The Houses in the Birth Chart

Relating your energy to different areas in life

1st  House your personal style in life, how you need to approach anything new
2nd  House what you need to appreciate about yourself in order to be independent
3rd  House how you communicate, school, siblings and neighbours
4th  House your roots, early life, what you need as your foundation, personal security
5th  House your particular form of creative expression, how you relate to children
6th  House how you organize your day, working life, health and healing
7th  House one-to-one relationships, what you need and project in a relationship
8th  House the deeper issues of life, the structures that underlie the shape of life
9th  House your attitude and overview of life, what you like to learn about or teach
10th  House career or calling in life, your ideals and how you achieve them in the world
11th  House your relationship with groups, the public, the audience
The 1st to 11th Houses show our relationship with the outside world
12th  House your inner world, unconscious, dreams, spirit companions, past lives

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