Scorpio New Moon – 13 November 2023

Receiving Light into your darkest corners brings Light into the world.


.       This New Moon in Scorpio is calling us to recognise that our own deep experience is part of the wave of cosmic energy that Earth is subject to just now. The boundaries are thin, so we can feel what’s going on at a gut level (Sun/Moon/Mars trine Neptune, opposite Uranus). We are not in control, and the instability of change can feel truly frightening (Mercury square Saturn in Pisces). It will benefit us to take a step back and recognise two movements that are happening simultaneously: one is the volcanic-like eruptions of violent destruction reverberating like earthquakes everywhere (New Moon in Scorpio); and the other is a ground-swell of growing awareness, a gathering of energy for something better, a sense of possibilities in the face of disasters (Mercury in Sagittarius).

A cosmic energy wave

.       There is a wave-effect that happens every year, like the drawing back of water preparatory to a wave unrolling onto the beach. It has been more and more noticeable since early 2020, because Saturn and Jupiter joined Pluto in Capricorn at the front of the wave, putting all six outer planets (including Neptune, Chiron and Uranus) in less than one third of the Zodiac circle. As the Earth overtakes the outer planets each year now, they all become retrograde within a four month period; and as the Sun approaches the Signs containing them all, one by one their apparent retrograde movement becomes direct, and the wave of their energies rolls into our daily lives again, rather than hindering our forward movement from the unconscious past. In 2020, Saturn unveiled the physical manifestation of what had been brewing under the surface. The wave drew back and then rolled out, and we experienced the fact that the actions of most of humanity are almost completely ruled by a very few people, a fact that is blocking humanity’s evolution and so cannot continue. This realisation is like one of humanity’s evolutionary tectonic plates making a shift, and since then we are awakening in a more global way.

.       In May his year, 2023, Pluto lead the outer planets into their retrograde period of the wave, and all six were retrograde by August – heaped up water ready to spill out into our awareness. Pluto began tipping the wave onto the beach early October 2023, perhaps through the surfacing violence in the world, unpalatable hidden truths being pushed to where they can no longer be ignored. On 4 November, Saturn joined in from Pisces, manifesting on the emotional and/or spiritual level, so whatever we are feeling is given form – our fears, anxieties, buried resentments, old vengeance – also our hopes, and longings, but whichever emotion is strongest will show most. Pluto and Saturn tend to show us the darker perspective.

A lighter view of the wave

.       Early December, Neptune opens again the door to angelic realms, a sense of light being more available to our hearts. We need to resist the temptation to give up because of inability to change ourselves, and instead properly surrender to whatever is necessary for spiritual growth. Meditation, listening to the deep inner guidance, holding to honesty and kindness – this works with Neptune. And as this year turns into 2024, Jupiter increases the ground-swell of positivity, encouraging the forward movement of our plans. This process will speed up through the following months, getting a boost from February onwards as Uranus, the last of these outer planets, also begins to move forward. From January 2024, we will be reaping the harvest from whatever grounding inner work we are putting in now.

.       This is a very simplistic way of expressing the two movements, because any energy can express as light or dark depending how we choose to think or behave. I respect the view of good and evil within the materialistic perspective. But my nature is more at ease with the symbol of ‘yin and yang’, light and dark without judgement. We all appreciate that war doesn’t solve problems. It’s a manifestation of survival instincts combined with competitiveness, from a purely personal perspective. The symbol of yin and yang together shows them both contained within the whole, a perfect circle of being, essential to each other within the flow of life. What is required, rather than war, is flexibility and balance.

Contraction into dark and Expansion into light

.       This month, there is a strong focus on balance within our relationships, and openness of mind to find ways that support balance (Venus is strong in Libra and sextiles Mercury). We need to be balanced within ourselves, and life being what it is, there is a constant swing between the awake and asleep of each part, as with breathing and so on. Perhaps the difficulties arise when our little awareness is occupying the dark part. We start to fear that the light has gone from us, and think that we need to re-achieve it through our own efforts – this leads to extremist behaviour, which gets defined as ‘evil’. Rather than fighting against the light, I think extremists simply don’t know what light is and they either fight what looks like error to them, or they just try to make themselves comfortable within the dark.

.       There are two forces that works through us all: the force of contraction, manifesting creation materially by pulling energy in towards greater density on all levels, can be experienced emotionally as fear; and the force of expansion opening us out towards the unmanifest, less density, more space, lightness and light, can be experienced as exuberance or ‘live’ being. Within the great circle of wholeness, we experience peace. What we really need to do to live as spirit in this world is expand our awareness within, remembering the sense of trust and happiness, noticing again the beauty of clouds, the scent of flowers, the joy of dogs – and the balance is re-achieved without doing anything. Our effort needs to be given to finding what we really care about, and expressing our truth in ways that do no harm. Let’s allow each other to be just what we are, this is spiritual love which opens and expands energy. Fear of each other contracts energy into greater density, closes the doors to light.

Balancing love and self expression – soul as fulcrum

.       By the Full Moon, Venus is approaching the South Node, drawing the attention of humanity to ways we have kept balance in the past. Personally, we may be dealing with loving relationships as we experienced them in the past. To remain in that past, could stunt our growth, we risk losing ourselves. But if we gift the other person, or situation, by accepting them as they are without judging, we will be able to let go of that past without bitterness – the love heals (Venus quincunxes Uranus).

.       These are very turbulent times we are in, and wherever we seek to control our lives, we are being shown that it is impossible, and even foolish to try (Full Moon, and Sun/Mars in Sagittarius, all squaring Saturn). That’s why listening for the voice of inner soul is the right way to go, because that is the voice that steers our boat through the rocks, not the voice of desire, nor the voice of reason. That need to feel in control of our direction and timing is really a sign of anxiety, which reveals a lack of trust in spirit. All very human, and we are all having bouts of it, but it’s not the way to go. We need to let go of the future; discuss, dream positive outcomes, plan, but don’t expect or decide what those outcomes have to be (Mercury in Sagittarius squaring Neptune).

. . . just a thought . . .

.       I realised a lovely thing the other day: when we receive light into our being, there is no need to try and transmit it, just shine. Light transmits itself, and life will receive it wherever there is an opening. Our job is to let go of our blocks to light, to be open and receive, receive, receive . . .


Contemplation for this New Moon in Scorpio

Come into the arms of your dear soul
rest a while here, breathing
the scent of sweet flowers
filling soft air.

Deep within, you are tired
but deeper still is the well of life.
Draw from the well, breathing
the dark colours up
into the light.

Heaven is here, that blue space
behind thinking and feeling and plans
and nothing external can stop you
from holding the angel hands.


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