Pisces New Moon – 13 March 2021

Let the squeeze of the birth canal push you out
into a new world – let go and be born.

Pisces – humanity’s womb

.       We are all now in the midst of transformation, and we feel that (Sun/Moon/Neptune/Venus all sextiling Pluto). The birth at this point is definitely happening on the inner planes, vast and undefined, but in the material plane we are experiencing the squeeze of the birth canal where we tend to try and force the necessary changes whatever those may be. Part of our difficulty is not knowing clearly what those changes are to be, and, whatever principles we espouse, we are likely to fear they will be violated (Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus).

.       This could be the paradox of birth where the constriction of the birth canal promises future freedom – a baby needs to relax and conserve its strength throughout the labour, allowing its shape to adapt as necessary. What do we know, stuck largely in situations we cannot individually change? There’s no way out except to surrender to the movement and allow ourselves to be born into whatever world we find. We may not appreciate having to accept restriction as the midwife (Chiron in Aries sextile both Saturn and Mars); we may want to stay in the womb of past friendships (Venus and Sun in Pisces with Neptune). By the Full Moon on 28 March, we will probably be seeing things differently.

Full Moon in Libra – diplomacy versus people-pleasing

.       By the 28 March, the Aquarian principles will become clearer, of freedom to be uniquely oneself while respecting other people’s equal freedom (Saturn sextile Sun/Chiron/Venus in Aries). All this is softened by the Moon shining kindness on the scene from Libra. While accepting the need for structure, there is a strong impulse to communicate about it all before decisions are formalised (Moon trine Saturn, both trine Mars on North Node in Gemini). For this to work well, it is essential that we speak from a sensitive, empathically intuitive position, rather than just being woolly in our thinking, or trying to cover over the deeper issues (Mercury/Neptune in Pisces square Mars). When in doubt about what to say, pray! And let openness and good intentions work through you (Jupiter rules South Node in Sagittarius, Mars on North Node in Gemini).

Choose what is most deeply meaningful

.       Overall, I think this month is an opportunity to make the break from all that you’ve been hanging onto that you know is really stunting your joy, or keeping you smaller than you are. The truth is that we restrict ourselves by what we have already decided is necessary or desirable, and often by how we relate to others, and who we spend time with. Perhaps this time is enabling us to discover who and what we truly love. Maybe we can each let go of whatever does not have true deep meaning for us, so that we approach our new birth awake and open to receive.

Stop facing darkness if you want to see light

.       True love accepts the other without judgement, and we can only do this if we’ve stopped judging ourselves. Similarly, we can only truly give when we are able to happily receive. Emotions are an expression of the world through the human system. We react to things negatively sometimes; when we hold onto that emotion, it turns into a grievance and, as A Course in Miracles reminds us: ‘holding a grievance, I hide the light of the world from myself’. As we allow emotions to arise, and flow through into the past, we are in touch with the movement of change, and naturally adapt and adjust our movement to live appropriately to the time.

.       The first half of the month, up to late March, could be our time to discover what we love and gives us meaning, through introspection and meditative contemplation. And the second half, into April, we can share what we have found. This month is not so much about new growth, as recognising who you have already grown into. Owning up to who you have become involves adjusting life-style, letting go of old attitudes that no longer serve you, and expressing yourself fearlessly. After all, isn’t the worst criticism we experience always what we say to ourselves inside!


Contemplation for this New Moon in Pisces

Above all allow your emotions to flow through –
they were never meant to stay.
You turn them into sticky attitudes that cloy your vision –
and wonder why you can no longer see
what is so clear.
This world is beautiful, created by you in your joy.
It makes no sense through the eyes of greed and fear.

Recognise your body is made of the same stuff
as trees and cows and butterflies.
It really is all one – don’t fight it,
rejoice and treasure it

One Response to Pisces New Moon – 13 March 2021

  1. Sally Whitman April 1, 2021 at 8:44 am #

    Thank you so much for this month’s reading, Margaret. I normally only read the report but today I listened to your video and it really deepened the meaning and included some different perspectives.
    I recently took out the notes from our last reading some 2 or more years ago and now feel very drawn to reading them again.
    P.s I am the lady with the altered face to whom you said that although I can’t make a full smile you just see the side that’s moving towards a smile. That helped me so much. With thanks and love, Sally

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