A list of Aspects in Brief

(with suggestions for working with them in a birth chart)

Conjunction (circled with yellow) up to 5° or even 8° apart.
Two or more planets in the same place in the Zodiac – cannot work independently. In a character it will be an intensity in that area which is described by the combination of both planets.

Exercise: In a specific chart, think about how the two principles involved would blend in the Zodiac sign they occupy.

Sextile (green line) 2 Signs or 60° apart + or – 5°.
Two planetary principles working constructively together – strengthening the character.

Exercise: In a specific chart, think about how the particular planets in their Zodiac signs would help each other.

Square (red line) 3 Signs or 90° apart + or – 8°.
Here two planets challenge each other with conflicting methods or styles causing an unconscious vacillation of behaviour between the two. When working for the same purpose consciously, the planets create a powerful ability.

Exercise: In a specific chart, think about the planets in their Zodiac signs as characters on a stage, and how you would get them to work together. What single job would you give them to bring out the best qualities of both?

Trine (blue line) 4 Signs or 120° + or – 8°.
There is an easy flow between these planets indicating a talent which tends to be taken for granted and therefore may be also expected in others.  There tends to be an unconscious receptivity between the planets, which can become a skill, a blend of both planetary energies in the Signs and Houses they occupy.

Exercise: In a specific chart, think about how the talent could be used in a satisfying and valuable way.

Quincunx (brown line) 5 Signs or 150° + or – 2°.
Two planets that tend to undermine and weaken each other. Negative assumptions can act like an energy drain, preventing action. The planets work well together when used for others, and the aspect then shows an especially helpful ability.  In service, it is important to serve one’s own needs first, to be of consistent value to others.

Exercise: In a specific chart, think about what the undermining thoughts or feelings might be, and what special area of service might be indicated by the blending of the qualities of both energies plus Signs and Houses occupied.

Opposition (mauve line) 6 Signs or 180° + or – 8°.
Two planets that create tension by holding opposing viewpoints simultaneously. There is a strong tendency to project the planetary principle that has not been integrated, and the consequent inner argument brings valuable self-awareness.

Exercise: In a specific chart, think about how each viewpoint tends to balance the other.

Conjunctions, Squares, Quincunxes or Oppositions are said to be challenging or conflicting aspects, while Sextiles or Trines are said to be supporting or flowing aspects. It is important to remember, however, that the particular planets involved and also their Sign and House positions may alter these generalisations.

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