Aquarius New Moon – 11 February 2021

Do not expect Aquarius perfection at the beginning of this Age

focus on not losing centred Self in the Pisces mass.


Expanding into Aquarius

.       The lockdowns are whatever they are for you, and they offer spiritual gifts. But, as with all spiritual gifts, we still have to put work in to receive them! The offer at this time is that, as much as we work inwardly to know, and also accept, ourselves and allow the apparent outside to be what it is, we will be helped to grow in leaps and bounds. It’s like climbing an escalator that’s going steadily up already. Let go and achieve what you can without strain, for it is not meant to add pressure but to help us remove the pressure from ourselves, and allow the river of time to take us. To do this, of course, we have to let go of any expectations we have as to how ‘things should be or turn out’. We have to let go of our personal hopes and preferences, which may in fact be counter to other people’s spiritual needs, or even counter to the necessary Aquarian inflow.

.       ‘Accepting the apparent outside’ has several stages: seeing it as apparent to ourselves is major, containing the acceptance that what’s outside us doesn’t look the same to everyone, and we don’t have exclusive rights to what’s true. So we need to accept that whatever is true just is, even though we may not see it – this removes a lot of struggle. Acceptance itself does not mean approval: approval refers to the position we take from our ego’s standpoint. We need to have an ego to function in the world, but it’s important to spot when we are backing an ego position. We naturally have preferences according to basic essential character and upbringing and a host of other inputs – our preferences are not ‘wrong’. But they are not relevant to other people, and we need to keep our energy for what serves the whole, as well as ourselves (Saturn in Aquarius sextile Chiron in Aries). Often practical efforts to help someone can belittle their own efforts. What can be more helpful is encouragement to do what they are trying to do, and applause for their successes – cheering the runner on from the sidelines.

.       To find that inclusive view, we need to go into the heart: try closing your eyes now and going into your heart in a single breath in and out – and if you’ve time, let the second breath show you how your heart expands. As you continue to read this, allow that expansion to spread through your being, and beyond. Then let life become simple: when you feel tired, rest. When hungry, ask your body what it wants to absorb – don’t be distracted by your mouth, which would consume the world! When you need contact, reach out from your heart . . .

‘Alone’ is an illusion of freedom – ‘lonely’ is an illusion of abandonment

.       The way our human life is just now is showing us that we are not separate. To claim space for oneself for a moment is an illusion. We are all swimming in the same emotional/mental soup, and the soup of human energy is part of the biosphere of earth. We are not separate. As the soup is being stirred these days, we may feel our individual emotions swept up into the emotional turbulence of the watery aspect of being – a storm at sea (Mars sextile Neptune in Pisces). As it manifests on the material plane, it can feel like a madhouse, where no one knows the rules. Those who know what they want and have the freedom to take it, will do whatever they may. And in truth, we all have potential dominion over our inner world – let us choose wherever we may.

.       If you are feeling lonely, speak kindly to yourself and be in your own company (Venus in Aquarius with Jupiter). Be with and in yourself. From there you will know who to connect with, and you will be ready and able to really connect through whatever means you can activate. If there are no external means of connecting, go into your heart and let the expansion encompass your vision of that person – you will meet them in the loving field. The truth is that we are all alone in the sense that no one else is occupying this body. But it’s not just a little personality or a slightly larger character inside, it’s the capacity to expand, encompass and be all things. Just feel loneliness for a moment with interest in what ideas it spawns. And notice how it undermines your self-respect. Just don’t encourage it and it will disappear, because it’s not true.

Containing polar opposites brings central wisdom

.       The rambling mind can work to distract us from the preset (Mercury retrograde 30 January till 21 February). So notice where your mind wanders, and let distractions be of the refreshing kind rather than worries about the outside. Whether you lose or gain materially through present circumstances, your inward growth comes with you as this time unfolds, and worry with its emotional negativity undermines growth. In the simple sharing of problems, though, we may enable each other to strengthen our growth (Mercury trine North Node).

.       Whatever position you take, or have taken recently, you will find there is a polar opposite view. Often these days it will be about authoritative control and freedom of choice (Saturn square Uranus). A useful way to relate to this dichotomy is to realise that you have both views within yourself. You might like to search your life for where you may be holding the views that oppose your preferences, or where you may be behaving in that way you find so difficult to accept in others. It may be something you are unconsciously doing to yourself, or something you say to the child within you. Don’t be too quick to deny it, but remain open to discovery, and you will find yourself holding both ends of the pole from its centre. From the centre there is no opinion, but an understanding of the whole problem and an ability to mediate.

Summing up

.       Perhaps this is the point of it all, especially now with the whole world in turmoil: that we keep our heads above water by maintaining a buoyant heart, and trusting that we are spirit first and foremost, with mind, emotions and body following; remembering our body is part of the body of the planet with all its other life forms beautifully winding along the tapestry threads of time. We must expand the heart to include all this before we see that nothing needs to be amended except our attitudes. THEN we can see what to do (the Full Moon chart for 27 February shows Mars trine Pluto, and Moon trine Uranus and quincunx Saturn, effectively bringing the square together in service).

.       So let’s trust in the wholeness of life, and not get too bogged down in the individual stories. None of it makes sense if we keep our focus on the tragic bits without expanding to include all life. Listen to the pigeons coo, and wind in the trees, and breathe your way through life with a growing, glowing heart. Go well . . .


Contemplation for this New Moon in Aquarius

At your centre Self there is silence
Everything you know arises
against this backdrop
with no power of its own, and no voice
except the voice you give it.

Release your grip on knowing,
relax and rest back.
Listen to the silence
beyond all that you know,
and take the hand
that is offered peacefully.

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