Cancer New Moon – 29 June 2022

Your true home is the Source of All through your central self.

Cancer – the edges fluctuate, the real is whole and steady

.       Cancer represents our care for the well-being of others when we understand pain and emotional unsteadiness from our own experience. It is ruled by the Moon whose appearance to us changes constantly, whose orbit appears to be erratic from a small point of view. And yet the Moon remains in its orbit, a globe holding the space around the earth, shining as best it can the rays of spirit onto us from every sign in the Zodiac. It is constant in its nurture of Mother Earth, reminding us that we are never deserted by the light of the Source. That Light is always available if we will have faith in it regardless of how dark life may seem. It is our small point of view that ignores the steady wisdom of ancient historical experience, and throws up clouds of emotion to block the Moon’s light in our darkest hours. Night and day – ebb and flow. And the ocean is steadily what it is regardless of waves in a storm and tides up the beach, its enormity moved by the Moon.

.       So the main issue this month is about true autonomy, which is only real when it stems from our central identity as of spirit. Doing what the small self wants to do is not real autonomy because it is ruled by the depths of our historical experience, conditioning, needs and drives, which is all largely unconscious. Relating to everything from ones real true self, and not making it about the other person, group, or country, we are able to express our true spiritual identity through our personality by taking responsibility for all of our inner experiences. The Work is not about managing what happens to you or anyone else; it’s about what you make of it inside your own mind, emotions and body (Sun/Moon in Cancer square Jupiter in Aries, with Mars square Pluto).

Care for your inner child – or try to make others do it !

.       We cannot hope to master the unconscious depths of humanity’s history, growth and struggle, which each person contains generally and personally. But relating to it, and through it, is the required work as long as we choose to manifest a body of Earth. So we find in ourselves the shadow side of Cancer, the emotional expression that manipulates the behaviour of others, sliding into the control of others for the gratification of our own needs: any control of others’ behaviour showing up could be pointing to our reluctance to own the underlying emotion we feel at the time. Others’ reactions to any such behaviour is likely to be aggressively defensive this month and, if we are taking responsibility for receiving such a reaction, we can use this time to become aware of those deep emotions, traumas and conditioning that produce our behaviour, rather than getting into a fight.

.       It’s really important to become aware of our deep emotional needs at this time, as they will likely be the background to our communication in all relationships. All old stuff is likely to be rising when we try to explain ourselves to each other, because the general energy is encouraging spontaneous sharing of pain. The kind of fight that follows could very well lead to disruption of present arrangements (Mercury in Gemini sextile Chiron; Uranus on North Node).

Be open to discuss until a positive outcome shows

.       If there is disruption, the positive to be aimed for is the letting go of out-dated situations, making room for a truer grounding as we move forward. So it’s up to each of us to recognise when our own reactions are old traumatic left-overs. For example, rather than crying “It’s all happening again!” or “You always say that!”, perhaps try to explore reactions in a fresh light: “Why do I feel like this now?” or “What made you say that now?” Love will mitigate those effects (Venus sextile Jupiter in Aries).

Those healed have no fear – truly free

.       Healing is the return of self to centre, where all is held in light and seen steadily. The healing completes as we allow the old scars to disappear from our self-identity, and how we identify others. We will stop using our old pains as navigation tools for our present emotions. We are developing compassion for the wounded child within ourselves and any others involved in any past or present situation; so letting go of any blaming of self or others, letting go of fearing future repeats. Compassion dissolves all pain and anger in our present selves. The result of this work is the development of true autonomy as a full human being, one in touch with their spiritual presence, with no fear of whatever experience may unfold out of the unknown future – true freedom (Uranus conjuncts the Moon’s North Node in Taurus late July/early August).


Contemplation for this New Moon in Cancer

Listen for the call of your mother – Gaia calls,
she who brings Life through the love of the universe.
Listen to the silence – vast oceans of space
infinite breath of creation unfolding.
Come home through your opening heart
through the deep dark of endless before . . .
be your parents – spirit as earth.
Leave preference in the dust of potential,
no thing is certain, nowhere a place to rest.
Be here as spirit, watching
allowing, evolving
. . .

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