Cancer New Moon – 17 July 2023

Happiness is assured – only when we can create it inside.


. . . in a nutshell . . .

.       The last weeks may have been drawing our attention to just how much the body retains our reactions to past events we were unable to integrate at the time. This Cancer New Moon chart points to the healing of those held emotions through connecting to spirit. That all is spirit is the deep reality, and allowing that changes our attitude to the physical life that surrounds us now (Sun/Moon has squared Chiron, and trines Neptune and opposes Pluto next). Now let’s unfold all that . . .

In relationship with everything and everyone – allow space

.       The inner pain in focus this month is around relationships, about how we relate, and about whether we feel we are relating with others or not (Venus in Leo square Uranus). The problem we tend to fall into is wanting to be loved by other people just as we are, but it’s like being the Sun and wanting the planets to applaud our radiance, even when we burn them. We tend to think, ‘If you don’t appreciate me, I won’t shine on you.’ We turn towards our inner suffering and comfort ourselves, comforting the little child in us as though that child’s view was the whole of reality, confirming that the old reactions were appropriate perhaps, but keeping them even now as adults (Sun/Moon in Cancer). You may not resonate with wanting love, rather it may be recognition, or support, or obedience. Whatever you want from others, this is a good month for recognising that, even when you get it, it doesn’t help you feel better for long.

Love it all as spirit – yourself included

.       However, at this time, and for the next couple of months, it is appropriate to practise radiating our warmth and friendship regardless of its reception by others. Sometimes we may need to adapt the expression of our warmth to fit the circumstances or person we face. But warmth and respect and kindness are always possible as attitude, even when held quietly and not on show. It helps to remember that we are surrounded by the power of the unseen worlds of Light, because it’s not our personality’s love that we need to radiate, but to warmly allow the love of the universe to flow through (Neptune sextile Pluto both pointing a quincunx at Venus). Our personality is the equipment we use, a toolkit for managing material existence, and it is also the conduit our spirit has chosen for this life at this time.

.       Allowing love to flow through us into our world, also helps us grow spiritually, and to be aware of this process, we need to meditate in whatever way enables us to find the inner moment and place of awake steadiness. Locate that balanced presence inside, and then relax and open to the flow-through that is always available to us. If the pain inside is too great to make this beautiful shift, just relax and rest in the flow, letting go of that which hurts – and notice when you find yourself hanging onto a loss or grievance whenever you think of it. Letting go of the hurting factor, one can see better what is really there, and it mostly evaporates into a lot of stuff that doesn’t matter anymore because it’s past.

Happiness is assured – only when we can create it inside

.       Another truth that is pointed up this month is that we need to stop expecting the world to make us happy. That has been the driving force within consumerism in the material world, each new ‘thing’ relieving us of the ennui of loneliness – but only for a moment so we run after another material ‘fix’. It is us that need to give to the world, not the other way round. Our amazing bodies are the gift the world gives our soul, our very own piece of earth for the duration of this life. Happiness is assured only when we find it inside, and serving the world happens naturally (Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus).

Enjoyment instead of, or through, service

.       The second half of this month, from the Full Moon on the first day of August, we are likely to be lurching between personal love with demands and needs, and spiritual love which knows we are never really separate (Venus retrograde 23 July – 4 September, square Uranus in this chart). The path of growth for humanity is becoming personal, it’s up to each of us to find the path to the One for ourselves. Each path will be different – search and find what fits yourself, the sense of personal soul growth (the Moon’s North Node is swinging backwards into Aries).

What is Love ?

.       While in Leo, Venus draws attention to love of the heart, the essence of our spiritual radiance – this emphasis is with us throughout August and September. We are only truly loving someone if we are able to let them be who they are, and do what they need to do, without criticism or rejection. If this is not possible in close personal relationships, and apart from brief moments for most people it isn’t, then the difficulties we find with people are constantly showing us where our needs are, that we need to deal with ourselves. This is the work throughout the rest of July and the whole of August, as we trawl through our past relating, hopefully realising where we were just personality reacting. It’s a great opportunity to lean in towards loving ourselves as we are; a taste of how spirit loves – just being love, because that’s all there is. Many of the people we relate to closely we have known in lives before this one, and spiritually we have agreed to be together once more – not to struggle painfully, but to help each other grow into greater awareness of true love. It is helpful to keep that level of awareness as a background to daily interaction.

(Venus retrogrades from 29 Leo on 23 July to12 Leo on 4 September, returning to 29 Leo on 7 October, and into Virgo on 9 October. She squares Uranus 2 July, 9 August retrograde, and finally 29 September.)


Contemplation for this New Moon in Cancer

Have patience with yourself,
you are growing through turbulent times.
Rain and hail and strong winds,
heat and drought and bare fields.
But your fears for the future do not show you
the green possibilities that are budding at the surface.
All is not lost, just changing.
Live day by day and the plants will grow,
and the destruction will be cleared.
Stand firm in your loving
and allow the Universe to love it all
through you.


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