Taurus New Moon – 11 May 2021

Love the earth as yourself, your own body.

Caution! – be aware what you plant

.       It seems that we give strength to what we focus on. We direct our energy along our line of attention towards whatever it is, giving that thing a boost of growth. Every little thought will naturally grow larger, and flower and fruit, as we rain time and concern over it.

.       This month, more clarity is available, partly because we will be more focused on how we are relating personally to our present circumstances. The empathic amongst us tend to go along with others in a bid for peace ‘If you’re happy, I’m happy’; they will be more inclined this month to say No, until they have discovered what they really want and would prefer. Others will be discovering exactly how the world is affected by them, becoming better able to see what drives their expression.

.       We tend to allow ourselves to be distracted from growing self-awareness. But each one of us is firstly responsible for our own physical presence in this world of form. Our reality is rooted in the body. Without our bodies, and the felt emotions, being truly available to us, we are not capable of being appropriately responsive to our surroundings. We have primarily only our own senses to inform us, so clarity and personal honesty in communication is key this month. (Mercury/North Node in Gemini, sextile Chiron and trine Saturn)

Taurus – we grow in the same way nature grows

.       The natural cycle of growth is seed to sapling, flower to fruit, eventually to completion, and decay supporting new seed. Everything in the material world needs to follow this cycle, if continual growth is required. Only by re-cycling resources we can learn to expand/grow and contract/limit, rather than continually expecting to expand. The expansion would be of consciousness rather than possessions, the identification with unchanging spirit rather than dying body.

.       Our body is our piece of the earth, embedded in the world of nature, and presently, through its intuitive responses, we are being informed of what it is that we need to address, what to correct up and what to let go. This is a good time for discovering what unconscious behaviours are at the root of surface problems. The difficulty will be admitting to past errors, and reconciling ourselves with what changes would help our life’s natural flow; but, if we pay attention and don’t put off trying out new ways, we will find a wonderful change becoming possible and manifesting beyond our gloomy predictions. (Sun/Moon in Taurus, sextile Neptune and trine Pluto)

.       These days, we are not in command of the rules and regulations that govern our outward activities, so it is our personal lives that we need to focus on. The hurdles presenting themselves to us will be around a sense of loyalty to our past beliefs – after all that’s how we have come to identify ourselves. This includes how we were brought up, those early pains of it that we’ve used as excuses for our less than useful habits; and how we hold tightly to the beliefs of a loved parent, and so on. If we decide to speak out our truth, without checking the opinions of others first, we could face the fear of being rejected or ignored by our friends or neighbours. (Mars in Cancer squaring Chiron, while sextiling Uranus who squares Saturn)

The ocean of life – inclusivity

.       Our beliefs are not who we are. Throughout this month, if we follow our deepest yearning for universal happiness and well being, we will be learning more about our deep, unconsciously held, motivating impulses, so our expressions will be morphing as we go along. Who we really are is the deepest of all, that root leading into the source. For the rest of May through June and July, there will be available a taste of the wonderful vastness that opens to us when we include all ideas and beliefs, all beings, all expressions of life, in our view of spiritual reality.

.       From the June Solstice until mid-October we may be tempted to give up as the future possibilities appear to recede . . . But from August through the rest of the year, we will need to be grappling with important societal decisions, while 2022 will ask us to hold the spiritual view as the necessary backdrop. Our problem is going to be staying focused, withstanding distractions, recognising false stories. Generosity and kindness will guide us in choosing the way to go, and we will each need to remain connected with our own truth, especially as felt in the body. (Jupiter in Pisces retrograde from 20 June – completing Aquarius)

We are all equal in value as expressions of spirit in form

.       By the Full Moon on 26 May, forward movement may have begun slowing down while we work to reconcile what is said with what is felt. This goes for social media as well as close friendships. It is a test of wisdom to be able to separate the love you may have for people from what you think of their ideas and beliefs. Remembering that we are all struggling, all works in progress, allows humility to soften our words, so that the apparent gaps between us remain cross’able when need arises. (Mercury/Venus square Neptune while Mars trines it; and planets retrograde: Saturn 22 May, Mercury 29 May, Jupiter 20 June)


Contemplation for this New Moon in Taurus

All things are still possible when Light shines
through a rising heart onto an open mind
Good seed ideas are planted among the weeds of heavy thought.
You will know which seeds they are
by how you feel when contemplating them.
Joy is the guide
not how fast they grow or how pretty they are.
Only your heart’s joy will grow what you deeply desire.
So cultivate joy, and be nourished.

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