Leo New Moon – 16 August 2023

True self-love stabilises, and extends as love for others.


Firstly, Venus retrograde – death of our habitual relational identity

.       The run-up to this New Moon in Leo has been a death and re-birth of our capacity to love, both ourselves as we really are, and others as they really are. To achieve this we have been faced with the many ways we see ourselves, both acceptable to us and those ways we would like to reject (Venus retrograding past Black Moon Lilith and the Sun).

.       During the last couple of weeks, many of us have experienced an enormous amount of information flowing in and through, with no desire to stop the flow or reject the ideas. But perhaps there’s an inability to understand how it all goes together and, in this material level, perhaps it doesn’t ‘go together’. It’s felt like watching the inflow of a strong rising tide as the sea rushes into an estuary and fills the river mouth. This is a flood of experience, people we have known, information new and old, perhaps for everyone, maybe for you too, a flood from the past to be re-known and let be.

.       Much of the information is exciting, some can produce anxiety or fear. What is showing up within us through our habitual responses is how we have been, and the only action required is that we let go the grip we maintain on our assumed identity. We are in truth spirit, this life ensouled and embodied as we find ourselves. Letting go of all the rest of our mental constructions, conditioning and expectations, we are like the naked Venus retrograding into the Sun. This year, she arrived between Earth and Sun on 13 August, far too close to the Sun for us to see her in the sky. That was the moment of total emptiness required for rebirth. Open, vulnerable, we are free to find our new selves, to love as spirit loves all things. And gradually, like an emerging butterfly, we take new shape according to the truth we discover.

Rebirth of our heartful loving identity

.       The new birth as Venus conjuncts the Sun may happen on 13 August, but it is advisable to make no important decisions about what’s next until she reappears from the darkness (the underworld) as the morning star just before sunrise a week or so later. And she continues retrograde until 4 September, so only gradually will the new ways become properly usable. Best not to commit to your future until we are into October (Venus clears the shadow of her journey, and enters Virgo 9 October).

.       Now we get to experience the vulnerability of our newness, open at the heart. The evening star of ourselves, loving others exclusively, has died, and is being re-born as the morning star of loving ourselves first. And it may be shaking any sense of solid foundations (Sun/Moon trine Chiron, square Uranus in Taurus). Having seen where we give ourselves away, we need to resist blaming anyone for our losses. Equally we need to take space, not to punish anyone, but to re-group inwardly. Whatever we do, we will feel as done to us – our inner experience will be mirroring perfectly the effect we are having on others (Mercury/Mars in Virgo trine Uranus, quincunx Chiron).

(In case you would like more information about Venus, morning and evening star, I would suggest checking out – astrobutterfly.com – on this subject.)

New Moon in Leo! – love it all, and start with your new self

.       The three major outer planets are together guiding us – a pattern that will continue for the next two to three years as they each finish with their earth and water signs and move into air and fire signs. This month, we are lined up to receive and understand the guidance. We can use this pattern of energy to allow everyone the space required for personal growth, which means we move in to help only when help is requested. Taking care of ourselves, while thinking of the well-being of others, this energy inspires us to take right action (Mercury/Mars in a kite shape, with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto).

.       The first week is well aligned for focussing on our real values, putting our hearts into life and discovering what makes that a personally joyful experience. We focus on what matters most, what supports us being in the world, and what we need that allows us freedom of action, so that we are less hindered by things or people from the past. This includes whatever we can do to support our own health and strength.

.       From 23 August, as the Sun moves from Leo to Virgo, Mercury will begin to appear retrograde until the next New Moon in the middle of September. We need to allow our thought processes, and movement in the world, to slow down. We need to be more conscious of ourselves in action, rather than the actions alone. During the three weeks when Mercury is retrograde, the outside world can seem to get in the way, encroach on our space, be awkward – but the whole process is due to a natural tendency to be more introverted ourselves, and this makes it a great time for inner work.

Pisces Full Moon – listen for the silence beyond the noise

.       The Full Moon chart for 31 August shows the same inspirational impulse for growth as the New Moon chart, with the emphasis on intuitive diplomacy. Maybe we become more aware of the harm we may do others through being overly self-caring, as we become able to feel that hurt inwardly. Whatever the reason, this is a chart of repair for past unawareness, and sharing of present warmth and friendliness. Leo is the Zodiac sign most concerned with the central issues, where we enjoy putting our hearts into what matters to us most. This month we are to put our hearts into our relating – to everyone and everything. Enjoy yourself!


Contemplation for this New Moon in Leo

Love, accept, allow,
beauty, warmth of spirit, peace.
All this is always accessible to you –
open your heart as you breathe life in,
open your being as you breathe yourself out.
Nothing that you truly love can be taken from you –
focus on this and you will let go your grip, and grow well.
Change is breathing – one breath after another –
never the same breath, always new.
Nothing can remain the same –
allow, accept, love.


4 Responses to Leo New Moon – 16 August 2023

  1. Clare August 14, 2023 at 3:00 pm #

    Thank you Margaret. Felt spoken to by my guardian Angel – I accept, with love, life

    • Suzi August 15, 2023 at 1:26 pm #

      Dear Margaret
      I read your piece in the latest issue of Dowsing Today, and felt very much in tune with your thoughts and the way you have described the planetary energies we are moving through at this time.

      I especially liked the part where you spoke about Hooray Astrology and how the question comes when the answer is present, so that the balance of truth is preserved. I feel the same about collective healing – I listen for the calling and then I know that the energies to support that have become available.

      Thank you for your wisdom

  2. Geoff Poole August 16, 2023 at 9:03 pm #

    Thank you so much, Margaret, I could feel positive information in the heavens right now, yet not – i felt – really understand it.

    My own Sun at 20 Aq perhaps both involved me and yet skewed the perception. But your reading feels immensely meaningful,
    and your advice – of course – loving and encouraging.

    Thank you so much

  3. Nicola MacKenzie September 7, 2023 at 8:13 am #

    Dear Margaret, I feel a lightness yet depth, a flutter of spirit and a greater connection to heart when I listen and read your posts. Gratefully

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