Sagittarius New Moon – 12 December 2023

Every morning reassures us that the Light always returns.


Dear friends,
.       Like most people I meet, I am under pressure to let go of something out of date, and embrace something I’m not sure about. This is ‘growth’, so putting anxiety to one side, I am going forward – carefully. This change involves the New Moon letter and how I send it out. I have just migrated my entire contact list to another email client, and next month I will need to use another way to send the letters out because numbers have become too unwieldy.  This will simply mean that, if you receive these letters by email, you will be asked to subscribe to my website in order to continue receiving them (free, of course!).  That is to say, I will need your permission to email future letters.

.       Thereafter, only subscribers will receive the letters. I do hope you feel able to subscribe, because I shall be putting the same care and focus and love into every letter as always. It’s just the sending that is changing. If you do not subscribe for any reason, you will still be able to read the letter and watch the video on my website as before, but you will need to remember to do that. Moving into the unknown can be nerve-wracking, I find – but exciting too!        With love

Sagittarius scene-setting for this New Moon – the run-up

.       The Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is when the Sun shifts focus from diminishing daylight to increasing it, and falls on 21/22 December every year.  However, the need to create a lighter atmosphere is in the wings from the Sun’s entrance into Sagittarius on 22 November. When the Sun entered Sagittarius this year, anxiety was high. The very structure of our daily living is breaking down (Pluto completing his time in Capricorn 20 January). With growing instability, anxiety rose as a dark background to our thoughts. Warmth and friendliness, sharing fires, food and laughter, is the Sagittarian way. But it’s the day the Moon reaches the Sun, the New Moon in Sagittarius, that sets the flavour of festivities running up to the Solstice. From now on, our acceptance of the dark has to be lit by our trust that the light will return and, by the 25 December, daylight begins to increase. So, we hold the space for, and celebrate, a new birth of the Light in our lives from 21-25 December.

Celebrate the beauty of trees, twinkling lights, love

.       Now here we are at the New Moon, a bit wildly optimistic, and very aware of personal needs for independence, autonomy, and so on (Sun/Moon/Mars trine Chiron, going on to square Neptune). But looked at rationally, we know the next few weeks need to be navigated carefully, relationships honoured, and generosity expressed clearly (Mercury in Capricorn sextile Venus and trine Jupiter). We may need to be careful not to be too generous in a bid to balance any perceived lack in the past (Jupiter still retrograde until 31 December). Feelings run strongly this month, and expressing them needs to be sober and relevant. Any excess is liable to be misunderstood, although love and fairy lights go a long way to soften any truths (Venus in Scorpio, Sun/Moon square Neptune).

Full Moon 27 December – let your inner angel shine

.       From 24 December, the mood lifts as Mercury retrogrades back into Sagittarius and memories of past enjoyment float through our minds, to be shared, re-lived, made real through recalling. Then at the Full Moon on 27 December, family obligation reasserts itself, the acceptance of generational patterns enabling a peaceful background until the Moon shifts from Cancer on 29 December, into Leo and difficulties may show up. Hilarity, or any passionate expression, could be somewhat ungrounded – so this really is a good time to recover and practise our self-awareness.

.       We need to remember to love everyone, not just the personal tribe. Rather than personal possessiveness which holds on, practise holding your loving heart open, so that the love spreads out. The energy throughout this time, Solstice into 2024, is particularly propitious for morphing personal love into spiritual love, and will shower all our relationships with Light. When we try to enjoy ourselves, filling our little ego’s wants with pleasure, we have no room to receive the Light. Our job is to clear away emotional shadows from our own light centre, so that the Light can flow through us into our world (Mercury/Mars square Neptune who trines Venus).

The major focus this month . . .

.       Jupiter, who represents expansion and growth, is still seemingly going backwards. Towards the end of this year, he slows to a stop before inexorably turning to move forwards on 31 December, gradually increasing speed through the first months of 2024. Whatever seemed such a great idea last August, that began to unfold into its future, will likely have slowed down and arrived on the back-burner. There’s not much more time before the energy of that idea – reduced and maybe reformulated – begins to pick up again, and by the March Equinox, Jupiter reaches the exact point he began to retreat from early last September.

.       So check the ground you’ve been preparing, your health, your circumstances, that they are appropriate to support new growth. Choose your direction and your seed intentions carefully and, at the end of this year, plant the seeds with deep love and a desire to allow free flow of Light through life lived in the world of humanity. We are each blessed with the love we feel, that emanates from the One that we are.

May you feel the angel-strength and support at your back,
and follow the guidance of your inner Light.
Many blessings to us all.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Sagittarius

Don’t worry, sweet soul,
you are so loved you can do no wrong.
Just be
true to your deepest self,
in love with the stuff of which you are made.
Each breath, each movement of your living body,
each perception you receive –
all expresses the mystery
which cannot be explained to your mind,
but your heart has the key
Love opens the door
and all is clear.


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