Cancer New Moon – 10 July 2021

Gently, kindly, move along through the days trusting there are no mistakes, and that all is well, at home in the great family of souls.



.       It is extraordinary from an earthly point of view that the relationship of planets and Earth could reflect experienced circumstances in our daily lives – until we remember that we are not saying anything about what is ‘out there’ but only what it all looks like from here. In any moment, everything is one. Each item contains whatever truth there may be of that moment. The meaningfulness of any chosen moment is found in the mind of whoever is looking with the intuiting skill and experience to read whatever that moment reveals to them.

.       The New Moon chart tells us of a new beginning for the Sun’s light reflected back to us from the night of our unknowing: how it grows from that first seed of potential consciousness into a fullness of realisation, and expresses itself until fading at the end of the month. First, I will introduce the major patterns in this chart, and say what attitude they suggest to me would help us navigate the flow of energy we experience. Then I’ll share the ideas that arrived from contemplating it all.
There are four major patterns, and a direction:

1 The Sun/Moon in Cancer trine Neptune is asking us to trust spirit and let go of whatever divides and separates us from each other and the rest of the planetary family of Gaia.

2 Mercury in Gemini trine Jupiter in Pisces is encouraging us to open our minds to more ideas, which necessitates releasing any judgements we have been developing.

3 Venus/Mars in Leo, opposite Saturn in Aquarius and trine Chiron in Aries is showing a strong emphasis on relating with love and joy, maybe in the face of restrictions, through a sense of personal pain that may have been triggered and building up.

4 Saturn continuing to square Uranus is the backdrop to the re-kindling of our emotional by Cancer’s nurturing and care, forcing us to recognise and express our needs and frustrations.

5 North Node in Gemini/South Node in Sagittarius indicating humanity’s collective path communicating as needed, from a sense of the bigger picture.

Now I’ll share the ideas that arrived from contemplating the shift of Ages, Pisces to Aquarius.

Choice is a human gift

.       There are many different stories being told about what is happening in the world these days. What is important is that each individual locates for themselves a sense of truth within them. If only one story is totally emphasised and others hidden, individuals have limited choice, and their inner feeling sense of what is true for them cannot be easily exercised. Without exercise, an innate sensitivity atrophies or becomes dormant. The exercise of choice as to what to think and do is necessary for human beings to be truly in the moment of themselves – Self-conscious.

Pisces authority is spirit itself

.       The alternative to individual choice is the old Pisces Age picture of the shepherd and the sheep, where sheep are taken care of, and can end up being either corralled or outside the ‘safety net’ unless the caring is spirit-lead. There we have the choice to fear whatever is ‘outside’ or to fear being trapped in the net. Where only one story is expressed, the only choice is either to obey the dictates from some place to which we have given authority or that we fear, or not to obey and be labelled antagonistic, conspiracy-theorists, ‘anti-vaxers’, and so on – receiving the painful attack of others’ fear and blame. During the Pisces Age, the appropriate authority was spirit, or God, and any earthly authority figure needed to express that power, or they were actually usurping it. The opposite sign is Virgo, indicating the style of service through negating the small self for the ‘good of all’.

Aquarian authority is in each awake individual

.       The Age we are moving into next, offers an Aquarian picture, which can be ‘freeing’ or ‘regimented’. The regimented picture comes about when individuals behave like the Pisces masses in bowing to an authority outside themselves of a Leo dictator-type – Leo is opposite Aquarius – instead of staying with their own authority within their own Leo-hearts. Those in authority make regulations that enable them to organise everyone else. Because the Pisces influence is fading, there can be no spiritual basis for such a structure, so to chorale the small selves, they are promised the reward of earthly comfort and thereby happiness.

.       The freeing picture is of many different people with different understandings, pooling their discoveries respectfully, and coming to a concerted agreement. This agreement includes space for regular adjustment to accommodate new ideas and realisations as they come along. This is not one path for all as a highway pushed through a jungle of unknowns, but a weaving of paths whereby the jungle becomes known, and thereby habitable, without destruction. Each individual is encouraged by the rest to share their discoveries, their personal experience and feelings. We are all listened to, and we all listen to others. Then we can each recognise what feels true for us individually and choose personal integrity courageously. Before choosing anything, each one in Aquarius consults the authority of their own heart. This approach serves the spirit in all by staying with the spirit in each one.

The spiritual view: caring for all – as it is!

.       From the point of view of the Cancer New Moon itself, there is no problem. We need only allow our habits to dissolve, in order to discover how to live with what truly is (Sun/Moon trine Neptune opposite Pluto). From this perspective, it’s our assumed beliefs and the judgements we make from them that shroud the beauty of the world, hiding from us the inner presence of all we relate to. The ‘problems’ are ideas, and they arise from our limited perception and understanding of what things are. As our daily life is lived at the level in which problems are created, so we cannot solve them at this level. To quote Einstein: We ‘can’t solve problems with the mindset which created them.’

.       If we truly lift our viewing point to a broader more inclusive view, everything looks different. Broader and more and more inclusive: and then we see and understand that all things are just in the process of life – growing and changing, living with dying and being re-born – there is no problem. The question is how to maintain contact with that truth in the face of our small self’s remembered story of its experience.

.       Perhaps the way to hold all this together is live day by day, gently and kindly to ourselves and others, trusting all is an expression of spirit whether we recognise that or not.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Cancer

Trust the vastness of the unknown to be in the hands of Love.
Trust that the Sun will rise whether you see that rising or not.
Trust that your heart will beat and your lungs will breathe
as long as your soul needs to be on earth
in this lifetime your spirit has chosen.
Trust that all is, and will be, well
beyond your knowing what ‘well’ may look like.
And above all Trust your sweet self
that you do and be exactly what fits perfectly
into the great weaving of moments throughout your life.
There are no mistakes in spirit,
only lessons to learn.
Despair is only one of the many emotions
of which the human being is capable.
Let it flow through you and out into the mighty river-flow of life
allowing another to flow in.
And trust that you are truly spirit, unchanged
container as well as contained
in Love.

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  1. Jan Gray July 12, 2021 at 10:50 am #

    Thank you so much for such wonderful insights to help guide me through this month.
    So grateful for all you put into your beautiful new moon recordings & letters Margaret.
    Heart & soul filled thanks

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