Taurus New Moon – 6 May 16

Taurus – organic growth, inexorable

.          This month, the normal earthy force of Taurus is heightened and made more urgent than usual (Sun/Moon and Mercury all trine Pluto). This feels like the pressure to do something as though it were a matter of life or death, which it generally isn’t, but sometimes may be. Whatever the situation that you are facing with this intensity, the way through is to focus on the immediate needs and deal with the bits you can do (Jupiter retrograde in Virgo). There is no virtue in giving yourself a hard time for not achieving the ideal: ideals are for guidance only.
.          Taurus is steady and grounded in everyday life. Here there is an understanding that Life is the truth of it all, and all things living change and grow – Nature shows us this all the time. The knack to maintaining the life in our everyday is to ‘roll with the punches’ and go on from where that takes us. The challenge is to stay with the situation you find yourself in, and work day by day through whatever arises (Taurus Sun/Moon/Mercury trine Pluto, all trine Jupiter in Virgo).

Check items left on the back-burner in January
.          We have reached the end of the last four months of progress slowing down (retrograding Jupiter turns direct on 9 May), so forward progress again feels possible. But every now and then, a spoke will be pushed into our movement, some difficulty we hadn’t thought of or failed to take seriously (Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius moving towards a square to Jupiter). This new piece could seem like yet another obstacle, but it may also give a broader view, which helps us correct our aim.
.          This is a difficult time, but the beauty of it is the potential for manifesting our choices. Taurus tells us we can achieve what we really want through holding steadily towards it, and working patiently. Steady does not mean stubbornly; we will need to correct our course as we go along. However, this is not the same as changing course altogether, so we need to remain open to adapting our habitual ways into something that works now.

Intense astrological weather for us all
.          One comforting thing at this time is to remember that everyone is making their way through this pressure. We can feel it, see it, in others. We hear it in the events people are ploughing through (Jupiter in Virgo opposite Neptune). Let’s wish them well, even as we wish ourselves well. Let’s work to accept the facts, and see the gift in them wherever we can. Share with others what is helpful to them, appreciate what is behind their words. It is the presence of others, rather than anything they might say, that comforts most (Neptune trine Venus in Taurus). We are in this together.

Full Moon 21 May – from inside towards the world outside
.          The first half of this month is a time to go inward, to meditate into the quietness, to listen to Nature and your own body for the needs of the moment (retrograde Mercury becomes stationary by 21 May, and moves direct 22 May). The second half of the month, we are more likely to understand exactly what is needed in our personal lives, so that the process of transformation unfolds well (Mercury trine Pluto and Jupiter). The healing aspect of this process is to love the body as our piece of Nature, and appreciate the material aspect of our world (Venus in Taurus sextile Chiron).
.          That spanner-in-the-works experience, that may have been upsetting our results, culminates on 26 May (Jupiter exactly square Saturn for the last time) and begins to fade, but we still need to stay aware of potential misunderstandings between people, and misinformation (Saturn square Neptune not exact till 17 June). We will need to stay alert in order not to be influenced by others’ fear and negativity.
.          The Full Moon will be just into Sagittarius, the Sun at the beginning of Gemini, so the second half of the month may involve more movement out into the world to explore, to have fun, and to test the boundaries so far. Between 21 and 27 May, there is a bright movement of energy out into the world, to help and to heal – let’s be creatively active that week (Full Moon with Mars in Sagittarius), but be prepared to re-engage with the inner work that is still necessary, possibly even going back into the depths of our emotional past to sort out that last bit lying hidden under all our problems (Mars then retrogrades back into Scorpio 27 May until early August).

. . . in a nutshell
.          . . . I would say, let’s be steady in our efforts, inward in our search for truth and understanding, and make the most of moments of brightness and joy. Care for others, and know that times of transformation are times of not knowing how things will be. We need to hold to how we would like them to be for all of us, not just ourselves, and trust that all will unfold benevolently within this many layered universe of our awareness.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Taurus

Diet – enjoy your food
exercise – love your body
pets – respect and care for animals
plants – drink in the colours
Trees – hold their being within you

Be a tree – be all trees
contain all that you can see
become the space
just be.

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  1. Mary April 30, 2022 at 3:43 pm #

    Thank you Margaret for your steadying, grounding, earthy as in Taurean, thoughtful words with beautiful meaning… ohmmm x

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