Aquarius New Moon – 1 February 2022

Set your compass beyond the stars, and follow your path day by day.

Aquarius is one sign of twelve – not heaven!

.       All through 2021, the expansive energy of Jupiter moved through Aquarius, encouraging the development of the finest human archetype, perhaps we could say the Aquarian Human Being. The Age of Aquarius will last over two thousand years, so there’s plenty of time to develop these qualities so that they overtake the animalistic fear of not surviving. Last month, the discussion was moving between this development and the ground that will support it, the ‘ground’ being our accepted structure of law and finance.

.       The first half of this month focuses on changes to the ‘ground’ that enable it to be supportive for the future, rather than wobbling around like it’s been doing (Mercury over Pluto in Capricorn again). From the Full Moon, we will be focused on what needs changing in our own assumptions and previous modes of relating (Mercury into Aquarius 14/15 February, while Venus and Mars continue through Capricorn).

The Aquarian standing on Capricorn’s foundation

.       If the future human being is the subject for discussion in Aquarius, Capricorn is the endeavour to set the ground steady so that ideas can be put forward without fear distorting our vision. If we are opening doors and growing into our potential, we can see the virtue of open-heartedness in human relating, from which stems compassionate caring and responsibility. There is an uprightness, a clarity of vision, enabled by lack of fear, a natural desire to be helpful from an inner sense of balance and connectedness with the human family. When we feel able, and free, to take care of ourselves, we naturally want to take care of others.

.       The alternative to this true human happens when we shut ourselves in a box of fear and express aggressive survival behaviour and judgements on others. Preaching isn’t helpful either, when it contains judgement! Remaining balanced as we stand on the tipping point also requires humility and humour. I notice that, like the word ‘human’, both these words start with an outbreath, a relaxation, a letting go – letting go of pride and of knowing what’s right, and any sort of rejection, are also part of the Aquarian human.

Personally looking at the Universe

.       The chart of this Aquarian new moon is very striking in that the Moon and all the planets are on one side, which means that the little Earth is looking at them all clustered around and beyond the Sun. So, if we look in the other direction, there is nothing between our sense of ourselves and the great cosmos, alive, full of potential and conscious! I hope humanity feels seen and known, and part of that great mystery of ALL.

.       The Moon, moving fast as it does, will be on the same side as Earth through the middle of February, between Earth and all that cosmic power. When the Moon is Full in Leo on 16/17 February, we will be particularly open to unconscious influence from the power of cosmic necessity affecting our choices even as we think we’re operating with autonomy.

.       How does all this translate into the personal? What are we to do on a daily basis? Perhaps it’s a call to sit inwardly and face the universe of stars, without for a moment thinking that we understand it ALL. To be humble, to let go of our bits and pieces of meaning and purpose, and allow LIFE to unroll what it has in store. This is the way to truly experience the moment, to be ‘in the NOW’. Letting go of the past means not having a framework to hang our perceptions on. It’s the only way to truly see what’s here. Once we have acknowledged the hugeness and inexorability of life’s power and movement, perhaps we can recognise better what may be truly valuable in our lives as they are.

Discover your personal way of loving

.       Facing the cosmos with nothing to hide behind could be terrifying! But only for the small self who cannot feel love in their heart. So look for the love in your heart. When you express that love in the world, it probably has the flavour of your astrological Sun Sign. So, Aries loves with passion that flames up in bursts and energises; Capricorn loves with a steady competent quality that holds; Virgo loves with intent to relieve suffering and heals. Find your way of feeling love and let it be part of how you relate to your passing day, people and events. Only when you find love in your own heart, are you able to feel the love that is being given to you. So along with the loving comes trust, and that is the source of the wings that lift you, and fly you through difficulties. The small self, which most of us experience most of the time, may continue to feel terrified by the hugeness, but the presence of our greater self recognises the presence of ALL. Those loving ‘wings’ are our own and we are flying home.

.       This month, it is the steady holding quality that is powered up and changes things (Venus over Mars, and Mercury with Pluto, all in Capricorn). We’ll be re-thinking the role of responsibility in our actions, maybe finding different more appropriate solutions, maybe including the skill of truly responsible lawyers, researchers, and so on. Information will be rising that encourages the expression of inclusive love, a behaviour of caring for everyone and everything. Definitely change is required, and we need to be open to our inner spiritual promptings to help us choose well (Uranus in Taurus trine Venus/Mars, all sextiling Jupiter in Pisces).

Full Moon – 16 February

.       Around the middle of February, the communication tone changes to searching for a ‘right’ way to include everyone’s needs (Mercury into Aquarius, Venus conjunct Mars). Some people may feel that future dreams can be brought into the present in one move, rather than letting them guide us. Our hearts need to be open to unfolding potential, but not celebrate that potential as manifest – just yet (Moon in Leo quincunx Pluto). Otherwise disappointment in a sense of failure could tarnish the dreams, when in fact as guiding stars they help us to make right choices, to stay on course.

.       Hold the Light! Do the work that comes to your hand. Be open to whatever is revealed to you, awake to discriminate according to your highest principles. In other words, keep your compass steady towards your ideals, but your behaviour appropriate to where you find yourself. In the spatial 3D world, it takes time to manifest, and we cannot predict how much time. Through and above all this, love others and enjoy yourself – what’s happening is happening, it’s how we are with it all that matters.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Aquarius

Fear not the rushing wind of change, nor yet
the vast and ‘empty’ inner space.
The ALL awakes and lives as you – look deep
within each living human face.

The morning of your soul is always close,
it never sleeps nor lacks a sun to rise –
behind your breastbone waits the loving Source,
be here and open inner eyes.

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  1. Cheryl January 31, 2022 at 2:36 pm #

    Profoundly perfect.
    Deepest Gratitude.

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