Cancer Solar Eclipse – 21 June 2020

Each bird must grow its own wings in the nest, and practise before it can fly.

.       If you are feeling the importance of this time, you may find my thoughts mirror your own.  Each one of us is important: how we feel, how we live, what we radiate into life. Each one of us must make up our own mind what to support with the attention we give through our feelings and how we choose to spend our time. So be your best, radiate your heart’s love through your Sun-Sign, and enjoy whatever you can.

Cancer – the waters of life’s womb, the nest

.       This New Moon falls exactly on the Solstice moment of 21 June (Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere, Winter Solstice in the South). This is the moment each year when the Sun is furthest North on its apparent circuit of the Earth throughout the year and, in Western Astrology, we call that point in our sky 0 degrees Cancer. The Sun directly overhead at noon transits the Earth, as we say, along the Tropic of Cancer. That the Moon meets the Sun for a total eclipse at that point, suggests that humanity is ready for a rather momentous proclamation about our home planet, potentially a new birth.

.       Cancer, as a water sign, emphasises the emotional/psychic/spiritual flow of life, the feminine attributes of relating through empathy, love and compassion; all of which are experience-based, in the moment, washing away all previously planned structures. We need to let what we have clung to go into the past, and go forward with the evolutionary flow.

Staying centred as we flow

.       Since early May, the importance of communication has been emphasised. We need to listen to, and consider, all ideas and possibilities (North Node in Gemini). And in order to be inclusive, we need to realise how we have been conditioned, what we have been taught and assumed to be right, what we have believed in place of the natural law of life, which allows all our different expressions of spirit (South Node in Sagittarius). Our minds must stay open for more information, because the total picture is not seen yet – it’s too soon to make judgements. The necessary first task for each of us is to locate our own centre – to give birth to ourselves from our own hearts.

.       This New Moon, right next to the North Node yet in the sign of Cancer, is asking us to hold the seed of the future safely in the womb, while it grows and matures into something that can survive birth, whose wings are strong enough to fly. This seed is the expression of spirit through the Age of Aquarius. From our centre, we have dreams of how life can be, how people can respect each other and work for the good of all, how we can live with and respect the planet and all the life sharing it with us. We know from the heart what love would have us do, how we can be, and this is the knowledge that will grow and mature the structures that enable life to function smoothly and with grace (Sun/Moon quincunx Saturn in Aquarius).

.       The emotional waves will continue to flow over us for another week at least, before a sense of urgency will provoke action (Mars into Aries 28 June). Your first impulses may be uncomfortable, so let them not be too final (Mars square North and South Nodes). Through the second half of the month, the impulse will include discussion as to what may help, which will assist in revealing and clearing out from the nest what is out-dated (Mars/Chiron sextile Venus in Gemini, square Mercury and Sun).

The way to true freedom now

.       Maintaining personal space and being within oneself are Aquarian qualities. The Pisces Age of merging, blending, surging in crowds like sheep, is ending. Individuals are the new norm. What is strange is to be doing this on a physical level, because Aquarius is an air sign, more about the idea of freedom than enforced separation, experience that depends on one’s mental understanding and decisions. You cannot make things or people free – you can only let go of them kindly, and see what they do. Enforcing behaviour, for physical safety only, can go too far – what of love and spiritual truth!

.       What we need in this world situation just now is more information, which can only come with more time. There are so many different views being expressed, we may not be able to discern what is true. Even statistics are gathered in so many different ways, they are not showing a consistent story. Following exclusively any one direction, person or group, we will find ourselves in conflict with others. Which is why each one must respond from their centre as we go along. This is about being a member of humanity, and Aquarius needs us to express our individual truth.

.       Every body is possessed by a soul with the capacity to allow spirit through to encompass this material experience we are having on earth. Only being true to your deepest motivations allows the love and light of spirit through your personal space. Tension, battling, trying to prove one thing or another, trying to convince or persuade, all this clenches the soul making it more dense. Simply put, less light can flow through us when we are tense. What we need to do is accept that confusion is what we have, and refrain from joining the controversy. As we expand, all the warring voices reduce to a place inside that has no power of itself. The voices both inside and out will go on, but they are not coming from our centre, our spiritual connection. This is the place of true freedom, to choose where I focus my attention.

