Taurus New Moon – 19 May 2023

Listen with your whole body, and you will hear the Earth.

Taurus – the Earth is mirroring us

.       This New Moon favours a shift from focus on business, large companies, the housing market, and so on, to focus on what we can do to help each other in our own communities, using our natural abilities as part of a group effort, pooling our resources, finding way to work together with mutual regard, patience, compassion and good will toward all (Sun/Moon trine Pluto in Aquarius, and sextile Mars trine Neptune). We will have better results if we listen to our higher understanding for guidance, rather than our personality preferences. Perhaps feeling a bit like one ant in an antheap – not much one ant can achieve, so might as well just fulfil ones allotted function as comfortably as one may.

.       We need to remember that what is apparently outside us as ‘conditions’ is a mirror of what is inside us – what we may be doing to ourselves, or subtle attitudes we assume to be correct. This mirroring of the inside and outside of our experience is how astrology charts can be read for the world and for each individual. But we do have to take responsibility for our own reactions, because our reactions are the experience we are having. We come to different conclusions from each other, have different opinions, because we have different equipment reacting away on the inside!

Our body knows our Guide

.       A Taurus New Moon points up a time of relating to the Earth as a whole being, containing all beings that live here, and also points to the microcosmic whole being of our body as our piece of earth, that will be reflecting the Earth herself – this shows up in our health issues. The apparent physicality of our world is where each member of humanity must begin the trek towards the Aquarian ideal, and we each need guidance, which is accessed deep inside us (Jupiter/North Node/Mercury in Taurus, all sextile Saturn in Pisces). Our body is conscious of guidance, as are all beings inhabiting the physical Earth. There is a flow of ‘rightness’ that expresses through all life, according to what is suitable, or appropriate, for that life form in its relationship with the whole. It is the relationship with that wholeness that allows it ‘all’ to evolve and grow. Where there is resistance to this flow, evolution gets backed up and consequently eventually jerks forward, somewhat shocking to the sleeping forms. Tectonic plates are a good illustration of this movement.

.       Venus, moving through Cancer since 8 May, has been appearing to us as the brilliant and beautiful Evening Star. The influence of this energy has been assisting us to join with and nurture all life through a feeling of benevolent love – you may have noticed it in your own relationships. She has reached the furthest ahead of the Sun she ever gets, and begins to slow down as she moves into Leo just after the Full Moon on 4 June. Love is leading us!

Falling in love with life!

.       For at least two weeks following the Full Moon, we will need to remain vigilant of our personal behaviour, rather than letting go of all inhibitions in an orgy of self-expression! We could go ‘over the top’, falling in love – with Nature, with mothering needy animals, or with generosity to a colleague or friend (Jupiter squares Venus and Mars in Cancer, and Pluto). The knack is to recognise that we are feeling love and joy inside, and that the outer is a living trigger to unleash the feeling in us. We always have the capacity to feel wonderful, but our habitual thought patterns don’t allow us to real-ise it. And perhaps the lesson is to consciously choose that which may trigger lovely feelings in us appropriately to the evolving flow of our personal relationship with all life.

.       There is much healing potential this whole month, perhaps at its peak through early June (Jupiter conjunct North Node in Taurus; Sun/Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius supporting Chiron in Aries). Perhaps the key to ‘going with the flow’ is to relate to the body as nothing other than an expression of spirit – to revere and care for the body as spirit itself – and to listen to every experience of life the body may express, so that love may flow through freely (Mercury conjuncts Uranus in Taurus at the Full Moon).

Jupiter – in Taurus from now till May 2024 

.       Enjoy yourself! Be loving and giving – and step back before being overwhelmed by your own feelings, or going in over others’ boundaries! Be conscious enough to connect with your inner wisdom, so that you choose your soul’s path. Never mind being ‘wrong’, receive new understanding gratefully. And remember that receiving warmly is a wonderful gift to the one who is giving to you. The attitude of ‘Thank you’ is far more powerful than ‘Please’!    Be aware of when enough is enough, resist excess, step back from overwhelm.  Or , if you do go for it, at least clear up the mess yourself afterwards!  And enjoy quiet, peacefulness, good food, friends, trees . . .   The Earth gives without stint and without price, so let’s be grateful for all of it.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Taurus

Trees speak
you just have to let your body do the listening.
You are all natural shamans
you just have to be in your body and listen.
Let go of wants-and-needs, relax
and focus on what there is around you
as it is.
Feel all presence as it is, the same one
whose energy is encompassing, allowing
Being love – that you are, and we are
and all life is.

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  1. Barbara Ann Broeske May 21, 2023 at 12:59 am #

    Thank you, Margaret. I apprec your view each moon cycle✨♉️

  2. MaryAnn Ephgrave May 22, 2023 at 7:40 pm #

    Beautiful. Thank you so much, dear Margaret. Your wise words are greatly appreciated. Blessings and Love

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