Gemini New Moon – 22 May 2020

Be flexible and light, listen and be ready to change yourself where you can.

Gemini – a breath of fresh air

.       Gemini is about the movement of air, the breath, the words that flow through it, stirring the air with movement of our lungs, our bodies, the space between us, between our thoughts and ideas, speaking – listening. This New Moon focuses strongly on Gemini with Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury all there, and humanity’s evolving drawing us in that direction for the next 19 months (North Node in Gemini until January 2022). We can see the ‘right’ laws to live by to bring calm and well being around us – the humanitarian principles of responsibility for oneself, sharing the richness with the poor, kindness and respect to all (Sun/Moon trine Saturn in Aquarius). We know what needs to happen to the way we live, we just don’t know how to bring it about.

.       This month the listening is most important, because the words will likely only take account of half the picture (Mercury/Venus square Neptune). Yet, if we stay open to what is actually impinging on us directly, we will find enough sensitivity to know how to move appropriately through our daily lives (Sun/Moon square Mars in Pisces). Gemini and Pisces are both adaptable, able to recognise change and accommodate it. But they relate to different levels of human experience – the mind and the emotions, the ideas and the feelings, the speech and the reactions. If we are to move gracefully through such changing times as these, we need to be aware of our surroundings, aware of other people’s states of mind. It is so important not to make judgements about all that, but recognise and accept what’s there.

Only by not knowing can we find out

.       It is not yet necessarily even possible to know what is true and what is not, so emotional reactions are all likely to be premature. Holding too firmly to a set of beliefs may cloud one’s ability to receive new information. When our own emotions rise, it will be a fruitful practice to ask ourselves exactly what belief they stem from – it may be more personal than we think. We need to not criticise that, but to take care of ourselves respectfully – those emotions had a good cause originally, they may just be out of date. We have more experience and understanding now to apply particularly to our relationships, so there’s lots of discussion to be had, lots of ideas and information surfacing about ourselves, our partners, what we know of the outside world.

.       Best to start from the position of not knowing. If something upsets us, rather than making assumptions about what the other person meant by their words, let’s try asking questions to find out. One of the delightful things about Gemini is its lightness: touching into conversations, reaching gently to relate without holding on to people, sharing ideas for interest without being dogmatic. This is an opportunity to communicate about subjects we might normally avoid for the sake of peace.

Hold situations without judgement or pressure

.       During the second half of the month, we will be even more susceptible to those waves of human emotion that many of us are experiencing (Mars over Neptune in Pisces). Notice the waves – they may be fear, anger, frustration, humour, wildness – and know you are not alone feeling them. Share your feelings lightly, knowing they will pass and become something else. The emotional pot is being stirred, especially from late May, and all sorts of stuff from the past will rise to the surface, to be acknowledged and let be (Mercury in Cancer from 28 May, retrograde from 17 June to 11 July, and leaves Cancer 5 August). ‘Every situation has within it the energy to transform,’ Gaston St.Pierre. We don’t have to make things evolve.

Don’t let your preferences define you

.       The planet Uranus teaches us about true freedom, and from the beginning of this month we have the opportunity to appreciate how we hold ourselves captive by our likes and dislikes. With the current flexibility, this is a good time to make new choices (Mars sextile Uranus encourages change). In truth, we always have the choice of how we look at what’s happening. Our emotional reactions stem from our conditioned viewpoints. When we wake up to that, we can change the viewpoint, and the reactions can become very different.

.       From the Full Moon on 5 June, it will be easier to deliberately change our patterns; to see through, and let go of, our conditioning (Mercury sextile Uranus enables conscious change). It is likely to be our personal relationships that show us where change is necessary by mirroring our unhelpful attitudes back to us (Sun/Venus square Mars/Neptune). It’s up to us to change those attitudes. During this month where the emphasis is on adaptability, I can change my mind!

What’s next?

.       The next New Moon falls exactly on the Solstice moment of 21 June (Summer in the Northern hemisphere, Winter in the South). This is the moment when the Sun is furthest North on its apparent circuit of the Earth throughout the year. That the Moon meets the Sun for a total eclipse at that point, suggests that humanity is ready for a rather momentous proclamation about our home planet! (in Western Astrology that point is 0 degrees Cancer).

.       Whatever the future may be – it isn’t happening now, any more than what’s past! Our function is to be here now, responsive to the needs of the moment, consciously awake to our being and aware of the unchanging presence that is what we are.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Gemini

Now is the time to look within
always the adventurer’s greatest mystery.
A coloured light-show plays upon the walls –
emotional scenery, mind’s favourite playground.
Watch what you find, enjoy the show,
share the drama, play the game.
And in the quiet later
ask your loving soul
‘What was that about?’
Then listen within
to wisdom.

3 Responses to Gemini New Moon – 22 May 2020

  1. MaryAnn Ephgrave May 22, 2020 at 8:20 pm #

    Dear Margaret,

    Thank you for all the work you do to bring us these clear, wise words each month.

    I love your way of seeing and offering. Gemini 2020 really does feel like the promise of change is becoming more possible and tangible. It also feels so vital to stay in a positive life-affirming place and not to get dragged into negativity and fear.

    Deep gratitude and love

    • Margaret Koolman May 23, 2020 at 12:32 pm #

      Yes, MaryAnn. So important to remember that we have the choice of what level we function from. And yet it’s so good when we do 🙂

  2. Hayley Bowles May 26, 2020 at 7:20 pm #

    Thank you Margret! It was an absolute pleasure to listen to your calming words, they found me at just the right time!

    Sending peace & love x

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