Gemini New Moon – 30 May 2022

Breathe, and rejoice in diversity!


Gemini – breathing fresh air

.       A New Moon in Gemini is another opportunity for a fresh take on ‘life, the universe and everything’ through the next conscious breath, which is always new. Breathe out, and make your next breath the very first! Each breath we breathe reveals an unknown: we are uncoiling into the unknown all the time. And there are at least two sides to everything we encounter, everything we relate to. Relationship requires a sense of separate identity. We require time and space to live as humans – we need individual definition, even when that definition is constantly re-defined by events and reactions. Gemini is our natural ability to adapt, fuelled by its inclination to keep encountering more.

Gathering energy to leap forward

.       The midpoint between any two planetary positions speaks of a combination of their energies, and this New Moon works well with the combination of Mars-Jupiter and Chiron, all in Aries. So we’re beginning a month where issues around human autonomy are re-surfacing, after being buried for many people under their fear of pain and loss. Many individuals are remembering what they are capable of, what they would like to do in the world, maybe finding that their desires have subtly changed or even disappeared altogether. But even though they may need to explore new possibilities, they’re still likely to want to act according to their own lights, choosing according to their own priorities.

.       However, there is still the danger of getting into fault finding and blame, as we continue to search for how the present state of the world came about. Listen to what is said, without punishing the perpetrators or the whistle-blowers. None of our recriminations will help us to move forward, but they may help us to discriminate between what works and what doesn’t, to firm our grounding in what we truly value. Our best learning may be painful realisations, but we need to go through this stage before we are sufficiently awake and grounded enough to support forward movement. From 3 June, it will be best to let go of the ‘how did we come to this?’, and move forward with the ‘what do we do now?’ (Mercury squares Saturn in Aquarius while retrograding towards the North Node in Taurus until 3 June).

Whose authority do you give power to?

.       The Full Moon chart on 14 June shows that much of the anger about the past will have been recognised and aired. Maybe this will give more of us the impetus to rise up as individuals, rather than relying on everyone else to create the crowds and mass movements, thereby shifting our behaviour from Piscean amorphous drop-in-the-ocean to Aquarian individual member-of-the-group. This shift in allegiance from the authority of those who control the masses, to our personal inner authority, is perhaps the main thrust of the second half of this month (Mars energises Chiron in Aries, while Sun and Moon express retrograde Saturn in Aquarius).

.       This shift from Pisces to Aquarius could also show up in the area of people’s health. The Pisces way tends to depend on treating people as numbered masses with algorithms and graphs, as in what percentage probability a person has of suffering from something they haven’t yet got, and doling out the treatment regardless whether it’s appropriate for that person or not. With health issues, it would be more Aquarian to discover how a person is as an individual, how they feel, their particular symptoms, if they have anything that worries them, their home circumstances, what they themselves would prefer – the individual requires an individual solution.

So what can we change?

.       In all of these issues, it’s going to be important to bear in mind the huge background movement of revelation, destruction of the old, and transformation into whatever is next for Earth, and humanity as part of Earth. We need to do what feels right personally, while surrendering to the necessities we are subjected to. Change what we can, and recognise what we can’t. And pray for the wisdom to tell the difference! (Sun and Moon square Neptune).

.       Decide what we would prefer to do within the circumstances we find, and just go for it! As we do that, we need to be prepared to find out what really works for us, as well as for those we would help. And it’s not just getting back on track. There are changes beyond our control, like a new landscape to navigate. All sorts of ideas as to what might be appropriate now are brimming over, as we try to move into a new way of being in this world – but at least there is more openness in thinking and communicating about what’s possible (Mercury, having been across the North Node, now just into Gemini, trine Pluto). So the answer to the question What can we change? is to find out as we go along!


Contemplation for this New Moon in Gemini

Do not fear
you are easily good enough to be here at this time
doing what you do, and being your sweet self;
good enough to manage whatever comes,
enough to receive all things.
You have done no wrong, only made mistakes
appropriate to your level of understanding.
As your realisation deepens, widens,
you draw forth more wisdom from your depths.
You were born to grow
you are spirit in form,
more beautiful than any dream you might concoct,
and your life will continue unfolding
into the sweet moment of each
conscious breath.

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  1. Michele May 30, 2022 at 12:33 am #

    Thank you Margaret!
    As always your voice and energy are so soothing. I’m looking forward to the month ahead. Peace, Michele

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