end of Aries New Moon 20 April 2023

Find your inner ground, and stand on it.

Aries – the active search for self shifts inward

.       Many will have found the last month a desperate drive for individual identity – finding it, keeping it in the face of others, hoping our personal statement will be accepted, all the while not being quite sure one has got it right. Aries is a search for a sense of who-am-I and where-am-I-going? Aries energy calls for action, so the search tends to be directed ‘out there’ driven by personal motives that change with the flow of discovery. The search for self through activities can be exhausting for ourselves and our companions, and ultimately is not satisfying.

.       As this lunar month starts at the end of Aries, the Sun will be going through Taurus for the following four weeks. We may at first find ourselves dissatisfied with what has been achieved so far. There may be a sense of disappointment and a consequent loss of purpose as we find ourselves going back over what lead to this pass. We may feel somewhat ineffective, cut-off and powerless which Aries experiences as impatience and irritation. The good bit is that, in the frustrating doldrums, a totally new direction can reveal itself. The direction most needed right now is towards our inner world. Here reality is experienced as who we are and how we relate with our surroundings. This is our task for the month – to gently discover through the layers of expectation, misunderstanding and compliance with others’ requirements, how we really feel innerly, and to allow that truth to be our new ground, our stability in the unstable energetic current of these times.

.       Personal inner exploration does require time and space, which we need to give ourselves. This does not necessarily mean separation, but communication may be focused on very practical issues especially around caring for the wellbeing of self and others. And our focus, being inner, is open to inspiration, new solutions, cosmic understandings.
Mercury in Taurus is retrograde from 21 April to 15 May;
Sun/Moon square Pluto;
Mercury almost reaches Uranus before retrograding, sextiling Mars in Cancer.

Results of this month as the foundation of next month

.       This whole month, the Sun will be moving through Taurus, ending in the last degrees at the next New Moon on 19 May. So next month we will probably be seeing the results of whatever work we put into material concerns this month. But for now the concerns that motive our efforts will most likely still be personal, as we explore new ways of expressing our re-found inner truth in our world. Next month will offer new ways to open out activities to a more general field, so that whatever we discover may be more widely effective. But for now, let’s focus on clearing what is past so that our activity will be less obstructed by irrelevancies and old errors. Let us stand firm inside ourselves in the present, waking up to what is now, and making space for what really is life-enhancing rather than restricting.
Jupiter in Aries until 17 May, then into Taurus.

‘If you can’t say something useful, don’t say anything!’

.       The lightness of daily communication is likely to be clouded by the realisations that are dawning for many people. Those who are not so surprised by what is being spoken these days have the opportunity to develop loving kindness, rather than I-told-you-so righteousness. Our job is to find inside ourselves the light we need, and strengthen that inner connection. Having identified the light that we truly are, we need to radiate it without stint regardless of any dark we may encounter. It is not for us to pass judgement on any person or situation – what do we know from the grass-roots view-point! And Taurus is the energy of Earth herself, Nature as our best teacher while we are anchored in bodies. Deal with what arises, relate with what is, and growth will unfold freely in its own time.
Venus in Gemini squaring Saturn, who sextiles North Node.

Let the Light shine!

.       On 5 May, the Full Moon draws our attention to what’s revealed from the past, globally and personally, the effects of past anti-life behaviour however you see that. The pain and damage resulting from such toxic behaviour may have been caused deliberately or unconsciously, but either way it needs to be brought into the open. As we become conscious of darkness, it frees-up to be blown away by the winds of change. We can’t make that so, but we can clear away any efforts to obstruct the knowledge from being general. It is a virtue of Aries not to be stopped by the obfuscation of authorities bent on profit at all costs. The effects that come to light are in the field of caring for the less able, the vulnerable, those fallen through the social net of family care. It may be within our families that our individual ways are not appreciated. Super-sensitivity may combine with misunderstanding this month, and we say more than is necessary, or insist on our truth being accepted as the truth.
Full Moon in Scorpio with South Node;
Mars in Cancer square Chiron and Jupiter in Aries;
Venus in Gemini square Neptune.

.       Unless we are standing securely within ourselves, we do not have the strength to be true to ourselves in the face of the world ‘out there’ (or am I just speaking for myself here!).  Aries at its best has the courage to stand alone if necessary to uphold its heart’s belief. And this last degree of Aries pulls us towards the Taurus North Node where what we believe as a human family is what will manifest. So let’s hold our hearts secure and strong with grace under pressure.  The word would be ‘equanimous’ – meaning: having emotional stability and composure, particularly in times of high stress!

Contemplation for this New Moon at the end of Aries

Humanity cannot change the course
of Earth’s unfolding life.
You never could,
but were blind to this enormity
by a tiny time focus.
This is meant as an encouragement from a larger time frame
to relax, deal with the life you live on Earth,
and allow her unfolding process to proceed as it must.
The human spirit cannot be killed by automated intelligence.
Spirit is all things – All is spirit in reality.
Love and Light is the Truth,
obscured only by the darkness of contraction
which would hide the beauty of the way things are.
Live now,
open your heart, radiate your light
the light that contains all life,
and love what you meet as you go along.
It is all amazing
and you can make it de-light-ful!

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