How I use Flower Remedies

If it feels appropriate during a Chart Reading, I can discuss with you the Bach Flower Remedies you might find beneficial from time to time.

The Bach Flower Remedies, sometimes called ‘The Flower Remedy Programme (FRP)’, are 38 remedies mostly made from flowers. They were found by Dr. Bach in his search for a natural way to counter emotional imbalances. Each of the Flower Remedies helps to shift a particular mental-emotional state (an emotional state of mind) that we can fall into through our response to the daily stresses of our lives.

It is natural for our emotions to change, to ebb and flow. As energy flows to the different organs of our body throughout the day, different hormones are triggered resulting in changing emotions. We are not always aware of the changes but each day will have its active time, its resting time, its thoughtful time and so on.

What is important is that our emotions should never get stuck. If they do, we are overloading our body with one type of energy. Some of our organs will become overworked and others be under-used. Chronically stuck emotions, such as grief or resentment, can result in depression of energy or even physical illness.

Dr. Bach discovered that taking the appropriate remedy, for the mental/emotional state we are in, allows a stuck emotion to flow again, which, he said, enables our Higher Self to contact us again and begin the healing process.

Of the 38 Remedies available, it is not always easy to choose the right ones for oneself. I use your astrological Birth Chart to give insight into your character, and ask questions to pinpoint the quality of your emotions. This will help us to choose one or more Remedies to assist you in releasing whatever is stuck.

Discovering which Flower Remedy works to shift a troublesome emotion expands our self-knowledge, a necessary part of that personal development which is the conscious walking of our path through life from negativity to joy.

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