask for your birth details so that I can create the chart. Once we are together, physically or by phone, I generally allow one hour for the reading. Our whole dialogue is recorded for you to listen to over the following months and years.  You will receive either a CD of the recording, or emailed link for you to download the sound file; and you also receive the chart as a print if you are with me, and/or an emailed pdf.

.       First readings tend to start with character descriptions so that I can see how the chart relates to you, and you can see how the astrology works. The important thing to remember is that ‘you’ are the truth of yourself; your chart is only a map or reflection of your truth and I am its interpreter – the reading is the interface between your truth and that group of symbols, and it comes to life through our dialogue. In this consultation, we can focus on any personal issues you may be facing, and some general direction and timing in your life.  Sometimes, during a reading, it becomes clear that certain Flower Remedies may be helpful read more..

.       In second and subsequent consultations, we can focus on any topics you choose, with more detailed information on quality, purpose and timing of past and future.  For suggestions  click here.

.       For first readings, I am charging £75 for an hour, which covers everything.  But subsequent readings, for updates and questions, will continue to be £60 an hour, pro rata for less than an hour.  Baby readings are shorter, and only £50, because there is little or no experience yet to connect to.

What I require from you, to draw your birth chart:

   1. your birth date, and

   2. the country and nearest town to your birth place.

   3. not essential, but very good to have, is your birth time (correct to the nearest minute if possible)

The date and place alone will give us a chart of the planetary positions in the Zodiac and the relationships between them, showing us how it feels to be ‘you’ and your general direction in life, but to create a complete chart I would also need your birth time (correct to the nearest minute if possible).

Ways you can receive a reading:

* face-to-face (Either at my home in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, UK, or at one of the venues listed in my Calendar – please phone the contact number provided for an appointment).

* by phone  Phone me to arrange +44(0)1453-827684   or e-mail:

I record the whole reading, and either a CD of the recording will be mailed to you, or a link e-mailed for you to download directly, whichever you prefer.

* I only do postal readings for babies; they can be very helpful in giving clues as to special areas of need and how to handle the first years of life in ways that are caring and growthful for this newly incarnated spirit.

For all enquiries please phone me on  +44(0)1453-827684 or e-mail:

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