Aries New Moon – 1 April 2022

Burst forth upon the world, from the dark womb into light.
Open your eyes, but remember – the earth holds your roots.

Soul Astrology reads the chart from a soul perspective

.       Like the last New Moon chart, this one also has intensity in different signs without much to connect them with each other, different areas of life, each being managed independently. Of course every part of life affects every other to a degree, but for the moment we may feel we are juggling different important things in life, to find the time to deal with them all to the best of our ability. Let’s take the three major points one at a time:

Aries! Burst forth upon the world from the dark womb into light

Aries: Sun and Moon held closely between Mercury and Chiron. This time of the year is about thrusting into life from who we truly are. Aries can only be what it is, no defining limits because no relevant experience to meet the present circumstances. We have to be true to ourselves and move as our energy moves, in integrity. This is the way to find what’s really ‘out there’ and relate to it. We all know really what we think and feel, but we are afraid to let it show in case . . . Lots of things stop us, don’t they. Mine can be fear of standing out; it could be not wanting to hurt others; not wanting to feel criticised; avoiding other people’s emotions of anger, distrust, hate; fear of being wrong; falling short of our ‘personal best’; letting ourselves (ego) down. This could be the month when we just go ahead with being ourselves and discover it’s by far the most comfortable thing to do. All that stuff that stops us is what’s going on inside anyway, and much of it disappears as we go forward regardless. The Truth does free us – from our own nightmares.

You and me – kindness and action

Aquarius: Mars and Venus, either side of Saturn, are like the feminine and masculine traits endeavouring to stay in relationship in a controlled way, not too close but without loosing touch with each other. An interesting time in relationships, where we may be re-drawing personal boundaries, and learning to accept that the person we are relating to is definitely themselves and largely unknown to us! Careful, deliberate, and patient communication is definitely required.

May we be guided into the place of greater Being

Pisces: Jupiter with Neptune sextile North Node in Taurus: there will be only one contact between them this year, on 12 April. Jupiter opens up whatever it touches; Neptune dissolves all definitions; Pisces is the sea of all’ness that we swim in. This combination suggest an opportunity to become aware of what our soul, and every flower, knows – that all is deep flowing now of reality being. This can be our moment to reset our spiritual compass in line with the inspiration that directs humanity in its true evolution. We all need to realise that humanity is part of the natural Earth/Gaia energy (North Node in Taurus).

.       The last time Jupiter crossed Neptune’s path was 2009 in Aquarius. It went across three times, and the last one was exactly on the Capricorn Solstice 21 December 09. In true Aquarian style we have been growing towards a sense of the whole of humanity as a group that needs to work as individuals, not a mass. This year Jupiter conjuncting Neptune in Pisces is giving us one look to guide us in living as spirit manifesting as material, and this sets us up to be ready for the next contact they make in Aries in 2035.

Helpful empathy requires non-attachment

.       By the Full Moon we may be feeling this juggling act is all a bit too much! There’s managing relationships, and also claiming time for oneself, when the spiritual directive towards a natural life is claiming more attention than either ourself or the other. Empathy for the suffering of the world, and for individual people, may pull us away from sticking to our personal truth. It’s not just about being ‘awake or asleep’ to treachery, it’s also about people agreeing to different behaviours when faced with a very real difficulty. We will need to keep our boundaries clear in order not to feel our own energy draining away (Mars into Pisces).

.       We need also allow people to make their own decisions, staying in touch with where our friends are in their attitudes and experiences (Venus in Pisces sextile Mercury/Uranus in Taurus). All this may help us to allow personal pains to reduce in importance, as we deal with broader issues. Keeping a harmonious and balanced viewpoint will help us keep faith with the goal of sharing earth with all beings, even when circumstances seem to suggest it’s impossible (Moon quincunx North Node as Saturn square the Nodes).

. . . just a thought . . .

.       I have been asked a few times whether I had predicted the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but this is not the way I use astrology. The movement of the planets through our sky is a celestial mirror for us to better understand our earthly experiences. The indications can be calculated to an extent when following specific meanings and rules (as in horary astrology). But however clearly one may conjecture an event, it may or may not manifest in the way we project. My opinion about the ‘war’ itself is not part of my Soul Astrology take on life, apart from its place in the inexorable movement of human evolution. But I tend to think that politics is all organised on this earthly plane, and it’s not in anyone’s interest to have it get out of hand. It does though appear that, for decades, there’s been a war somewhere in the world, which would consistently benefit only those making vast profits by selling arms to both sides. The artificial boundaries always create hostility across borders, and wars have been provoked over recent years in underhand ways, one can almost imagine the question in pressuring quarters, where next? And it looks like the West has been steadily pushing towards Russia. Most recently, of course, we’ve had ‘threats’ of a common enemy worldwide, firstly CO2 gas, and now a ‘lethal’ virus. Those promoting weapons against these are looked on as saviours rather than war-mongers, as long as the whole picture is avoided, but perhaps the larger view would show the balances. But I don’t really know anything – these are just ideas and thoughts I’ve come across.

back to astrology

.       What I think we need to know and accept is that, as individuals, we don’t control any of this. Whereas, living ‘a good life’, expressing our potential, being happy and helpful actually makes a wonderful contribution to the whole at the level that tends to be forgotten. So let’s make the most of Soul Astrology perspective in the way that I do, by focusing on Jupiter over Neptune on 12 April, opening our hearts and minds to evolutionary inspiration, that it may filter through and guide our days. Let us open to the Light and Love that IS, so that we may be conduits for its flowing into this world.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Aries

Dear ones,
Take care not to judge.
When you can see further than now,
the pattern will become clear.
Your speculations are fine as long as
you reject nothing of all living
in this material vibration.
Be guided by your own highest yearnings
You will find that they lead you well
Your hearts know love
as the other half of daily living
Look in your morning mirror
and love the eyes that look back at you.

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