Aries New Moon – 7 April 2016

Aries – the first breath of new life

With this New Moon, there is a pull towards personal freedom, aware that we have our own desires and a unique path (Sun/Moon on Uranus). We generally want freedom only when we feel trapped. When free, we simply are, we just do; only when not able to do what we want do we start to worry about the freedom that we feel we should have. But who of us is really free? And, generally, isn’t it our own selves that hold us back?

For those who like to feel more secure, this energy could feel a bit too experimental; but we cannot find a new way forward without moving into unknown territory. Aries is new growth, but it is important to remember that it comes from past growth, the dark earth or branch that supports its tender beginnings. Acknowledgment of our vulnerability with gratitude for whatever supports us, enables us to reach safely into the darkness of the unexplored. From darkness to darkness; the light is in the truth of the moment and the attitude with which we embrace it.

We may feel somewhat apprehensive when needing to make a sudden decision, fearing we are leaving behind what we may need in order to survive; this could be possessions, circumstances or people – and the work will be around letting go, not necessarily of what is outside. Sometimes we worry about what would happen if we really did get what we want, and did what we chose to do – we may call that being sensible, or it may be fear justifying itself. Fear is one way we hold ourselves trapped; another way is to believe that things should be different from how they are; and until we accept the facts as they are, without all the judging we tend to do, we cannot hope to manifest beneficial changes.

Caution is a wise companion – fear is a ghost

However, any hesitation to act may be prompted by caution, which is a good counsellor; and this month it will serve us well to consider the bigger picture when we are feeling particularly innovative (Sun/Moon/Uranus trine Saturn in Sagittarius). Actually blasting out Aries-style may well have painful results (Sun/Moon/Uranus square Pluto in Capricorn). It will be helpful to guide any ‘blasting-out’ energy that rises into an activity that’s not damaging but useful, like physical exercise, or digging the garden, rather than burning bridges, or getting angry with what isn’t changing as fast as we’d like.

We need to keep checking just how much our old expectations and habits are holding us fixed in past situations, so it may be more a question of searching for our assumptions, and getting our attitudes up to date with our present consciousness, with what we really think nowadays. We can do this questing through the practical issues of our life, which may well take precedence in our attention this month (unaspected Mercury at 2 Taurus). We could be focusing on our material needs, and also considering the natural world. Being sensitive to nature in our everyday living includes being aware of our body and its health, as a major part of our environment.

Full Moon – let go of your inner restrictions

Whatever practical issues the New Moon brings up, by the Full Moon on 22 April, we will be ready to commit ourselves to being involved (Sun at 2 Taurus opposite Moon 2 Scorpio). By then, it will be easier to recognise what needs to be done in tune with the ‘right’ direction of life at this time (Mercury, having trined Pluto, trines North Node exactly). So whatever is going on materially in your life could be the field for that inquiry into stuck attitudes, discovering where they limit your natural growth and the changes that could be happening.

Relationships could be a testing area, particularly where letting go is concerned (Venus on Uranus in Aries trine Saturn). However much you may want to get away from any person who seems to hold you back, it would be more fruitful to let that relationship teach you by reflection how it is that you have been holding yourself back – and let that old pattern go. Even if you find this a painful process, stay with it rather than retreating from the pain – the old stuff will leave you if you acknowledge it fully. As we let go of restrictive patterns of behaviour and thought, we open out into more of who we really are. You may find that the new you has a whole new relationship with that person.

Trust that all is as it needs to be in each moment

One very important attitude to keep is trust that what is right for you will be yours. Don’t give up trusting just because your plans don’t work out as you wished (Jupiter in Virgo opposite Neptune). We are in that four months of each year when Jupiter appears retrograde, and forward movement in our earthly affairs tends to be slowed down. On 9 May, Jupiter starts appearing to move forward again through Virgo, as our Earth is no longer overtaking it round the Sun, and the following nine months will allow plenty of movement for us to deal with. True trust knows that what we do get from life in some way belongs, even if we don’t understand.

Remember, if you can envisage how a change will look, it is not a transformation; and transformation is the order of the day (Jupiter trine Pluto). All will become clear in time.



Contemplation for this New Moon in Aries


Bless me! I am a new shoot

springing from the dark safe earth

into this tremulous air

with its chilly wind, and space.


It seemed I slept a while, and then

was born suddenly before I thought –

unasked; not consulted, forced.

But that’s not all . . .


I find around me such light,

and more delight, there are others

to smile with and share,

I thought that I would be alone.


Letting go of the dark, my seed heart

now explodes with life unbounded,

joyful, breathing in, opening out

at one with all this . . .



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