Leo New Moon – 28 July 2022

Keep and enjoy your heart’s vision, while negotiating necessity.

From its deep heart, the Lion roars with the joy of Being

.       This is a month for opening out, expanding horizons, breathing in Light and breathing out Joy! We may have been discovering many things about ourselves, our true feelings and desires, during the weeks before this New Moon in Leo, as emotions have been bubbling up from way past. Making our way through those old pains and traumas reveals the needs and desires underneath, so we become ready to stretch our being into more of our potential. As the Sun follows Mercury into Leo on 22 July, and the Moon joins them reborn on 28 July, the Leo heart is confirmed for the world throughout August. This month especially, we are encouraged to expand into more of our potential (this New Moon trines the expansive Jupiter).

.       Leo is symbolised by the Lion for the dignity of Self in all its innate power and strength. There is no need to use force in action to ‘make things so.’ Simply being oneself, present and honest from an open heart has the power of presence, which moves appropriately with what is. The inner Self expresses truth. What is needed arises, what is done happens smoothly. The smaller self, however, may exude a sense of entitlement and even arrogance. Without sensitivity, this power may ride over what feel like obstacles to its expression, not noticing the obstacles are other people. There is a need for the energy of the opposite sign, Aquarius, to balance Leo’s power with wisdom, bringing an awareness of others as equal in value even though they may lack Leo’s style and radiance. Leo awake to its true Self is a worthy and magnetic leader, imparting a sense of helpful positivity in all situations.

.       Not only are we being encouraged to BE our full selves, but opportunities will arise to ACT out of our new understanding, particularly through the first week (Mars conjuncts Uranus and the Moon’s North Node). This could lead to wonderful break-throughs, but it might be best to wait a few days before carrying out any projected action, because the heart’s first vision may go to our head, which could be at odds with physical necessity (Mercury in Leo squares Mars, Uranus and North Node). Our physical world takes a while to accommodate a vision sufficiently to manifest it safely, and there may be a need to let go of some treasured parts of the vision in order to manifest the newness it brings. We should be clearer about what is really happening after 4 August, a sense of being able to look at what is do-able, what is unlikely, and what is possibly just ahead of its time (Mercury moves into Virgo).

Letting go, to have the community we want

.       By the Full Moon on 12 August, we may have realised that this month will continue to rock our boats, shake our foundations, and offer wonderful healing and fun for those who are prepared to relax and accommodate whatever happens. The second half of the month may be more focused on the healing. Perhaps all this is about what we have to let go if we are to live well and happily in community. In a community that works well, what’s required is for each person to be responsible for their own inner experience and outer actions. We each need to give as much care, respect and kindness to others as we would like to receive from them (Sun trine Chiron, Venus trine Neptune, and Mercury trine North Node).

.       Yes, we also need personal freedom to choose, but our choices need to be based in the moment of our needs as part of the whole – not predicated on history, conditioning, personal desires, or obedience to an external authority. The knack is to go inside for instructions to a deeper wise authority, which will take account of far more than our small self may think fair. What we have to let go is our personal preferences, and focus instead on the wider situation. Can each one of us do this happily now? Is humanity as a whole ready to surrender the ease of the present time consumerism? Am I really ready to surrender my small self’s desires in order to fulfil my part in the kind of community I feel is ‘right’? One of the first sayings I came across when I began the path of self-unfolding was: ‘Shatter your ideals on the rock of Truth’ and as long as I don’t get upset about this, I find it wonderful advice. It’s my ‘hobby horse’ and my ‘soap box’ I have to let go of, the ‘bee in my bonnet’, my ‘sacred cow’ (Uranus on North Node, square Saturn). And as these things rise indignantly in me, I need compassion for myself, not defensiveness.

The bigger picture . . .

.       Strength and stability are to be found in the core self where we are ALWAYS at one, and in love, with the source of our being. Everything, all there is, is an outpouring of life, and is One. The aspect of our nature from which we are focussing determines what we see. From the spiritual perspective, life’s turbulence is simply the experience of focussing on materiality; spiritually it is peacefully contained and known, and it dissolves like mist from a spiritual focus. This is not about what you think, it’s how you experience life. How can we expect to mentally understand how it is with only a worldly focus!

.       An idea I heard recently and like is that, in these times, whichever scenario we follow or fear, the outcome is the same, already in place, just not manifested yet. So our best plan is to relax and enjoy where we are from the deepest place we can reach inside. At that deep level, we are all in it together, so helping each other be well and happy heals us all.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Leo

‘All is well’
You may tire of hearing these words,
but once you allow them truly deeply inside your heart
to settle down into your roots and feed you,
you will realise
that there is nothing to do but BE, and enjoy
the life you are living
as it unfolds.

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