Aquarius New Moon 9 February 2024

Let go, and find out who you really are, what really matters to you.

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Karma – what we started, we must complete and forgive
.       All the new moons at this time are within the grouping of all the other planets, so that the Earth is on its own on the other side of the solar system. At these new Moons then, we are subject to the energetic life of the rest of the universe, without the protection of our everyday normality – there seems to be a level of craziness where we are unable to look ahead, and tend to cling fearfully to whatever we have decided feels stable, as we are bombarded by forces way beyond our control. The craziness and instability are exacerbated as everything that’s been karmically waiting for us to deal with arrives on our front door step whether we remember ordering it or not (New Moon squaring Uranus). Let us be gentle with each other, and with ourselves, and look to that which is close at hand for daily sustenance.

Stability is in the unchanging Spirit
.       New Moons are always focusing us on the qualities of one of the Zodiac signs, while the Earth is sitting in its opposite: last month it was Capricorn opposite Cancer, hopefully we were able to check that we had what is necessary for our life and functioning in the world – that would be the adult in us taking care of the inner child who may have felt abandoned. This month it is Aquarius opposite Leo, where we are accepting that AI is already creating huge differences in our mental landscape – are we playing with a new toy, or are we the plaything! We can now lean in on the immense amount of information that the internet makes available, even though it was just too much for us to sort through, and now all that can be sifted for us to answer whatever we ask. But we mustn’t lean too confidently, or the inaccuracies that arise could drop us into chaos, or we can be hoodwinked/blinkered by whatever explanations are spoon-fed to us by those running AI, caged by censorship, blinded to common sense.

.       At this New Moon also, Mercury has joined Pluto in Aquarius, to be followed in the next few days by Mars and Venus. Already our thinking and communication is full of change, maybe sudden insights – followed by losses mourned, freedom claimed or desired. , new patterns will be forming in the sand as we register how relationships and ways of communicating have changed. The focus is on what we value in our relationships with family, friends and neighbours, and the loss, and the new-found freedom, all very physically present, along with the responsibilities we feel to each other and community structures (Venus in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus). All this can imbue the emotional mix with a sense of guilt or self-sacrifice.

Enough of the angst! Look for the Light behind all existence
.       The upside of such turmoil is that our soul can find its own balance within what is right for its evolution. We cling to the ‘safety’ of our personality’s moorings on the river bank, who we think we are, our identity; but when the banks are being washed away, it’s safer to let go the mooring ropes and ride the waves freely, find out who we really are, what really matters. Human pain is mirrored in all of us, but differently experienced and expressed, and now is a good time to share how that may be (South Node in Libra – Chiron on North Node in Aries). Let’s just see what happens, light fires on the banks we discover, take care of each other, nourish the children with love.

The Full Moon connects Earth to the sign they both occupy
.       This Full Moon joins Earth in Virgo, as we look across the Zodiac at the Sun. With Mercury and Saturn either side of the Sun, all in Pisces, the light will be channelled straight from spiritual truth. Inner spiritual guidance will help us understand, giving purpose to organise our days around, helping us manifest our finer intentions; and, most wonderfully, that guidance will come from reading the physical world living around us, so we can’t miss it (Jupiter in Taurus trine Moon, sextile Sun).

.       Caring for the bit of earth we have, our physical body, through diet, exercise, and generally improving our earthly experience, will keep the emotional turbulence in check. Believe what you can touch; suspend belief in what you are told, unless your inner heart resonates. We are blessed by nature and, appreciating the balance, efficiency and abundance of nature brings all that into our unconscious inner working. Growth of whatever occupies our thoughts is assured – but any effort to control what develops is likely to muddy the waters’ flow (Jupiter square Mars/Venus in Aquarius).

Bounce back up
.       So the best advice is to keep our thoughts on positive tracks, rather than allowing the multitude of distractions to edge our thinking down the slippery slope into that which makes us hopeless, bitter or fearful. This may be the hardest task we ever face. Go easy on yourself, just correct up as soon as you notice yourself slipping! We’re all in this boat, and buoyant spirits keeps it afloat.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Aquarius

Dear ‘rejected’ soul,
in truth you can never be rejected.
On a soul level there is nowhere to reject to.
In spirit there are no boundaries
all is bright light
or bright dark
You are loved just as you are
because all that you think might be beyond lovable
is illusory.
You may feel grief about letting the illusory go
but once you see clearly
without those shadows obscuring the truth
there is nothing to grieve for
nothing is lost.

With love,

4 Responses to Aquarius New Moon 9 February 2024

  1. Paula February 9, 2024 at 2:22 pm #

    Dear Margaret, this is lovely and encouraging! Thank youx

  2. Josephine Keely February 9, 2024 at 2:55 pm #

    Thank you.

  3. Henny February 9, 2024 at 3:14 pm #

    ‘We’re all in this boat, and buoyant spirits keeps it afloat.’


  4. Melinda Walker February 10, 2024 at 2:15 pm #

    Thank you Margaret for such a profound and helpful
    reading of the energies this month.

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