Gemini New Moon – 10 June 2021

When pondering possibilities, take necessity as well as inclination
into account, and allow beauty and joy to arise spontaneously.


Gemini – the world of movement, the changing moment

.       Gemini is about movement, physically our body’s activity in the world, and mentally in thought and communication. At least two of anything is necessary to move between, while more than two brings variety, which is life-blood to ideas and conversation. So when nothing appears to be changing, our small egos can feel stuck, and want something new as diversion or entertainment, or just something else to do. But of course in this earthly life, everything is changing all the time! In fact, what we really need to be finding is the still point within the whirling thoughts that accompany us all the time. (Mercury, representing our mental energy, sits on this New Moon in its own sign of Gemini, trine Saturn in Aquarius).

The still silent centre is nourishing

.       The little ego is not interested in finding that still point, not because it will have to change, but because, when we find ourselves there, ego disappears . . . There is no need to look for that stillness, it’s always available in the present moment. We are more open to it when we listen attentively as a balance to talking, or receive gratefully to balance giving, or rest in being rather than doing all the time. We need to stop! Stop rushing about, stop wanting to be somewhere else or have something else to be happening – relax the face and shoulders, breathe, and drift into the centre of the whirlpool. Resting there in the breathing body, we are nourished, there is silence – even if only for a moment – rest . . .

.       Coming back from that place, each thing we do feels new, we see more in every little thing, we have the opportunity to experience our everyday lives differently. We realise that it’s all changing, on the move, evolving along a path with an unknown destination. This month, let’s be aware of the still point at the centre of the movement of all life, and know that we are all One in that stillness (North Node, humanity’s ‘collective destiny’, also in Gemini from early 2020 until the end of 2021).

Imagine multiple possibilities rather than specifics

.       This is an emotional time, as was last year, but the waves of emotion passing through humanity are different as we find our feet in unknowing: discovering that we can survive with less clarity about the future than we had supposed we needed. Fear tends to fade into acceptance over time, so grief and anger have more space to arise. But throughout this month and into July, we are continually called to think things through, take necessity as well as inclination into account. Whatever future events we may be contemplating, alone or with family and friends, imagining ahead with pleasure and constructive ideas will be more useful than trying to negotiate obstacles ahead of time. We need to listen as we go along, and leave lots of room for adapting to unforeseen changes, and allow manifestation to unfold towards our desires over time.

.       It is most appropriate to enjoy the day that’s happening, making the most of every encounter, and using personal time to sort out one’s own space. The Full Moon chart of 24 June shows the possibility of really understanding our situation in all its confusing aspects, the personal and the global. Information about what’s been happening over the last year or so is already surfacing for discussion, and more will arise. As we face the many aspects of ‘lockdown’, including locking down contradictory news and health remedies, there will be thoughts about how best to organise our communal lives in future. We are going through a time of huge change worldwide, and we need all the information available so that we can make an informed choice as to how we want our world to be – by the end of this year, that way may well be set (Mercury on the North Node trines Saturn as he squares Uranus for the second time of three; while Neptune trines Venus as Chiron trines Mars).

Major directives in these times

.       Let go of what leaves you, what is no longer relevant – pass it on, recycle it. Let the thoughts of past ‘wrongs’ disappear, along with old disappointments, blaming, and feelings of guilt. You can see what has no life when you stop giving your worry-energy to it. The past is living in you already insofar as you have been changed by it, there’s no need to continually re-manufacture anything.

.       And allow yourself to discover that central still point in you that breathes continuously. Listen to the silent space, which is untouched by thoughts, ideas, movement of any kind, yet magnificently real, vast, the presence that everything is – it is a gift for you, not a demand you must achieve. Know that you are that presence, and be that as yourself in the world.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Gemini

Be comforted, there is nothing real to fear,
and there is much beauty to share.
Let go your anxiety, your clinging to shadows,
let them go.
The sun, the wind, the trees, ARE.
And your self IS just as much.
What can be more important than being the being that you are
in every moment of your day, and
as your body sleeps, returning to the Source.
Let this be your focus –
you are the universe in all its complexity
and you are One in all simplicity.

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