Taurus New Moon – 30 April 2022

Relax, feel and love.

Why take note of the New Moon?

.       The planets are moving all the time, relating to each other in changing ways in the natural ebb and flow of all things living. Planetary patterns are forming and separating, and the geometrical relationships will be amazingly pointed sometimes, and un-interestingly scattered at others. The Sun is the source of life on Earth, and the Moon mirrors our emotional ebb and flow. In the moment the Moon is re-inspired by the Source, the pattern suggests the flavour of emotional energy to unfold during the following month, setting the scene for our experience as personalities living an earthly life.

.       This month there are two very strong patterns in the New Moon chart involving almost all the planets. One pattern shows a sensitive generosity in our relationships, and the communication of what we feel. The other represents a growing awareness of connection with each other, humanity as a whole, and this Earth in the universe of time and space.

Communication of the indescribable
.       Venus in late Pisces, wedged between Neptune and Jupiter, sextiles Pluto who trines Mercury fresh into Gemini.

.       We are in touch with the outer reaches of understanding – of life, the universe and everything! The death and transformation that is on-going these days is accepted, welcomed even, and expanded towards. And this month, we open to the communication of what previously has been only felt, hoped for or feared, but beyond speech. It’s time to admit that we truly don’t know what’s next. There will be many different expressions depending on individual experiences and our diverse sensitivities. We need to accept them all, there is no ‘right and wrong’, there is just how things seem at the time. We need to allow ourselves and each other to be different today from yesterday, as our perceptions change. But we also need to keep each other in the loop; we are connected but we still need to communicate our experience because others’ experiences will be different – we can’t assume how others are.

‘. . . relax and float downstream’ – awake and free
.       Sun, Moon and Uranus sextile Mars in Pisces.

.       This month we can sense sustainable growth happening as Nature continuously lets go of each moment. People don’t do that perhaps because there’s too much mental activity as we consider our human needs ahead of time. When we relax, we allow life to flow. We breathe more fully, our body takes a little more space and uses less energy holding itself together, so we are more sensitive to what is working.

.       The body needs good energy, a readiness for movement, taut but not tense, awake and free. This month is a good time to practise relaxing from desires and fears, going forward open without particular expectations, flowing along – and receiving impressions from our surroundings, people and traffic, dogs and trees, the wind and weather. We feel what needs to be done and what doesn’t, so we can do what’s necessary with the least fuss.

.       This month, we are also more personally aware of the state of the world, tuning into the suffering and also the hope. So there’s a great need to remain relaxed but anchored in our own life, not to try to control what is beyond our scope. Being aligned in our core allows us to be relaxed and flexible in relating to the world. We allow everything to take its own course, and life knows so much better than our small self what is appropriate in its flow

Aquarian guidance
.       Last week Mercury squared Saturn, who now trines the asteroid Ceres (crops and food).

.       For the moment, the Aquarian ideals may guide, but this may be a difficult time to implement them. So problems around sustainable farming and food distribution may show up for the first week or so, without solutions. Any attempt to force a ‘right’ way onto the seething cauldron of change we’re in, could look like control which triggers a fight for freedom. This is why it’s important to allow all ideas to be communicated without judging or rejecting anything. Inner convictions need to be held lightly, and expressed without rigidity. Love is the guiding energy, expressing through gentleness, sensitivity and interest.

Letting go of everything that blocks light
.       Mercury is retrograde from 9 May till 2 June, and Jupiter enters Aries 10 May. At the Full Moon on 16 May, Sun and Moon both square Saturn, and Ceres is just into Cancer.

.       By the Full Moon on 16 May, much will have changed. Many people will be focussing on their own growth, and perhaps their own place in society as a whole. As many opinions as people are likely to be flying around, few of them really getting to grips with practical issues, but food production will likely be one of those issues. Some issues only receive communal focus when individuals feel their personal needs threatened. Personally and globally, we will need to look back and inward to find out how problems have arisen so that they can be understood and solved. Throughout this process, we need to be careful not to fix on blaming each other or the authorities for any problem we find ourselves dealing with. Blame tends to be a distraction, which slows down our learning and blocks solutions.

.       The strength of the flow of light into the material level is enormous. It’s always there, but at the moment the doors to awareness of it are wide open. Aligning ourselves with that love and light, and letting it flow through, will support us and our world whether we are directly involved with practical issues or not (Mars on Neptune in Pisces).

Love and fear of lack – balance human life

.       All manifestation is the play of light through the breathing of attraction and repulsion continually balancing each other. Unbalanced either way, the whole earthly experience can explode or implode, either overwhelm us or collapse. We need a certain insensitivity for material to be experienced as solid. In our humanness, we experience attraction as love or desire and repulsion as fear or hate. We tend to identify with either loving (and so expand generously) or fear of lack (and contract towards safety through control). Each position tends to judge the other as misguided or wrong.

.       The symbol of yin and yang shows the opposites weaving to and fro in life, held together in the still circle that contains all. The appropriate choice for humanity would be to recognise that we each have both polarities in order to be alive here, while endeavouring to accept it all, knowing that judgement comes from our very limited personality viewpoint.

. . . spirit expresses here as human . . .

.       It’s important to recognise the forces of love and fear of lack inside yourself, and hold the source of your reactions tenderly. Speak to your inner smallness always as your spirit would, kindly, lovingly, without judgement or criticism. Human life is often very hard, so smile gently when you find yourself behaving in unhelpful ways, and move on. This will allow your life to be and flow. And human life is our Earth and the entire Universe in all its diversity – colour, movement, growth, activity, birth-death, dappled light, trees, food, water, clouds, children, dogs, bees, flowers, soil, ground, mountains, volcanoes, fire, warm-cold, freshness, breathing, heart-beat, hugs, togetherness, love, being, manifesting . . . there is nothing to judge here. So let your heart expand to love it all, and break – open. Nothing will be lost. Only closing your heart against yourself or another brings shadows, and then the light diminishes over all – you have divided yourself from not just the other, but from everything.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Taurus

Wind and rain, sun and soil
change and growth, and fruiting
Nature energy ripples through the earth
stirring the oceans, the mountains, the clouds.
rainbows and ice-bows glitter the skies
and creatures massage the ground.
Be and stand
awake and alive
your human spine connecting
deep earth and wide universe,
observing with your heart and hands,
creating beauty with your love
love surrounding you.

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