Aries New Moon – 24 March 2020

Be connected with all life, from deep within your own being.


Aries Equinox – a new balance of Light and Dark

.       This year, the Equinox on 20 March is focused on living the positive face of Aries (Sun and Chiron at the beginning of Aries square the Moon’s Nodes from Capricorn to Cancer). The spiritual path for humanity is always in line with life’s beneficent energy, and we tend to feel out of alignment somehow when we operate against that path.

.       The Sun’s position now is showing us that selfishness and impatience (negative Aries) are out of alignment and need to be let go. This will allow our courage and pioneering drive (positive Aries) to be expressed, to support humanity’s evolution. These positive qualities are necessary right now in order to accept what’s happening on a practical level in the world (South Node in Capricorn). Only when we accept what’s there, can we really make a difference, and right now the work is to care for each other’s needs (North Node in Cancer).

.       This wave of coronavirus through the whole population of the world is a massive opportunity to put aside our self-absorption. It has become obvious that personally staying healthy serves the health of the community. We are connected: I can appreciate the suffering of another because that could as easily be me. This is always true, but now it’s clear and in the general consciousness. What follows is that helping another, helps us all.

Learning to be a community of independent souls

.       Part of the beauty of this Aries New Moon chart is Saturn, just into Aquarius. It is showing up in our lives as the natural organising of communities by those brave individuals who have the well-being of the whole as their major concern (Saturn sextile Sun/Chiron in Aries). In a way, we’ve been preparing for this for some years with our efforts, town by town, country by country, to understand how to manage reduced circumstances by becoming self-supporting and cooperative locally. The focus on some kind of climate change has produced efforts to adapt our energy usage, and this has drawn many people together with their hearts bent on improving life on this planet. The bonus is that many people now have the necessary experience to organise what needs to be done, and those of us who don’t know what to do can encourage and support those who do know.

This is a year of total change

.       Last time Jupiter crossed Pluto was December 2007, with an expansion of growth in speculation and so on (Jupiter/Pluto in the end of Sagittarius). As Pluto followed Jupiter into Capricorn in January 2008, there was a financial crash, the effects of which covered the world and are still in place, but it was a necessary balancing of what had got out of hand. So this time of Jupiter over Pluto, we can expect the continuing expansion of the destructive effects of this virus (Mars and Jupiter one degree either side of Pluto in Capricorn).

.       Using astrology, one can never say with certainty exactly what events will be, but it seems we are likely to have two more opportunities to deal with the surge of coronavirus; in June it is likely to remind us that it hasn’t gone away, and in November we should have got the response to it right so the epidemic can leave (Jupiter over Pluto, retrograde late June, and forwards early November this year). Whatever the changes, they will be transformative, and it’s up to us to make sure we respond in a way that develops and continues the positive effects.

.       Saturn in Aquarius symbolises the working Aquarian-style community, through individuality respecting differences, bringing justice, doing what works for the whole. He’ll be there until the beginning of July, returning to Capricorn from July until mid-December. During the Capricorn months, the facts that need us to change will be in our face again.

Prayer and meditation are powerful tools

.       A few days before the Full Moon on 8 April, a different energy arrives to deal with the circumstances (Mars joins Saturn in Aquarius, then trines Venus in Gemini). Communication will become clearer about what needs to be done. As we are all in this together, serving those in need is naturally very satisfying (Full Moon in Libra quincunx Neptune in Pisces). You can ask inwardly: ‘Who needs my help?’ Allowing life to draw that person into your field, you will discover how you can help them. Prayer and meditation will be playing a valuable role as the virus continues its work: bringing humanity together requires cooperation, revealing the natural love we have for each other.

Applying Nature’s way to our modern world

.       This month, the energy flowing around us contains a love for the natural ways of life (Jupiter/Pluto/Mars trine Venus in Taurus). And that love is not only focused on the physical side of personal experience, but also energy-sensitive to the whole of humanity and all inhabitants of Earth. This is the recognition that we all work together or we fail to survive, because we are one energy field. In our physical self-isolating, we can remain in contact through phone and computer (Aquarius rules electricity!) and we can take the time to go inward, to connect with our inner source of truth, and deepen our spiritual awareness (Venus sextile Neptune in Pisces). At the physical level, water dilutes and softens as it hydrates, so drink more. Music and all forms of creativity link the energetic, emotional and spiritual worlds, and allow the heavier energy to transmute and disperse.

Is this the Dawning of the Aquarian Age?

.       This is an amazing introduction to the two thousand year long Aquarian Age, and how the whole of humanity might eventually be together as spirit on earth. The generation of us who have Pluto in Leo has been focussed on being individual rather than a cog in the machine. That has largely been done, and self-centredness can be seen not to work. It’s now time for the later generations of Pluto in Virgo and Libra to help us shift our focus to a community of individuals. Saturn will be moving through Aquarius for the next two and a half years, while we work on understanding and improving the functioning of our new community organisations. As he then moves into Pisces early in 2023, Pluto takes over the Aquarian stage to shake whatever we have still not addressed by way of equality and respect in all fields of life.

.       In the meantime, the present physical distancing and business closing gives us plenty of reason to upgrade our computer skills, email and video-call each other and so on, to stay in touch with friends and family. People are using the internet and computer software very creatively with very funny videos addressing the crazy side of the conronavirus situation. Life never misses an opportunity to evolve, and all this definitely reflects the electrical/energetic side of Aquarius.

Positive Aries is the antidote to the fear virus

.       Aries is a wonderful sign: it is about the capacity in each of us to live in the moment, to stand alone yet be aware of everything and everybody around us, to live mindfully, connected with all life from the depth within our own true Selves. And it takes courage to live positively in the face of humanity’s instinctive response of fear. Fear attracts the very things we fear towards us. Yes, stand apart from people physically, but let your love, enjoyment and compassion radiate across that distance. Let your energy field be vibrant and friendly, and you will be combating coronavirus better than any vaccine invented!


Contemplation for this New Moon in Aries

Make the most of this time you have.
Relax into your own space with relief and respect for yourself.
Enjoy the breathing of your lungs
how the movement refreshes your heart.
Enjoy birdsong and little flowers
your food, and water.
Enjoy the presence of things, of people.
it helps your own presence grow.
Deep, deep in your being
the flower of spirit blooms in joy
and its fragrance nourishes the world.

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