Virgo New Moon – 27 August 2022

It takes many view-points to see in the round.

Virgo scans and considers before deciding

.       There is still huge emphasis this month on letting go, but also maybe a need for creating space in our lives for personal re-grouping inwardly. Virgo follows the Leo explosion of heart-felt feelings by drawing back into a more contemplative inner focus. There we can consider all aspects of a situation, what is background and what is useful, rather than just what had appeared at first, and so adjust attitudes and behaviour to suit circumstances (New Moon in Virgo). And we will be coming up against two challenges to the desired calm solution-finding – if we haven’t already met them.

1 Venus in Leo opposite Saturn, both square Uranus on the Taurus North Node

.       Venus represents the force of attraction, magnetic, loving – and can show as personally possessive. From Leo, we express all this in our relating through warmth, drama, generosity and power. And yet love needs to be more than personal when expressing in community, in groups, in families. Saturn in Aquarius shows the rules required in community – fairness, justice, respect. Saturn tells us that we need to share, that we need to love equally. But that just doesn’t fit with the way we feel about the people in our lives. However, we may be finding circumstances which call us to hesitate anxiously, perhaps having to consider losing relationship.

.       All this we are asked to notice and let be, but not to be ruled by any of it – because what is rising is the collectively accepted ‘normal’ reactions – the desire to express ourselves freely, spontaneously, versus the ‘shoulds and oughts’ of the past. The fact is we are all human manifestations of spirit. The Source pours through us when we open our door to it, and the love is there for everyone. This is what needs to guide our behaviour in the community we can be, but this will not happen until we can accept people’s differences, and let go of deciding what would be best for them, how they should behave, what they should think. Which brings us to . . .

2 Mercury in Libra trine Mars in Gemini, who squares the Virgo Sun/Moon

.       During the past couple of weeks, much love will have been expressed and shared. Possibly there are deep changes in our attitudes and thinking, maybe difficult to put into words at the time. But from this New Moon, communication becomes easier again (Mercury just into Libra). There will possibly be a rush to get the new dynamics in place, check that all is well. And you may find yourself a bit ahead of time, or possibly circumstances don’t allow for the connections to be made. One way or another, you may meet criticism head-on, or discover that things are not as you thought them, and consequently need to pull back and reconsider. Don’t be put off though! Sometimes necessary changes must be voiced even though we don’t necessarily like what we’re hearing. Whatever you find yourself saying or hearing, there is no need to rush into action. Be prepared to hear the dissenting voice, blow the whistle, and then step back and look at the other points of view. We need to look from every perspective available to see things in the round, and only then will we understand what actually needs to be done.

Dynamic communication, expressing gut feelings lightly

.       This month, the chart doesn’t change much for the Full Moon, but we are likely to be claiming more space in our relating. This is partly because we’ll be getting much clearer about what we actually need now, and what might have been claims from our un-met childhood. Instead, with a more calm and considered viewpoint, we realise that being appropriate to another person achieves a better understanding between us (Venus into Virgo). Having stepped back, we get to feel the benefit of the space we’ve made – a greater sense of autonomy, and a heightened sensitivity and empathy as safe to have (Uranus/North Node trine Sun in Virgo and sextile Moon in Pisces).

.       Mars energises the qualities of any sign and moves right through the Zodiac every two years. During those two years, it’s movement includes a period of 6 months retrograde. On 20 August Mars moved into Gemini, the sign of movement, thought and speech, and it stays there until late March 2023. So we have some time to discuss all the many things that, for one reason or another, have not been explored over the last several months. Gemini is an air sign, light and changeable, open to new ideas, and many viewpoints. In Gemini, we use language to communicate, so discussions are likely to be lively and possibly a lot of fun, depending on Mercury’s placing at the time. But the energy is like a breath of fresh air.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Virgo

Love that which is.
All else is illusion, a story.
Love accepts, receives, listens.
Love does not approve – that would be judgement.
Love does not improve – that would require rejection of what is.
Love does not interfere – expresses kindness and respect.
Love hums a little, touches gently, is there.
Be there with everyone, everything,
and you will experience truth,
joy and peace.

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  1. Susanna August 27, 2022 at 10:10 am #

    Thanks Margaret. This is so helpful, grounding and comforting. Very much needed in my life at present. The letting go part feels crucial along with the need for space I’ve been feeling for a while now. Love is clearly the key.

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