Gemini New Moon – 4/5 June 16

Gemini – this and/or that – dance with the four elements


.       This New Moon chart has a wonderful mix of light, beautiful movement (Sun/Moon and Venus together) and intense probing energy (Mars retrograding through Scorpio) – just what we might expect from Gemini. One of the reflections of Gemini in us is the two sides of the brain, the logical and the abstract (bearing in mind that everything is more complex than a pair of words!). In a Gemini person, it’s the heart that is played upon to be lightly communicative, or more internally creative, and so Gemini hearts often seem like dual personalities. In the West, through the last few generations, we’ve put emphasis on logical thought and communication, and the creative was left fallow. The more creative and internal Gemini people have often seemed to have a dark or depressed side to their nature, but once their creative flow is established, they flower.
.       What we need this month is to be in the flow of moment by moment creativity. Above all, don’t struggle! There is no need to force circumstances to change. Underneath the apparent choices, the surface waves of this-or-that, there is a strong current against which we have not the knowledge or skill to navigate. Trying to push in another direction from what is actually happening will simply wear us out. This is where Gemini’s ability to change its expression, and adapt its behaviour to the needs of the moment, is so delightfully helpful. When you find that what you had wanted or planned just isn’t manifesting, look around for what else needs your attention. You are not alone in this confusing wash of waves this way and that.

Keep to your centre
.       We need to allow the enjoyment and lightness wherever it can be found, without denying the importance and depth of our emotional experience. Allow your true reactions their space, and return to good humour as quickly as possible. Practise making the return more and more quickly, so that your truth finds its place within the changes. It is important not to lose your centre, not to reduce your own reality, not to feel you should be able to handle it all without a wobble now and then.

Let’s look at the bits

Healing the past
.       The intense emotional return is focussing particularly on that time between 18 February and 2 March, earlier this year (Mars through 23-30 Scorpio the first time). Whatever surfaced from the deep within you and your life during that time is now being raked through again (Mars retrograding in Scorpio from 28 May). This re-visiting lasts until 29 June (Mars turns), so all through June we have the opportunity to examine whatever-it-was from every direction, and hopefully share it with our loving community, those in body and the other side (Mercury will be in Gemini from 13-29 June). From the end of June to 2 August, if we allow ourselves to flow truly with the current, that area of old distress will be washed with healing (Mars trines Chiron with each pass); we will be able to let go whatever has been holding us back. A large part of this process will be happening all through the next month.
.       This month we are mostly dealing with raking through the results of the past to find what attitudes we hold that keep it fixed. My favourite is ‘justified resentment’ – there’s nothing keeps us suffering like the pride of being right(eous) about something! Exaggerate any negative emotion you come across in yourself till you see the funny side of it. ‘Act up’ rather than acting out – this month is the time for playing with it all.

Stay practical, and let go as you move on
.       From the New Moon until 12 June, we may well be completing the necessary practical details left from last month. On 12 June, there is a wave of healing energy passing through our planet (Mars trines Chiron exactly). We can surf this wave with our intention, directing our focus to where we can see healing is needed. Our thoughts will be more free flowing, our inter-relating more of the focus (Mercury into Gemini).
.       With such an emphasis on Gemini energy as part of a complex awkward focus this month (grand square in mutable signs), it will serve us to be aware of our thoughts, and the words we are using. Communication is likely to be turbulent, and it will serve us all to let go of difficulties as soon as they’re history. Don’t try to prove a point, or get a memory exact – no thoughts or words matter enough to destroy loving kindness.
.       This whole month, we are still being encouraged to sort out our life style and health, making changes that will last because we need to (Jupiter approaching the North Node in Virgo, trine Pluto). This is the building of a foundation to support us through the changes ahead. It refers to any foundational building to support recovery, healing and growth, anywhere in our life, and in the world.

The Full Moon on 20 June
.       Last Full Moon was in the first degree of Sagittarius. This time the Moon is in the last degree of Sagittarius, suggesting that the second half of the month brings a fruition of much that was only envisioned mid-May. Questions that were asked then could be understood by mid-June, offering answers that require love to be acknowledged and demonstrated (Venus into Cancer 18 June, followed by the Sun at the Solstice on 21 June).
.       With Venus on the New Moon itself, and moving into Cancer for the Full Moon, love in relating, caring and closeness, is the flavour of this time. Let us relate with consideration and kindness to everyone, including our sweet selves.

Stay centred, and enjoy your Self!
.       Aim to be your Self, not just your personality (Uranus in Aries quincunx Mars). Look for that inner sense of steadiness, through the many changes flickering among your thoughts and behaviour. Listening for the silence behind the noise opens the inner ear, and helps your heart’s truth permeate your personality like a radiating light.
.       During this Gemini time, you will probably vacillate between being able to focus well, and not focus at all. When we work through difficult times the best we can, we develop much more than through easier times, so this conscious focus will bring maturity, integrity, spiritual strength, that will serve you for the rest of your life.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Gemini

You are safe.
The foundations you build
from the people in your world
will support you through all that is to come.
There is no need for fretting and fear
All is well, a thousand times,
all is well.
Hold your hand towards the sun
and see how light shines peachy through the flesh.
Let the flesh of your world melt into the light
so that you may see, and see clearly
that all is well because
there is no other possibility
in the wholeness within which you expand
and dissolve into eternity
and beyond . . .

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