Virgo New Moon – 15 September 2023

Trust your spiritual wings – and fly.

Virgo – task setting, training and healing

.       The chart for this New Moon in Virgo is interestingly similar to last month’s in that the outer planets are in much the same positions, but the position of Mercury and Mars in August (linking with that outer pattern) is now held by the Sun and Moon themselves. This suggests that what we learned and understood in August, we will be integrating during the rest of September. We all needed to put effort into owning up to our past assumptions about people, and to letting go of our habitual ways of relating to the world through judgement and correction, when we wish situations and people could be different from how they are. Following that learning, we will recognise how our world has been reflecting back at us the results of how we have behaved. These reactions of others may well be exactly what we work at NOT doing ourselves, but they represent our hidden side and must be owned if we are to be whole.

Be in good shape to help others

.       So, having put ourselves first last month, now Virgo asks us to use ourselves for the betterment of others. And this month, it will serve us to hesitate before offering any helpful corrections that we think others should make. Inner guidance will tell us if our advice is appropriate for the particular individual we’re focused on, or whether it is just inappropriate interference. We can withdraw and give up, or learn a different way of helping that serves the needs of each moment.

.       We are being given the opportunity to tune in to inner guidance, whether from our own wiser self or spiritual input, so much more accessible than usual. And in the event of not knowing what to do or say, we can, as always, simply ask prayerfully for assistance to know, and do, what’s best. Generally the very best we can do is visually surround a person with love and light, and ask that their life may move along in the most growthful and graceful way.

Trust the love that you truly are

.       We are being asked to trust in spiritual realities, to know that we ‘will move forward on the tide of the spirit’. We can lose nothing that is ours; nor keep what is not ours against its natural progress. What I call ‘radical trust’ is knowing that the universe is tuned to movement, change, growth – never static, never asleep – and always accepting, holding, loving, of that which expresses spirit. I like to see all life, all ‘matter’, as a creative welling up of spirit as all things, never ceasing, never repeating, continual living movement. At this time, our efforts to be in touch with spirit within ourselves is like joining in the lava flow from an erupting volcano, surfing the tsunami, riding the hurricane – unstoppable! Once you know how, why do anything else! And meditation informs us without words. Our efforts to control our lives keep us thinking small, fearful of failure, measuring ‘success’ in money or other physical signs. This month wear your heart on your sleeve, and think outside the box (Venus square Jupiter, Mercury no longer retrograde opposite Saturn in Pisces).

Wear your spiritual wings, and fly

.       The second half of the month, from the Full Moon on 29 September, sees the results of whatever spirit has set strongly in motion, as we look at all possibilities in the face and allow the angels to choose what’s best for us (Mercury opposite Neptune, trine Uranus and Pluto, all retrograde). Change is inevitable, but the direction must feel right to you – not painless, not compliant with other’s wishes, but ‘right’ deep in your core (Venus, from trining Chiron, squares Uranus for the last of three times).

.       It’s as though we are being shown exactly what needs to change in our lives if we want to stay connected with life’s full flow. The choice is ours to act or not, but the energy is with us as long as we are equipped: strong core-connection, well-attached wings, and so on. In other words, let us be bold but not foolhardy – and go for dealing with our past, and getting fully present with ourselves! (All the personal planets are direct.)


Contemplation for this New Moon in Virgo

Don’t be afraid!
There’s more love in the universe
than you can possibly imagine.
It wraps you around
buffering you in your mistakes.
You are not jumping into space
but into welcoming arms
who will place you where you need to be
to grow rounded and strong.
This time is good – it doesn’t pay to stay small
or worry about your clothes and things.
Take the offered hands
and go forward
with spirit.


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