Aries New Moon – 21 March 2023

Go forward lovingly, and accept what you find with grace.


Aries – ALL or nothing! – passionate energy for life

.       This year, the Aries New Moon is particularly passionate, being in the first degree of Aries, which puts it on the day of the Equinox. This moment is symbolic of the first burst of individual life out of the sea of Pisces oneness, the seeds’ growth bursting above ground at last, each one conscious from itself. We are conscious of this life from our own body’s perspective, each one having a different viewing point, and therefore different experience and a different set of opinions. As we become aware of this individual take on life and accept it, differing opinions melt down into no more than preferences, and the main thrust of importance is direction and motive, purpose and intention.

Disagreement can be a distraction from what matters

.       Some of the energetic discussions may show up as argument, as each aims for the higher moral ground and assumes they are right (Sun/Moon/Mercury square Mars in Gemini). But the wave of change rolls over us all, and we will be grateful for our connections enabling us to help each other. Within the following days there will probably be a shift of mood, a feeling that we need to take care of ourselves as well as caring for others. And this is where arguments could easily blaze up as different vested interests clash (Pluto into Aquarius and quincunx Mars into Cancer).

.       This month, the solution for us all, the human race and each one of us, is to accept without judgement what is, with love, gratitude, appreciation, whichever rises in us most naturally. We are collectively coming from deep and troubling issues, and unless we arrive in the present time and accept how things are, we cannot hope to change any of it (dealing with Scorpio-South-Node results, in a Venus in Taurus way). At the risk of being irritating, I have to say all this is a wonderful opportunity to practise staying calm in a storm – ‘grace under pressure’ is a lovely phrase. I’m putting it on the wall to remind me! Grace in word and action, because we are still dealing with old wounds that have been triggered since the beginning of March (Jupiter over Chiron in Aries).

To appreciate, we must accept, and the reward is love

.       From the Full Moon on 6 April, we will be focused on those revealed wounds from a perspective of finding a middle way, the balance point where each person feels heard and accepted. The facts must be faced and dealt with, and we will need sensitivity and the wisdom of kindness to do this. And in the end we find that it’s love that makes the difference. We will be served by giving ourselves time in Nature, clearing footpaths, cleaning the rivers and canals, appreciating trees and wild life, loving our collective body, the planet, our home (Mercury sextiles Mars and Saturn, while Venus trines Pluto).

It takes a big heart to love it all – the Source is an infinitely big heart

.       Nothing is held back, the wave is rolling. We have the choice to simply go with the flow either in the water or on our surf boards. Which is to say we roll blindly with the emotional flow of humanity, or we remain aware of it and open, so the light flows through us at the same time. There will be a slowing down and re-grouping, but probably not this month. At the next New Moon on 20 April, we will begin looking back over this month, but until then the brakes are off (no retrograde planets until Mercury from 21 April). This means that we need to apply brakes to ourselves if we are not to be overwhelmed by the pressure to ‘do it now!’


Contemplation for this New Moon in Aries

Beloved seeds all, do your best
each with your skills and experience
and remembering all are needed
as channels for light
Open your hearts with love
accept what you find
and the Light will flow through
healing in unforeseen ways.

2 Responses to Aries New Moon – 21 March 2023

  1. Genie Lee March 20, 2023 at 8:14 pm #

    Thank you Margaret for beautiful guidance. Best wishes and Nourishing Equinox !

  2. Betty Smith March 24, 2023 at 11:25 am #

    So grateful for your your gift Margaret, sending love and blessings..

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