Pisces New Moon – 20 February 2023

Self-care and appreciation precedes and supports spiritual love.


Pisces – ALL and no-thing – mentally ungraspable

.       Whatever and whoever has the Pisces quality will be impossible to pin down because, without clearly defined edges, that which inhabits Pisces could be anything – in truth it is nearer to its true identity, spirit itself. Imagine what you might want to be, imagine where you might go, what you might do, imagine the world, the community you would like to live in. We have had many opportunities over the last few years to inspect what we would prefer, and how unimportant preferences are when faced with losing what we value. In Pisces, everything is thrown into the pot – and we don’t know what the future is cooking! But on that subtle level, it’s our imaging skill that adds the flavours. If we put our hearts into what we value, we are adding our favourite flavour to the pot for the loved generations that follow us.

.       Each of us has different visions, which adds more variety, but let the flavour be all of the same quality, all with the same fundamental aim – towards love, light, friendliness, warmth between people, caring, compassion, community of spirit, fun, joy, happy children, open minds and hearts. It requires discipline to hold that vision, to keep the flavour good. The first part of this month can help us to build the vision.

Changes that have been coming – are here now

.       Meanwhile Pluto begins to leave his fifteen years in Capricorn by the end of this month. Moving much quicker, Mars will be completing Gemini this month. New and Full Moons emphasise any changes occurring at those moments, and these planetary Sign shifts are being emphasised for the whole of humanity. As a planet passes through the last degree of any Zodiac Sign, all we need to learn from that Sign’s quality, and haven’t absorbed so far, rises in the area of your birth-chart, the House, that the planet is transiting.

.       So we all have stuff to complete in the Houses where Pluto and Mars are changing Sign. The feeling is of inexorable movement into the next phase of evolution personally and worldwide. There’s not much more time to wonder what to let go, it will fall away as it dies regardless of our desires, insofar as it doesn’t match the times coming.

Self-care supports spiritual love

.       All this month, love is emphasised, love that stems from loving ourselves (Venus sextiles Pluto as she moves into Aries, at this New Moon). The indication is that we need to deliberately stand in the waterfall of love inside ourselves before trying to love others. Trying to love others first is depleting and ends in resentment and exhaustion. We must stand in our heart and receive the love that flows into us from ‘all-that-is’, letting it radiate out into the world without effort and without limit. It is nourishing rather than depleting, and leaves us fuller than before.

.       On the road to kindly self-care, we may find that we notice people ‘being selfish’ until we stop judging self-care as unnecessary. This month includes an encouragement to heal ourselves by letting such judgements go, and relaxing into an appreciation of our very aliveness, our own energy, our being-ness. (Jupiter approaches and passes Chiron in Aries.) Each one of us is a microcosm of the whole of humanity, and also just one person among millions; we are nothing of our small selves, and we are everything when all is encompassed. But that small self is life’s way of learning how to express spirit through humanity – we are each part of a great evolution whatever we do individually.

Bringing awareness of spirit into the ground

.       From the Full Moon on 7 March, the emphasis is on spiritual discipline, standing firm in one’s integrity, putting our finer being into our thoughts and words, all supported by daily meditation of whatever kind works for you. (On the day of the Full Moon, Saturn completes his two and a half years in Aquarius, and moves into Pisces.) This can easily feel as though all the rules so far in place begin to fade, or be questioned into foolishness, including our own. It can feel very unsettling, unstable, and for the part of all of us that worries about security, we could find it a very trying time – until we can tune into the larger view.

.       (Saturn moves as far as 7 Pisces in early May, when the Earth starts to overtake it, and it appears retrograde all the way back to the beginning of Pisces in early November, at which point it starts to go over that same 7 degrees again and we get to re-work what will be starting this March and April.)

.       Perhaps over the last few years we have been finding our true community, those who most nearly cherish our own values. Now is the time to really let go of what doesn’t work, and move more openly towards what feels right and supportive. The authority is shifting from outside government directives, to innerly felt spiritual contact. Obedience to the outside will feel more and more uncertain, while obedience to our own sense of what is right will feel more and more grounding and secure. The Earth herself is the true ground for our bodies; spirit itself is the true ground of our being. And being grounded in Earth as spirit is our personal responsibility.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Pisces

Find a tree,
stand in a forest
watch waves breaking on the sea shore.
All is movement, All is breathing.
Breathe and feel your inner ground
the point of stillness
within life’s flow.

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  1. Genie Lee February 18, 2023 at 6:02 pm #

    Thank you Margaret for your beuatifully inspiring understanding- Genie

  2. Paula Arnold February 19, 2023 at 7:36 am #

    Thank you for this. It says everything that rings true. Many blessings and love x Paula

  3. Christine Herrington February 19, 2023 at 9:45 am #

    A wonderfully inspiring projection of the way forward. Thank you Margret.

    Is it possible for you to post on your site or directly to me the meditation you read please? Chris

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