Capricorn New Moon – 13 January 2021

Let go! relax and support yourself.  This is an adventure,
we do not know what tomorrow will contain.

(If you are not comfortable with astrological jargon, please ignore the bracketed italics below.)

Capricorn – facing old fears

.       This New Moon in Capricorn is with Pluto, on that point in the sky where Saturn conjunct Pluto last year. So maybe we are reaching some kind of clear look at what’s been thrown up since then. Maybe we are coming to the end of what that conjunction of January 20 revealed, what it is that we need to weed out, so that life may evolve unhindered along its path. There is the path for life, the path for humanity as a species, and each one’s individual path, and all these weave together even when they seem to us to be incompatible. The path of evolution is the path of the breathing soul as it wakes into one consciousness. It is a path of expansion going nowhere else, but everywhere at once.

.       In the chart for 13 January, the Sun, Moon and Pluto are focussing us on the transformational process of material circumstances. This month is about pushing through our old habits, old beliefs, the things we cling to for comfort, and particularly our fears of being out of control of what happens to us (Sun/Moon/Pluto sextile Neptune in Pisces). Those fears must be recognised and owned, before we can build a new future: clearing and ploughing the field before sowing the seeds. This is the background to the other planets in their dance (no other major aspects to this pattern).

No need to identify with conflict

.       The rest of the planets fall into two patterns that are at odds with each other, and we must each learn how to hold them within ourselves, as colleagues rather than enemies, even if we don’t accept them as friends. One pattern is about ideas, of community, of control and responsibility for how society is organised (Mercury/Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius sextile Chiron). This is probably where we will spend most mental energy, dealing with rules to protect whoever we see as vulnerable, while not being damaged by painful restrictions.

.       The other pattern involves our relationships, our love for each other, and how best to support the individuals we know (Venus trine Mars/Uranus, all in Earth signs). Part of that experience requires us to step back from each other without rejecting, and without feeling rejected. It’s a call to become more open to our inner space, to be motivated towards new ways of relating, not just to each other but to the earth herself. Unless we stand back, we are unable to see what’s really happening, and what’s necessary. It requires slowing down and establishing a firm basis within, while allowing our surroundings to change and change again – the strong tree’s need to be flexible in a hurricane.

.       The blustery wind is coming from the first pattern, the Aquarian ideals and rules requiring changes that we don’t understand or necessarily agree with (Aquarius square Taurus). And we are liable to vacillate between sudden fury about the damage to us and our lives, and a sense of personal responsibility to obey instructions (Aries square Capricorn). All this can lead to bouts of complete apathy as we cast around for something to motivate us into action.

Pulling it all together

.       Taking care of oneself is not negatively selfish, but necessary for our spirit to remain active in this world. When we are well on all levels, our radiation increases the well-being of others, and we are far better able to help. It is also necessary to listen to what is really needed around us, before we follow through our individual preferences – not to obey other people’s whims or fears, but to be in touch with the integrity of the whole.

.       The evolving path of humanity has us searching for and sharing our purpose during these times but, during changes beyond our control, we may not be able to find a personal foothold (Moon’s Nodes Sagittarius to Gemini, square Neptune). And the value of this month’s tussle is to pull us back from losing ourselves in the world, towards finding our real selves in our own space, where we can deeply connect with all that is beautiful and true.

LET GO! – you don’t need whatever it is!

.       Many people will be taking sides within this conflict-ridden month, intractable positions may be fought for, a refusal to listen to ‘the other side’. So it’s more important than ever that we stand firm in our own inner truth, free of opinions, while being prepared to accept that one’s view depends on where one is standing. The Full Moon chart focuses on our capacity to manage ourselves in community at the same time as allowing space between us. We can do this! We can’t know what’s about to happen, and it might even be fun (Full Moon in Leo).

.       The second half of this month encourages us to change our perception of relating, to relate as an elder in our groups, not leaping to do things for other, but being there, authentic and strong (Venus/Pluto in Capricorn). Your relationships may never be the same again – make that a shift towards how you would like them to be!

Just a thought . . .

.       To try to make deep inclusive sense of what goes on in the world as we see it is an impossibility: there is no ultimate sense on this level. To find any system that helps thought or action is to push pieces of the material world around until we discern a pattern. This pattern can be superimposed over the chaos we fear, and what fits into it can be ‘understood’ and acted upon. But this pattern is generally not from the Source, and so does not lead to the Source. Following any pattern helps us to live in this world we see, but doesn’t grow us towards soul. It might even indicate paths that go the right way, but they are at best only a pointing finger.

.       We have to go inwards to ‘get’ anywhere at all.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Capricorn

When you walk out on a starry night
notice how the stars go with you.
Let Light go with you wherever you go.
You are surrounded by angel wings always
some of them are your own.

Stand tall into your best,
and relax there.
Nothing is required of you ever
that you cannot manage.
You are enough and more than enough,
and you are beautiful.
Be that you.

3 Responses to Capricorn New Moon – 13 January 2021

  1. Anne Whitaker January 12, 2021 at 10:54 pm #

    Dear Margaret, I have been signposted to your website by a friend who finds your monthly forecasts very informative.
    Will you please add me to your list and send the astrological forecasts to me each month.
    Thank you.

  2. Jacqui January 13, 2021 at 5:25 pm #

    What a beautiful contemplation – thank you so much Margaret for your insightful reading

  3. Marilyn January 13, 2021 at 7:14 pm #

    So calming and thoughtful, cuts out the drama being emphasised by other astrology overviews, thank you.

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