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Pisces New Moon – 20 February 2023

Self-care and appreciation precedes and supports spiritual love.  _____________________________________________________ Pisces – ALL and no-thing – mentally ungraspable .       Whatever and whoever has the Pisces quality will be impossible to pin down because, without clearly defined edges, that which inhabits Pisces could be anything – in truth it is nearer to its true […]

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Capricorn New Moon – 23 Dec. 2022

Enjoy yourSelf – before, during, and after planned events!  (don’t worry about the astrology, go for the gist) _________________________________________________________ Contemplation for this New Moon in Capricorn Stay with yourself your immediate experience of being human. Stay with your heart as the love that is all flows through. Stay with your root linking the human […]

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Sagittarius New Moon – 23 Nov. 2022

Love brings us together – heals all.  Dear friends, .       This is a Sagittarian-type letter. A positive outlook is not meant to belittle deep or hard experience. The attitude may sometimes feel a bit ungrounded and frothy compared with the huge issues we are all facing in the world. But every one […]

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Scorpio New Moon – 25 October 2022

Let every apparent obstacle be a fresh start for love.  Sun into Scorpio 23 October – no choice but deal with the depths .       There is a really expressive image for how the movement from Libra into Scorpio may feel. I will describe it: ‘Imagine we have been floating fairly comfortably down […]

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Libra New Moon – 25 September 2022

True balance is found above the fulcrum.  Libra balances apparent opposites, holding both respectfully .       Both the New and Full Moon charts this month show a joining of very different elements of Earth and Air, Fire and Water. Earth is the material world we are dealing with, while Air is the thought […]

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Virgo New Moon – 27 August 2022

It takes many view-points to see in the round.  Virgo scans and considers before deciding .       There is still huge emphasis this month on letting go, but also maybe a need for creating space in our lives for personal re-grouping inwardly. Virgo follows the Leo explosion of heart-felt feelings by drawing back […]

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Leo New Moon – 28 July 2022

Keep and enjoy your heart’s vision, while negotiating necessity. From its deep heart, the Lion roars with the joy of Being .       This is a month for opening out, expanding horizons, breathing in Light and breathing out Joy! We may have been discovering many things about ourselves, our true feelings and desires, during […]

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Cancer New Moon – 29 June 2022

Your true home is the Source of All through your central self. Cancer – the edges fluctuate, the real is whole and steady .       Cancer represents our care for the well-being of others when we understand pain and emotional unsteadiness from our own experience. It is ruled by the Moon whose appearance to […]

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Gemini New Moon – 30 May 2022

Breathe, and rejoice in diversity!  _________________________________________________________ Gemini – breathing fresh air .       A New Moon in Gemini is another opportunity for a fresh take on ‘life, the universe and everything’ through the next conscious breath, which is always new. Breathe out, and make your next breath the very first! Each breath we […]

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