Taurus New Moon – 22/23 April 2020

Holding on pushes reality away and you cannot change and grow.
Accept what clearly is, and what needs to go will fall away from you.


.       The astrological approach lifts us away from direct emotional contact, in order to reveal a clearer view.  You know how a snarled-up computer often resolves its own issues by being turned off for a period, and with every update, we need to ‘re-start’ the computer in order to integrate the changes through the entire system. Isn’t that what’s going on now! Our old life has been switched off, so we can be cleared of old conditioning and adapt to the update. I am excited to find out more about this update.

Appreciate what’s real – let go of hopes, fears and expectations

.       During the first half of this month, humanity’s path continues towards family and close friends, caring, nurturing, and discovering exactly what we do need that gives us a sense of belonging to the human race (North Node of the Moon in Cancer). This Taurus New Moon is in good alignment with that direction. We can become aware of exactly what we are most deeply attached to, those normal, steady, predictable things in life (Sun/Moon sextile North Node). However, this year the Taurus New Moon also tells us to let go of these attachments, that we either let go of the reliable sameness of life willingly or necessity demands sudden physical changes (Sun/Moon conjunct Uranus). The only way I know of dealing with such times as these is to take life one day at a time, appreciate what is enjoyable, relate to the natural world personally, and keep an open mind and heart to greet whatever comes next. We are all in it together, even though socially distanced!

.       There is no way these physical changes could be comfortable at this time as long as we fight the present structures (Sun/Moon/Uranus square Saturn) – I recognise the need to take care of my actions for the sake of everyone else, whatever I may be feeling in myself (Saturn in Aquarius). During the coronavirus pandemic, the temporary rules I must follow may be necessary, but they can seem cold and unfeeling (Aquarius is humanitarian but tends to detach emotionally). This month, like all of nature, we need to live in the moment ready to meet needs as they arise and adapt to changing circumstances. Clinging to comfort dulls the senses and ignores inner guidance – the habit that stultifies Taurus’ steadying energy is trying to keep things from changing, and hoping things will go back to the familiar. When the ground we have relied on starts to shift and change, we need to find the deeper ground of being in ourselves. When we bring spirit more into everyday, our fear reduces and the immune system thrives. Taurus is the natural healer of the Zodiac.

Rather than fear, focus on humour

.       We may well find, in the first half of this month, selfish people – and that includes the frightened part of ourselves – attempting to control others, preventing change, loudly claiming they are right to be fearful (Mercury in Aries square Pluto). If you come across any behaviour like this, know that it comes from fear of not being able to manage in new circumstances. This is a projection into the future of what may have been suffered in the past – nothing to do with what’s really in store. So we need to have compassion for people’s past experience. Holding steadily to a natural forward movement, interested to discover changes as we go along, we can manage.

.       Beautifully, internet communication – email, text, video calls and conferences – can be even more emotionally intimate than face-to-face (Venus trine Mars in Aquarius). I heard someone say of a large meeting online ‘everyone is in the front row, and we can see all the faces’. We are all equal and autonomous in our internet connections. We make up our own minds whether a ‘blog’ comes from trust or fear, but when we are in fear we are drawn to the more fearful ideas on show. We clearly need to be aware of what attracts us to watch, and share. Have compassion for that fearful part, but guide internet behaviour more towards humour, self-development or meditation.

.       Take whatever exercise you are allowed, and enjoy relating to any trees, flowers and animals you may meet; buy and eat the food that helps your body to feel good and strong, helping your immune system to deal with whatever arrives in your atmosphere. If you have the opportunity, slow down, take time to choose what you will do next, clear your space of anything that doesn’t support your soul’s path. Practise feeling love, for nature, for family and friends, for yourself, and just love because that’s the truth of what we really are. All of these things are qualities of Taurus (Venus rules Taurus).

What’s next? Change, for sure!

.       During the second half of the month, from the Full Moon on 7 May, communicating becomes even more important (North Node has retrograded into Gemini). There is likely to be a wealth of ideas as to what should happen next, but an argument develops between desirable possibilities and practical necessities (Venus on North Node trines Mars, who squares Sun/Mercury in Taurus). It’s the practical necessities that probably win out, because we feel for other people, and their needs are paramount. They are us, we are not separate – when some suffer, we are all suffering (Sun/Mercury sextile Neptune, who trines Moon in Scorpio). Let the desirable possibilities be the solutions to practical problems, and each of us will attract the guidance that makes the most of what comes next (Mars goes into Pisces, ruled by spiritual Neptune, on 13 May).

.       In the middle of May there comes a huge shift in perspective. From looking back at what humanity has done, there could be a call to ‘turn our swords into ploughshares’ – a move for peace (Venus/Jupiter/Saturn all retrograde, and Mars moves into Pisces). We need to stand strong and firm in our beliefs (Sun trine Jupiter/Pluto), and express clearly our commitment to humanity as a whole (Mars in Pisces, and Mercury trine Saturn in Aquarius). And let go of personal resentments!

Bringing the best of Pisces into Aquarius

.       In the movement from the Age of Pisces to Aquarius, we need to bring the best of Pisces to soften the cool detachment of justice and equality. We need to bring emotional sensitivity; not sentimentality, but caring and compassion. This is the way to ensure that Aquarian laws bringing justice for all, also uphold kindness and respect for individuals. What Aquarius brings into our emotional confusion is the capacity to allow emotions to flow through us, rather than getting stuck. Suffering happens when we hold onto the past, rather than accepting what is. Acceptance of what has happened allows us to integrate it, to learn and grow, and flowing pain aids the integration.

.       So take care of yourselves, dear friends. And care for others, both near and far from you. Give yourself what you need, rather than hoping to get it from outside. This time is an amazing opportunity to discover exactly where our habitual hopes are getting in our own bright way.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Taurus

‘Warm your heart at the fire of your unfulfilled desires.
Wash your soul clean with the tears of your losses.
We feel for your suffering, and hold your hands.
we assure you that all this is a clearing of atmosphere
that nothing else could have accomplished.
Your earth is clearing, she turns in her sleep,
she stretches and will re-compose herself in a new position.
Those of you who are surviving now
will be ready for the newness to come.

‘Those who are not surviving now
would have suffered much more in the future.
They gather with others in the wings to await your need
and they will come close to help you then.
There is no loss in reality,
only movement from one state to another.
You will all follow them in your turn, you know this,
but you have more work to do first.
This we offer with such love.’

2 Responses to Taurus New Moon – 22/23 April 2020

  1. Susanna Bearfoot April 24, 2020 at 8:48 am #

    Thankyou so much for this very beautiful, pertinent reading of the month ahead. The contemplation along with the images is so nourishing.

  2. Jacqui April 29, 2020 at 8:41 am #

    Your reading was truly beautiful Margaret, thank you. You have your clever knack of touching something deep inside me. Those awful totals that come at the end of each day that bring tears to the eyes- it’s so hard to comprehend or accept. Your soothing voice and loving words bring such comfort and some sort of perspective on what is happening in our world. I’m very grateful x

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