Growth has its own timing in this time/space world

.       Whatever the circumstances at the moment, they are in service to this great path that humanity is unfolding inexorably (Saturn in Aquarius quincunx Sun/Moon/North Node/Solstice point). That this offer is coming from the first degree of Aquarius tells us it’s a monumental step, but we cannot take it just yet (Saturn returns to Capricorn from 1 July till 17 December). During this whole period, the energy is likely to be pushing forward impatiently (Mars into Aries from 28 June till 7 January 2021), and we need to use it to face the truths we’ve been putting on the side, because they are in front of us and stopping any positive forward movement: extinction of species, shrinking of rain forests, rising population worldwide with no effective attempt to regulate food distribution, and so on.

.       But the step into the solving of all this apparent chaos cannot really begin until mid-December this year (Saturn and Jupiter into Aquarius together). Before then, to the degree that physical survival is an issue, we need to recognise what really threatens the survival of our species, and stop being distracted by temporary concerns.

The shift

.       The step called for in the world is immense and most of us have no idea how to achieve it practically. As individuals, we cannot do it, and yet how can the whole of humanity pull together to achieve anything! Most steps forward can be taken in a ripple, a bit at a time – this one has to be in one great shift. It feels like having one’s face against a wall one cannot climb. And the only way to shift is to relax, which allows our awareness to expand. On the energetic level, it’s as though we rise up the wall on a current we do not control, nor even understand; but the expansion is up onto the next step in evolution, into a changed perspective.

.       From the spiritual view this is a simple small step into recognising the beauty of the physical complexities and realising how much we love – not just loving the physical, but love as life itself, the life of this moment – wherever and whenever we are being our true magnificent wholeness. In our true Self, we contain the world and everything that appears to live separately. We are all as one in the heart of our hearts, and all life flows together . . . As we make this shift individually – within our meditations, or in our appreciations of the beauty of life – we become open as a species to collaborate in our lives, instead of being myopically fixed on physical survival.

Mars through Aries – 28 June 20 until 17 January 21

.       So, for the moment, let our intention be to gently become open and accepting of how life unfolds, accepting of the ebb and flow of our individual growing. We can learn to drop criticism of self and others, and become more often aware of the presence that is in every moment. Aries represents the beginner, the first sight of opening eyes, the one who knows that they know nothing yet and is so open that truth becomes clear.

.       The downside of Aries expressed through the solar plexus (Mars) is the tendency to fix on a goal and be impatient to reach it, ready to battle ones way through. When we do that, we get there fast, only to find it was an irrelevant goal or that we have to wait for everyone else to get there too before it’s of any use. In the process, Mars in Aries can make incorrect judgements, start fights, and gather enemies on the way – destructive. This is a call to watch your motivations for action, and stop. The truth resides in the presence of NOW, and calls to action are from a connected place so more likely to be appropriate.

.       This wonderful solar eclipse New Moon is in Cancer, and Mars is in Pisces in this chart – we have a breathing space to recognise and accept that we are still in the nest. We need to be in good shape individually for any action to be useful. Rather than allowing our adolescent instincts to fly out of the nest before our wings are grown, we need to breathe and mature a bit. Relax, be lovingly aware of your immediate surroundings, and know that the flow of evolution is in light.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Cancer

Don’t be afraid, all is well.
Not in the way you think
but in the way your heart feels
when you gaze at bees on the roses.

The material world seems so solid and true to you
and you fear it’s loss. But look at your hands!
How intricate their structure, how much you have learned to do with them
without instruction or prior knowledge.
You can make this necessary shift
and the process will delight you.
All it takes is a moment of your time
to stop
and breathe gently
to listen and allow the silence that is within and behind all sound
to take your mind into that broader sense

You are in the nest
and your wings are growing inexorably.
You will be ready when the time comes to fly,
and All that Is will be there, as it always is,
to greet your newly found awareness.
This is the time to practise.
With love,

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