Pisces New Moon – 10 March 2024

Accept and value yourself – your evolution will follow naturally.

Don’t blame the light for what you see in that light

.       From the Earth’s point of view, once again the New Moon is drawing attention to the gathering of all the planets in one third of the solar system, with Earth exactly opposite, on the other side. This leaves us feeling unprotected from the cosmic energies disturbing our lives that many of us are seeing as light coming in. Others see electrical interference, or UFO’s, or angels – depends on your view point. The Earth is changing in a changing universe, humanity is evolving . . .

What is real doesn’t change – let go of illusion

.       The planet that strikes me first in this New Moon chart is Mercury, who represents our conscious thinking, understanding and communication, as well as movement, short journeying to and fro. Mercury is at the very beginning of Aries, which would give us a very personal view of life, as though, having just woken up, we relate to whatever immediately impacts our system, reacting with our best survival strategy, which might be to shout, laugh, or attack first! There is at this time even more intense pressure to express whatever seems so important, what has just been noticed or realised, as though no one else knows (Aries Mercury only aspect is a sextile to Pluto just into Aquarius). So we may find very strong conversations going on where one or more individuals are practically shouting, interrupting, not able or interested to hear anyone else in that moment. If one of those people is you, be prepared to stop, own up, and laugh at yourself. Because everyone has their own point of view which is likely to be as important to them as yours is to you.

.       The beginning of Aries is where the drop leaps out of the ocean of Pisces. The intensity comes partly from the fear of falling back into the anonymity of that ocean of Oneness where the ego feels: ‘I might as well be unconscious for all the effect I can have!’. This month, the intensity is ramped up by contact with Pluto, adding the feeling that expressing our thoughts is a matter of life or death. ‘Adapt or die!’ says Pluto (or whatever in life you feel pressing on you). The problem is we tend to equate ‘adapting’ with the death of our identity – in other words, ‘Die, willingly or not!’

Our point of view is our personal ‘virtual reality’

.       Our personal experience and sources of information will determine what issues and ‘facts’ we are getting het up about, so the arguments could be about many different things depending who’s talking. What may help this month is the awareness we are experiencing consciously that each of us lives in our own world. I like the idea that when something new comes into the material world, It’s the manifestation of something we’ve been experiencing on other levels before. This is how science fiction writers can write about inventions that don’t happen in physical reality till many years later. The capacity to live through ‘virtual reality’ headsets is the manifesting of the virtual reality we already live through every day – our own world of experience. The headsets give the chosen experience of living and moving in a world which is not, in reality, physically around you. To me this is a wonderful demonstration of how we do this anyway: we live and move and speak to others as though our take on life is the truth, and we are surprised if someone else doesn’t agree.

.       So let’s use the idea of virtual reality to describe our take on life this month, and every now and then take off the ‘headsets’ of our personal opinions and reaction, and see if it’s possible our personal view may not be wide enough, or accurate enough, to encompass all the necessary knowledge for intelligent decision making.

Be prepared for sudden changes in direction

.       The planetary energy that rules Aries is Mars – Martian, potentially warlike – and in this New Moon chart it is influenced by Uranus, calm and detached one moment and blasting off the next – volatile, unpredictable. The suggestion is that we slow down and stay alert, because circumstances could suddenly need careful negotiating. Allow lots of time to get anywhere so that there is less rush journeying; remember to breathe and stretch when feeling pressured; do what needs to be done in the moment rather than being driven by a to-do list. This last unfolds because when that need is served, the next need arises naturally, and we keep abreast of the movement of life, constantly adapting to the moment.

.       As the Sun enters Aries at the Equinox, the 20 March this year (a leap year), the 25 March Full Moon chart shows an even stronger Aries energy springing into action. But this is modified by the Full Moon itself being in the opposite sign of diplomatic Libra, suggesting e’ there will be more of the ‘adapt’ rather than the ‘die!’ during the second half of this ‘adapt-or-die’ lunar month. There could be a softening of authoritative dictates coupled with an expansive return for our efforts (Venus with Saturn in Pisces, and Jupiter approaching Uranus in Taurus, the conjunction being 21 April).

.       This whole month, though, it’s our understanding, speech, movement that continue fiery and personal, following Mercury’s movement through Aries, direct forward until the end of March, then retrograde until 25 April. It doesn’t leave Aries for Taurus until 15 May. In the process, we have lots of opportunities to face the problems we may have been putting off, which potentially heal our sense of self-respect.

Healing our sense of true self

.       Eckhart Tolle is the perfect teacher for these times in showing us how to be in the present, which is to be aware in our experiencing body, our senses and emotions, rather than in our thinking which is always a moment after the event. We are not the virtual identity our personality imagines us to be – being present is to be ourselves. Self-aware and autonomous, yet not selfish in the negative sense. It’s the Aquarian way of being individual, where we value each one, including ourselves – the healing of the rift of separation, without losing personal validity (Chiron on the North Node in Aries).

Accept and value yourself as you are

.       In this New Moon chart, the Sun/Moon itself is seen to be central in the spread of planets. From Pisces, it’s offering a new vision of spirit as different from technology. However apparently sentient the machines AI can create, the human spirit is something else, not what we do, but what we really are. The Sun/Moon is also midway between Saturn and Neptune, also in Pisces, the manifestation of spirit in form. And the quality of Pisces that we need to bring from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius is Love.

.       Perhaps this month we will find that just remembering to love will solve all and any difficulties that may arise. Love implies acceptance, allowing ‘what is’ to be that, so that its manifestation can unfold naturally. Just what we all want for ourselves! Let’s give it.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Pisces
(speak this as to your small self)


Who am I?
I am all things.
Spread your arms wide to cover the Earth
I am all that.
Gaze at the sky, clouds, rain and sun on your face,
and stars – yes, all those stars . . .
I am all that – and more.
Open your dear heart – a little more?
now fill your heart as you breathe in
fill it with joy – love – peace
and let the air of your out-breath carry all that
into the manifested creation of all things.
And at the same time know
that you are contained in I
and I am beyond all that
infinite, still,

With love,



Having a dog is not the same
as being with a person.
People are whole and have their own agenda.
My dog’s agenda was to make the most of
whatever we did.
She was in there with me.
I am in pain when I miss her,
but her spirit dancing across the daisies
makes me smile.

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