Pisces New Moon – 2 March 2022

If you are true to your own Self, you won’t be false to anyone else.
(mis-quoting Shakespeare)

.       We are focused this month on several different areas of life, perhaps with a view to sorting out each one first before combining them. So we may feel confused just now, finding it harder to hold them all in relationship with each other. Firstly, it seems clear to us that our own individual life is very important to us; and then, how we experience our relationships with other individuals affects our sense of belonging in the community; and also that how the community is organised impinges on our relationships. As those three layers are all undergoing fundamental change, we need to turn again to the experience, so easily forgotten, the life within which everything flows – through everything we think, feel and do.

1. The individual (Sun/Moon/Jupiter in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus)

.       The individual that each of us feels ourselves to be is actually spirit manifesting as a human being. As human, we seem to be separate from all other manifestations. So, in order to function well, I need to be aware of the individual equipment this human consists of; then I can make adjustments where appropriate to my surroundings. I believe my equipment was chosen by spirit for this life as a kind of toolkit for being what I came to be. There are physical abilities and needs, personality attributes, early conditioning and lurking unconscious reaction patterns – and all this affects and is affected by my experiences.

.       The point is that each one lives in their own world. Rather than thinking that what is happening in the world ‘out there’ is my experience, I need to remember that I can only experience anything through my individual toolkit. This New Moon is reminding us that in reality we are spirit manifesting a human life. Which brings us to . . .

2. Relationships (Venus/Mars/Pluto all together in Capricorn)

.       As the human race, we are realising that what we do affects what is outside growthfully or destructively. Individually, we are feeling a growing sense of personal responsibility for how our actions can affect others’ experience of life. What a joy to realise that, as spirit, we can moderate our responses to those close to us in such a way that relationship becomes supportive where it had been a problem.

.       We tend to stay in a chrysalis of old expectations, as though things have to continue the way they’ve been so far. But this month, there is focus on actually making the changes required to break out of that pattern, and we need to remember that it’s not about changing the other, those changes need to be made by ourselves.

3. Community (Mercury/Saturn together in Aquarius)

.       Communication, news, meetings – all about stuff happening ‘out there’. People can be talking ‘humanitarian’ principles, but deciding from that position what is and is not acceptable in the world. Judgements are made about how countries or societies or groups (other people, that is) should behave, how they need to be organised, coerced, punished, prevented, focused, driven, shamed – anything that would control behaviour to keep the majority – or the minority – safe. Bearing in mind that we only experience anything inside ourselves, it’s perhaps a good idea to regard any outside information as just what someone is saying for some reason that we cannot fully know.

.       What do I really know if it’s not happening locally to me? Who can I really trust? How do I know which of the sources of world information is trustworthy? Which newspaper do I choose to read, which news source do I trust, which country’s leader do I believe? Knowledge is not about proved information, it is accrued through experience. So, listen to it all, or as much as you feel moved to receive, and act according to what you feel inwardly is right and appropriate for yourself. Join groups, sign petitions, whatever really suits you, but stay with what you truly value, resistant to outer pressure, dogmatism, blindness, and other people’s motivations.

.       Come back inside – trust yourself, speak only what you know, admit when it’s what you believe but don’t actually know. From where we stand, something may look a particular way, but may well look different from another perspective. This outlook grows integrity and wisdom. Mercury/Saturn energy in Aquarius supports standing true to yourself, and getting organised, knowing your needs and boundaries. In fact, taking full responsibility for your own experience, and acting accordingly.

Spiritual wholeness (Jupiter in Pisces approaching Neptune by mid-April)

.       This month kick-starts us into a period of spiritual growth if we will begin by going inside. Confusion can result from trying to understand something that is beyond where we are, and if we relax, it offers fertile ground to grow what we choose now. So soften any attitudinal edges, relax the shoulders, and appreciate your body’s continual willingness to be. Allow life to flow while you breathe gently, feeling your spiritual life within as part of the wholeness of Being.

Through the Aquarian door

.       In the middle of December 2020, an energy doorway was opened up to a new way of being in community (Saturn and Jupiter both moved from Capricorn to Aquarius).
.       On the 6 March, we are invited to walk through that doorway personally, encouraged to make Aquarian relating a reality in our daily lives for the rest of this month (Mars and Venus enter Aquarius together). This will stretch our ability to take personal responsibility for our own experience, not to blame another for any pain we feel, nor judge another’s behaviour. When we take care of our own space in this way, we are open to understanding the other. Our relationships become adult, with deeper loving and more space.

The pieces come together

.       Unlike the New Moon chart, the chart of the Full Moon on 18 March is full of connections between the different areas of life. So from mid-March, we will be better prepared to discuss sensitively the space that Aquarian relating requires, and finding the necessary practical changes acceptable. There may well be sticking points as each of us decide what we need for our own wellbeing, and find that the other’s requirements are not the same. Time for another sensitive discussion! And all this will be happening on a global level as well, between nations in relationship, in struggles wherever intentions and hopes are at loggerheads. (Mercury in Pisces sextiles Uranus, while Pluto sextiles Sun and trines Moon)

.       The point at this time for humanity is for all hidden underlying feelings, thoughts, desires, resentments, unmet needs, all to come up to be seen, acknowledged, and allowed to be whatever they are (Moon’s Nodes direction from Scorpio to Taurus). When what has been hidden is known and allowed, the intensity that has built up can disperse, and the energy that held it will transform it naturally, becoming free to move on to present practical issues.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Pisces

What do you value?
Then give that your attention
because what you attend to is what grows
and this is a time of limitless growth.
Attend to your own inner self
and you will grow
to the steps on your path
towards the vast knowing of your heart
There is no end to achieve – growth is what it is
and spent leaves fall to the ground
But think not that you know life’s purposes
the truth is continually revealed
only as you realise it.

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