Gemini New Moon – 18 June 2023

Accept: life is what it is, you are how you are, and life loves you.

To be in the world but not of it

.       Now is the time to garner our earthly experience from the last year and a half. It will serve us to rest back into Earth and listen for Nature’s wisdom, before humanity as a whole is directed to take care of itself (from the New Moon 17 July, North Node will retrograde from Taurus to Aries – South Node to Libra). So the next year and a half for humanity as a whole is about each individual accepting accountability for their own well-being, and encouraging everyone else also to take care of themselves.

.       This month then, is about checking physical body and practical life, making sure it’s all as balanced and harmonious as can be. We need to be in good shape to play our part in any ‘great plan’ the Universe may have for Itself. We are supported in this grounding work for the next year by Jupiter moving through Taurus, focusing attention wherever we need to be aware how much earth matters. There is an added injunction, however, not to identify ourselves with our physical experiences; we need to remain free and open to inspiration, to make whatever changes are necessary (Uranus in Taurus).

Gemini – movement, surprises – resist assumptions!

.       The energy of this New Moon, on 18 June, is about communication, finding out what others think, pondering things we may have taken for granted in the past. But it’s not about coming to conclusions – it’s a time for asking questions, examining possibilities, checking ideas to find out for oneself what feels true. There is a mess on the mental level where emotional bias has muddied clarity of thought. This is a good time to dispassionately re-think, let the turbulence settle and look calmly at what might have seemed disturbing before.

.       We need to recognise where we have been manipulated by our desire for comfort, and also where we may have been manipulating our relationships for the same purpose – uncomfortable realisations but necessary to accept before readjustments can be made. If you think you know what’s going on in a particular situation in your life, start by appreciating that you might not have all the facts, and so cannot be absolutely sure (Sun/Moon square Neptune in Pisces; Mercury square Saturn in Pisces).

Solstice, Sun at the brink of Cancer

.       As the Earth turns through 24 hours during 21 June, the vertical rays of the Sun shine all along the Northern-most latitude they ever reach. That latitude is 23North, and is called the Tropic of Cancer. In the Northern hemisphere, we call this the Summer Solstice. Our Winter Solstice is 21 December when the Sun on the vertex travels latitude 23South, the Tropic of Capricorn, summer for the Southern hemisphere.

.       This year at the June Solstice, the dwarf planet, Ceres, moves into Libra, exactly square to the Sun moving into Cancer, putting their principles potentially in competition. As Ceres is about nurturing and food, maybe this is reflecting the importance we put on being able to feed the family, and whatever difficulties there may be. Certainly, while the Sun is in Cancer, there is a growing emphasis on connection through caring, with communication becoming more emotional from 27 June, as we become more prepared to talk about what needs doing – culminating around the Full Moon on 3 July (Mercury on Sun in Cancer, with the Full Moon trine Jupiter).

.       From 10 July, for the rest of this lunar month, the energy becomes more focused on organising ourselves helpfully. This activity could be very enjoyable, and we will probably feel better for it. We could be experiencing humanity as family, and family activities bringing light and laughter (Mars into Virgo, and Mercury into Leo).

We are never separate from those we love

.       There is likely to be a need to allow for spaces in our relating, letting our loved ones be. Those we let go may leave, and they have the choice to return or not. Those who don’t return need to be let free with our blessing. We know that spiritual love is the truth of it all, and that we are never separate from those we love generously – regardless how they may feel. The personal, more needy, loving really needs to be turned in towards fulfilling our own personality needs, which tunes us to our spiritual awareness, which loves us anyway. We may find at this time that we have bursts of wonderfully creative energy, which may be difficult to maintain: burst of creative expression, of playfulness, of desire to share the fun. This should settle down by 10 July. Just make the most of the flow when it happens rather than trying to program it in (Uranus squared by first Mars and then Venus as they move through Leo).

Do we ‘go for it’ – or not?

.       This whole month, Jupiter in Taurus is in harmony with Saturn in Pisces – the energy of growth in the world being a manifestation of spiritual reality. Put another way: aim to manifest your finest ideals for the good of all, and spiritual energy will guide the results. Where a desire for personal gain is the motivation, the results will again manifest spiritual reality, but it will not necessarily be in accordance with the motivating desire.

.       We are held back mainly by our lack of faith in ourselves. In fear of lack, we look at circumstances as frightening, when what we really fear is that we won’t be able to cope with personal loss. We need to prevent fear from draining our self-respect, and allow the results of action to be whatever they turn out to be, without judging them to be right or wrong, good or bad. Simply, be prepared to learn from how your life-path unfolds. Relax, and open your motivation to be supportive of others too, and the results of action could be just what you hoped.

.       If you really are hounded by a particular fear of loss, then this may not be the time to act. But notice your attachment, and its limiting effect, sometimes just ‘missing the boat’; there is nothing wrong in that, as long as you enjoy life where you are, rather than projecting enjoyment into a fictional future.

Your actions are spirit manifesting the material world

.       If you’re anything like me, you will have been living your life the best you can as you go along. We have done nothing wrong in reality, but we will only be able to believe this when we accept that there is nothing really ‘wrong’ with the way our life is. Being into personal development, we tend to assume that there is something wrong with us; most of us tend to think that there’s something that needs changing in our lives. We assume action is required to right it. So accepting our life as it is – deeply accepting – can feel like the wrong attitude. But unless we stand in the wholeness of the way we are, and the way our life is, our actions will have no real effect.

.       We need to stand in our frustration or joy, in pain, in tears – stand in our body as it feels, as we really feel – and BE. And the action we are moved to take at that point will be obvious, and flow along naturally. Those are the moments amazing things happen to help us, people arrive when we need them, and everything unfolds in ways we could not have planned.

A universal healing symbol

.       The Circle, containing an equal-armed Cross, is a symbol of healing. The equal arms of the cross can thought of in two ways: the harmoniously balanced four elements of material Life; and also the vertical Sun’s rays shining through the horizontal plane around us, revealing Earth as Heaven. There is no stronger or safer symbol to visualise around a person or situation, and if we hold it between ourselves and those we would help, it prevents anything inappropriate, or out of harmony, reducing the value of the energy we share. This is an Aquarian way of expressing Pisces – allowing space while uniting.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Gemini

This is a time to learn from your life as it is.
Relax – be as comfortable as you will allow your body to be
and enter it fully, head to feet,
as life in the material world.

Be the conscious interface
for life manifesting material experience,
real-ising all as One.


6 Responses to Gemini New Moon – 18 June 2023

  1. Susan Askey June 18, 2023 at 8:47 am #

    Thank you so much Margaret.
    Your words for this new moon cycle are so clear and speak volumes to me.
    I am taking a breath to let them in to support my ‘now’ and to strengthen a faith in what may unfold. Personally and collectively

  2. Karen Gibbons June 19, 2023 at 7:37 am #

    Oh Margaret. You integrate astrology and spirit and spirit manifesting through physical beings, so absolutely clearly and beautifully. I thank you with deep gratitude and love. Aloha Karen Gibbons

  3. Jane June 19, 2023 at 9:35 pm #

    Thanks for opening up these views of what is or may become possible. I was thinking that the opening up of footpaths might be extended to include the opening up of spiritual pathways, or soul pathways, particularly for women, and keeping thoese paths free from obstructions.

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